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One Pretty Thing

One Pretty Thing

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Weekend roundup DIY inspiration from around the Blogosphere...weekend edition! *The Abundance Blog brings us Creativity Extravaganza: 30 Tips, Tools, and Resources (for creativity). Great stuff! *Decor8 suggests that you "add 4-6 drops of rosemary oil to the bottom of your tub just before stepping into your morning shower." sewtakeahike This weekend was a productive one! Besides some painting in our downstairs, I managed to hand bind a pretty large quilt and sew a couple of quilt tops together. For this top, I used scraps and orphan blocks. Rick Rack Rosettes A friend gave me this flower ring and necklace, when she handed them to me I thought they were porcelain–there’s a very vintage feel to them. From a distance you really can’t tell that they’re made out of rick rack! Yes, rick rack! She shared how to make them with me, and now I’m sharing with all of you readers!

Make a Perpetual Button Calendar for 2011 (and Beyond) By Diane Gilleland I know calendars (and clocks and address books) are quickly becoming computer-centric tools, but I like the old-school charm of this desk calendar. Make it once, and you can use it forever – just move the numbers to their correct location each month, and change the nameplate! Materials

Faux Metal Artwork I am so excited with my latest project. I have been saving paper towel and toilet paper towel rolls for about 2 months now. I finally had enough to do my craft. Here is the finished product! The Impatient Crafter : Free Jewelry Making Project #3 from Bead Chic by Margot Potter Did you know how easy it is to create your own findings? Once you master that skill, you'll find it difficult to buy them ready made! This project from my new book Bead Chic shows you how to create some longer bent and curved ear wires. You can opt to use base metal instead of sterling, but definitely use a 20 gauge wire made from stainless or another more sturdy metal and make sure you sand or use a wire rounder on the ends. I used a rat tail comb to create the sharp bend...I'm of the mind that you use what you have at hand! I called this design 'Effortless Elegance' because it's just a few lovely beads and an artfully bent wire.

jan myers-newberry maybe this is the week of the hyphenated artists! jan myers-newberry is one of those talented, unique, individuals who quietly leaves her mark, breaks fresh trails, and leaves people in awe of her work. yet try to find out anything about her on the internet and it is literally a matter of piecing together bits here and shreds there, but somehow - like her quilts - in assembling the pieces, the whole reveals a deep presence. an impact. a strong, deep talent that has embedded itself in the quilting world, jan is known for her lyrical, geometric, pieced quilts using shibori fabrics of her creation. many of her finished pieces show aspects of the work of victor vasarely, as well as joseph albers and other op artists including bridget riley. but first: what’s shibori? well shibori is a japanese technique for dying cloth that dates back to the eighth century. here’s the epicentre of the shibori universe! a brief treatise on her work can be read by looking here!

How to tie a Turk's Head Uses: The Turk's Head (ABOK # 1303 - 5, p 232) is widely used as a slide, or woggle, for scout's scarves. Tying it: The Turk's Head is usually tied around the hand. For the demonstration here, the braiding was performed round a piece of wood and the work was rotated as the braiding advanced. Variations: There are many variations on the simple Turk's head. With a large enough loop, many more braids can be created before making the end follow the lead of the first round of braiding; more than one strand can be used; and the number of times the end follows the lead can be varied. Braiding a Single Rope

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