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Travel blog, travel tips, travel photography

Travel blog, travel tips, travel photography

My 7 Links: The Best of the Journey | Backpackingmatt: Life's a Journey - A Budget Travel Blog ….oh, hey there! Sorry, I’m a bit late to the party. Things have been slightly crazy down here in Queenstown. Sometimes I forget that while I’m tucked away on the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island on the bottom of the world enjoying the start of winter, chances are it’s pretty warm where you are. Not in Queenstown. See that. Sun Rising Over the Wakatipu Basin That was my view early Sunday morning as I was heading up Coronet Peak – one of the ski hills just outside of Queenstown. And then, as I was taking the first lift of the morning, the clouds parted and revealed a beautiful sunrise and a Wakatipu Basin covered with a blanket of white snow. The White Gold has arrived in Queenstown. The My 7 Links Party… So, I’m quite excited to dig through the archives and present to you – My 7 Links. Most Beautiful Post First Impressions: Southeast Asia Kuala Lumpur Scooters Most Popular Post 7 Tips for Sucessful Long Term Travel Creative Commons: mdanys Most Controversial Post Creative Commons: Respres

52 Places to Go in 2015 A revitalized city welcomes the world. Sure, Italy is rich with romantic cities like Florence, Venice and Rome — but its most vibrant might just be Milan. And this is the year for tourists to explore its charms, as it hosts the 2015 World Expo. Twenty million visitors are expected to visit the city for the Expo, a mammoth event that runs from May through October and involves more than 130 participating nations and organizations sponsoring more than 60 pavilions. The Expo coincides with the completion of a number of urban renewal projects that are infusing new life into overlooked quarters, like La Darsena, a formerly dilapidated harbor that will feature tree-lined promenades, bike paths and piazzas. And Milanese restaurants are earning acclaim for their increased focus on diverse regional cuisines from across the Italian peninsula. Related: “36 Hours: What To Do in Milan“

Breakaway Backpacker — Take a risk, take a chance, make a change & breakaway... Why Your Twenties are Terrible/Awesome Or: Gah I’m turning 27 on Wednesday! When I was twenty-one years old my mother told me that her twenties were the hardest decade of her life. This kind of puzzled me at the time. Me at 21 Now at nearly twenty-seven (my birthday is tomorrow-aack) I’m a bit more circumspect. Our twenties is when most of us make the major life decisions that are going to affect the rest of our years: what kind of person will you be? In a way, this is what makes leading a typical, traditional lifestyle so appealing. For some people though, the typical American lifestyle just doesn’t cut it. It’s not a better choice, or a worse one, but either way it’s pretty scary to be in your twenties and trying to be the architect of your destiny. I also remind myself that nobody else has it figured out either. That’s the thing right? I'm not a tweeter I just blog a lot When you come right down to it, that’s the reason I started this website, the reason I’m so keen on people traveling in their twenties.

About Jack and Jill Meet Jack Whenever Jack lets himself get dragged into Jill’s plan, he almost never regrets the decision. But every now and then, he feels like staying behind to indulge in his other life’s passions: climbing, whiskey, and writing mad code. Meet Jill Jill is the voice behind this site and all of social media. She likes chocolate milk. We started the site sometime in 2010 to share stories about our travel. UPDATE (Dec 2014): We moved out of SF and bought a van! Let’s stay connected! We post once a week, every Tuesday, on this blog.For stories that don’t make it onto this blog: or For on-the-scene updates: For our best photos, along with running captions: Instagram page How can we afford to travel so much? Time: Jill works as a freelancer and thus has the kind of flexibility that allows her to take off whenever she feels like it to work wherever she wants. Money: We set a yearly travel budget and work within it. What we write about An adventure travel blog To be uncomfortable. Destinations Gear

Nerd Fitness: Helping You Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Live Better. I received an email a few months back from a NF reader that made me smile: “I am going back to square one. I noticed the only habit that I changed and stuck with was drinking tons of water. Have you ever started playing a game and get a few hours in and go “man I wish I knew these controls/tips from the beginning”? So you restart and the game just feels easier from that point on. You start finding items that you missed before. I’m restarting my journey now that I have a better idea of the controls.” This resonated with me, because when I first played EverQuest (similar to World of Warcraft), the first character I created was terrible. When I started again playing as a new character, I FLEW through the first 30 levels: I understood the controls, how the game worked, and what needed to get done; it was much easier the second time through! The same is true for any boss battle you first encounter in any game. Getting in shape is no different.

Adventure Travel Blog for Adventurous Couples | Four Jandals : Four Jandals | Adventure Travel Blog for Adventurous Couples Our Pre-Trip RTW To Do List | So Many Places I put together this list to guide those of you that plan to embark on a big trip. I know it seems like there are a million things to do (there are a million things to do) but staying organized and taking it one step at a time will make the process a whole lot easier. Also, if you’re planning to travel long-term you may be interested in the e-course that my husband and I created called Travel School. In Travel School, we teach you everything you need to know to travel the world long-term. Click here to learn all about it. The biggest, baddest long-term travel to-do list 1 + year until departure: big pictures stuff Determine your budget. Employment. Inventory your stuff. Get to know your finances intimately. Get serious about saving. Pets. 6 months until departure Start to plan your itinerary. If you don’t have a passport, order one. Apply for a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. Make an appointment at a travel clinic for vaccinations. 3 months until departure Pack.

Holidays | 40 countries before I'm 30 Words cannot do justice to the surreal and sensational experience that is taking a helicopter ride over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. So I am going to try and let my pictures do the talking. Read more He looked up at me with these fluttery lash surrounded almond eyes as if to say, “Really? Well yes, people, I was. In the end I didn’t have to become the train pariah by throttling the young man and hurling him out of my seat because his Gran, who had bagged the window seat directly opposite, moved along so that the boy could have the window on her side and we could rightly have ours. Read more For the first time in my life I travelled to a city fully prepared to hate it. Read more I don’t think I need to explain how hard it was to tear myself away from Palm Island (you’ve seen the post, you get it right?) Read more There are no TVs or Wi-Fi in the rooms at Palm Island Resort; instead I listen to the rush and swirl of the waves and the breeze rustling the trees. Read more Read more Read more

Gadling | travel blog | news, stories, deals, and tips. 11 Inspiring Stories Of People Who Left Normal Life And Embarked On An Adventure Adventure Sports to Try During Your Gap Year | Gap Daemon for Gap Years: Meet Backpackers, Get Travel Advice, Share in the Community A gap year is your chance to explore new places and try new things. Wherever you’re travelling, you will have endless opportunities to try some adventurous activities that will see your adrenaline levels shoot through the roof. Whether you’re a complete scaredy cat or an adrenaline junkie, you have to try some of these activities during your gap year: Sky Diving This is the ultimate challenge that many travellers take up in Australia and New Zealand. You can read our Travel Daemon’s experience when Rusja jumped 15,000ft in Taupo, New Zealand: Skydiving…The Great Fall. Skiing/Snowboarding If you find yourself in a snowy destination then take to the slopes with a pair of skis or a board. Monica recently returned from snowboarding in Andorra and shared some tips for learning to board and ski: Learning to Snowboard: It’s all about balance. Scuba Diving It doesn’t matter how spectacular a pure white beach may be, the underwater world is filled with a million more amazing sights. Surfing Trekking