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Book and buy train tickets in France and Germany - Capitaine Train

Book and buy train tickets in France and Germany - Capitaine Train

About Svbtle Svbtle Sign up Svbtle is a writing and reading network designed from the ground up to work the same way your brain does. It helps you think. Svbtle is blogging with everything else taken away. AirBed And Breakfast Takes Pad Crashing To A Whole New Level Can’t find a hotel for TechCrunch50 or the next conference you are going to? If you don’t mind roughing it, try AirBed and Breakfast. Anyone with an airbed (or couch) can “post a room” and how much it costs. Interesting Navigation Examples in Website Design Easy and effective navigation menus effectively contribute to the user experience and improve search. Today, we are going to examine some interesting, original and even pioneering navigation solutions that are truly attention-grabbing and memorable. Some of which will be more complex than what you expect from common navigation concepts. The originality of this idea is not the only reason why we have decided to draw such a list. The majority of the examples involves use of advanced techniques to make our collection inspirational, informative and cognitive. Jova

Hello World, Once Again – Drive on the Left Relaunch Post You know that saying that you should dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have? We take it to heart and have a closet full of elegant clothes to prove it. But in the 18 months we’ve been running Drive on the Left, we’ve found that we’ve outgrown our little homespun design, and our aspirations for the site and for our futures just don’t match the clothes our website had on. We blame it on the trifecta of: total and utter lack of design skills, our judgement that HTML looks vaguely like Finnish, and our preference for booking plane tickets over fighting with WordPress. At the end of 2014, a few things happened that snowballed into this amazing site we’re now calling home. First, a friend of ours was completing a site redesign with a duo called Further Bound that she claimed were design gurus and her vibrant site, Wild Child Travels, proves it.

Shut up and write the book (5 things that have helped me recently) 1. Shut up and write the book. I’m an extreme extrovert, which is really great after I write a book and I have to go out into the world and talk to people about it, but not so great when I need to sequester myself long enough to actually get some real writing done. I do most of my thinking “out loud,” which means ideas don’t really come to me until I’ve expressed them — if I express them through speech, I’m less likely to turn around and go express them in writing… Choose a website builder: 13 top tools After hours of looking online for some web design inspiration, you're ready to get started with a new site and now need a website builder. There are a multitude to choose from, so which is the best? Well, for a start, you'll be looking for a website builder that can create your website in the latest version of HTML, HTML5.

5 website layout trends of 2015 so far In previous decades, we got used to landing on a website and experiencing pretty much the same thing. Oh, there has always been some diversity in colour, pictures, illustration and typography, but we always had a menu across the top and/or down the side, and other elements contained in boxes so that we can easily see them and follow the commands. Gradually, over time, web designers, UI specialists and layout artists have experimented with designs, and each year new trends have emerged that take layouts to an entirely new level. As we look at 2015, a year that is already half over, we have seen some trends come to the forefront, creating dynamic and compelling experiences for users. Don't miss this

Build Apple-Inspired Full Page Scrolling Pages For Your WordPress Site That full page scrolling is becoming increasingly popular is hardly surprising as it taps into our paper-based reading experiences and provides all the visual clues about needing to read to the end before “turning the page”. In this post, I’ll show you how to leverage all the advantages of full page scrolling in your WordPress site by integrating the fullPage.js library – the gold standard of full page scrolling – to build an Apple-inspired, full page, scrolling landing page with animation. This post was inspired by the examples that Alvaro Trigo has put together to showcase his fullPage.js jQuery plugin which delivers full page scrolling both vertically and horizontally. In particular, the clone of the now-superseded promotional page for Apple’s iPhone 5C is particularly impressive, combining full page scrolling and animation. Have a look at the demo as this is what we are going to recreate in WordPress.

The 15 WordPress Sites That Are Changing the Design Game Have you ever come across a website and thought “Wow, how did they do that?” I know I have. New websites are popping up all the time that challenge convention and push the limits of what a website can (and should be). But what about sites built on WordPress in particular? 25 websites that use minimalism beautifully 'Less is more' is a principle that today's online designers are increasingly coming to appreciate. Minimalism benefits websites in the shape of faster loading times and better compatibility between screen sizes. What's more, a simple UI design is attuned to mobile browsing, without harming the desktop experience.

Surface Generation's PtFS technology product range Our PtFS product range includes advanced heating, cooling and process control specifically designed for maximum performance in turnkey or retrofitted applications. This innovation combined with custom hardware and software provides the first ‘digital moulding environment’ where ‘active thermal management’ gives massive reductions in energy consumption, cycle time and pressures needed to process even the most complex material and part combinations. PtFS is used across a range of sectors including aerospace, automotive and consumer devices.