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36 Hours in the Brandywine Valley Today swaths of the Brandywine, just a couple of hours from Manhattan and close to Philadelphia, seem little changed from that era. Its 350 square miles, including rolling hills, manicured estates and the sparkling Brandywine River, offer visitors a seductive trip through history. Here George Washington and his Continental Army faced British General William Howe in the Sept. 11, 1777, Battle of the Brandywine — a key battle of the war and a stinging defeat for the Americans. These days, one can canoe down the river, past the banks where Washington placed his troops and visit the house in which he prepared for the battle. Minutes away are the perfectly preserved estates that became the symbols of young America’s rise to global industrial power in the early part of the 20th century.

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6 Ways to Avoid Crazy Data Charges Abroad Push notifications, automatic updates and roaming charges can create costly data overages that break the bank. But you can devise ways to minimize the cost. Since summer tends to bring out the explorer in all of us, we've compiled a list of ways to eliminate roaming charges and minimize your data usage while traveling abroad. 1. Skeleton of the Week, May 13: St. Notburga in Eben, Austria St. Notburga is the most impressive articulated and dressed skeleton in Austria. She is the patron saint of the poor and domestic servants, and is displayed at the Chapel of St. Rupert in Eben, Austria, where she wears a fine white gown and golden necklace with a medallion of a heart.

Using Your Scrubba Wash Bag Instructions 1. Fill - Add water, cleaning liquid and clothes to the Scrubba™ wash bag (20-40% volume) 2. Scales and emotions See also a post about making chords from scales. So maybe you want to write a song or an instrumental in a particular mood or style, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the scales. Here’s a handy guide to the commonly used scales in Western pop, rock, jazz, blues and so on. Click each image to play the scale right in your browser with the aQWERTYon. These scales have a major third (E in the key of C), which makes them feel happy or bright. Where Americans Turned the Tide in World War I Photo If you want to find the spot where World War I became a truly somber affair for millions of Americans, you’re going to need some help. It lies about 90 miles northeast of Paris, somewhere between Chamery and Coulonges-Cohan, two farming villages.

Musical instrument plans for download New! 11 String Kantele This is great new addition for 2013 and adds an extra C# in the upper octave to give a full diatonic D scale, This is a versatile instrument for Strumming and picking and easy instrument to make. plans include 5 drawings in pdf format, stringing chart and notes, and pictures of completed instrument.

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