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One Pretty Thing - DIY craft tutorials

One Pretty Thing - DIY craft tutorials

Faux Metal Artwork I am so excited with my latest project. I have been saving paper towel and toilet paper towel rolls for about 2 months now. I finally had enough to do my craft. Here is the finished product! HELLOmynameisHeather Embroidery patterns are here. Printed with heat-transferable ink for your ease and convenience, our FOUR new embroidery patterns make stitching beautiful needlework fun and relaxing—perfect for your holiday break. • 11" X 17" pattern sheet with heat-transferable ink.Each design can be heat transferred multiple times.

Things We Make I'm so excited and thrilled by both the artwork and the story behind today's post that I'm just going to let the post speak (mostly for itself). Andrea's energy is infectious, so I hope that by hearing a bit about her life and what drives her creativity, you'll find a little more inspiration in your own day. If you have a story and a craft that you'd like to share, email me at thingswemake at gmail dot com! Name: Andrea Doss Where do you live?

Online Crafting Classes Join or Sign In Join or Sign In Search Craftsy in Classes in All Craftsy DIY Makeover Monday - Upcycling Plastic Soda Bottles We know soda is bad for us and we know the plastic is bad for earth, yet we continue to buy and consume it. Although I don’t think that you can make soda any healthier for your body, you can reduce it ‘s effect on earth by not tossing it. There are many ways to reuse those old plastic soda bottles by turning them into something useful. How to Make Plastic Flowers using old plastic soda bottles. These are so cool!

Craft Room. Craft Room- AKA: My Office, Where I get my "craft" on, Where my mojo flows, My Design Studio, My Spa, My Getaway Space, My Sanity Saving Spot, My Creative Space, My FAVORITE Room in the House! I am not going to lie. . .I am a messy crafter. When my mojo starts flowing, I just want to create. I don't want to clean up until my project is complete. SO, unfortunately, that means that my creative space eventually ends up looking like this: SEE I TOLD YOU I AM MESSY!!!

Blog Etiquette or Blogtiquette Photo from Celia I've had a couple requests for Blog Etiquette hereby known as Blogtiquette. Not that I'm an expert - just looking out, as usual. #1. Give credit where credit is due. If you saw a post, meme, idea, etc. that you love and want to recreate on your blog - go ahead. 11 DIY Craft Supplies Make Your Own Craft Supplies! If there’s one thing I’ve learned about crafty people it’s that they can make just about anything! You can save money by making supplies yourself, get exactly the color you want, or just be able to whip up some baker’s twine without having to run to the store.

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