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Church-built-across-a-deep-river-gorge-...-Las-Lajas-Sanctuary-Ipiales-Colombia.jpg (965×723)

Church-built-across-a-deep-river-gorge-...-Las-Lajas-Sanctuary-Ipiales-Colombia.jpg (965×723)
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Breathtaking Photos of Europe Anyone who lives in Europe, has ever been there, or even dreamed of visiting knows the incredible variety, striking characteristics and history driven culture that exists on this continent. We bring you collection of 44 best photos from all over the Europe. Enjoy. (Click photo to enlarge) Belgium Croatia Czech Republic England France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Netherland Norway Poland Portugal Scotland Spain Europe is the world's second-smallest continent by surface area, covering about 10,180,000 square kilometres (3,930,000 sq mi) or 2% of the Earth's surface and about 6.8% of its land area. Source of photos:

Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Mitch Mitchell and Keith Richards 1969 Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Mitch Mitchell and Keith Richards 1969 "The Dirty Mac" Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Mitch Mitchell and Keith Richards 1969 Sizes: 11x14 16x20 20x24 30X40 Color: Black and White Type: Archival Digital Print Edition of: Limited Edition Signed Other Images You Might Like This Image Is Also Featured In Scandinavia travel guide The word “Scandinavia” evokes many images. Endless fir forests, awe-inspiring fjords, wilderness, and lately, perhaps, crime fiction and noir thrillers such as Borgen, Wallander and The Killing. It’s all these things, of course, but this hardly does justice to the region’s vastness and diversity. To the North is the Arctic Circle, where polar bears roam, the summer sun lasts 24 hours, but an implacable dark descends in a winter lit, if you’re lucky, by cosmic northern lights. Although not in Scandinavia, Finland, where Russia's cultural orbit is felt, also has a Nordic feel with vast expanses of lake and forest inhabited by wild bears stretch beyond sight. Download the free Telegraph Travel app to destinations including Paris, New York and Rome: Stockholm offers grand Venetian charms around its many canals and islands as well as the world’s only ABBA museum. More Telegraph Travel expert guides The western coasts are wild and wet. When to go Getting around By rail By road

Here's Why the Banksy Movie Is a Banksy Prank In the summer of 2008, I saw an article in the LA Weekly about a massive street art show mounting in L.A. named Life is Beautiful. On the outset the show seemed ambitiously cool. The 125,000-square-foot show was being staged in CBS' abandoned Columbia Square Studios, a massive modern office complex where I Love Lucy was filmed. The artist, Mr. Brainwash or MBW, was an up-and-comer who had already plastered the city in his likeness, as a guy holding a video camera. But something here seemed off. The whole thing, it's clear now, was an intricate prank being pulled on all of us by Banksy, who has never publicly revealed his identity, with Fairey as his accomplice. The new "documentary" Exit Through the Gift Shop, "directed" by Banksy, and "co-directed" by Shepard Fairey, takes that prank one step further. Ostensibly, Mr. Guetta is the biggest give-away here. Which leads me to the other problem. Additionally, we're spoonfed bizarre, effusive comments in the film about how famous Mr.

Life and death in Aleppo (PHOTOS) ALEPPO, Syria — Their names were Issa, Ahmed and Sheik Mahmoud Qasim. They were fathers and brothers. They were students, teachers and laborers. And, last week, they were all killed by tank fire. They are not alone. Headlines that track the numbers of dead are easy to pass over when they are so frequent. In this video and photo series, GlobalPost senior correspondent Tracey Shelton tells the story of Issa, Ahmed and Qasim in the days before, and then at the very moment, they are killed in their back-alley post on the front lines of Aleppo, Syria. On the morning of their death, the men joked as they cleaned their post from a tank attack the day before. As the cloud of smoke engulfed the street, one man took cover, frantically waiting for the others to emerge through the dust and debris. After a few minutes of disorientation, a vehicle arrived to transport the bodies. New fighters came to take their posts.

Google Street View Hyperlapse A Teehan+Lax Labs experiment for creating interactive Google Street View hyper-lapse animations. Learn more about this project. See the possibilities Built with Hyperlapse.js, Three.js (r57), a modified version of GSVPano.js, and Google Maps API v3. Tweet Natural scenery 20 beautiful night shot to appreciate Elevator parking... NYC 1920s Most Beautiful Villages Around The World photo Popeye Village, is a group of rustic and ramshackle wooden buildings located at Anchor Bay in the north-west corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta. Photo by: Mosin Village on the bank of the Niger river, Mali. Photo by: Yann Arthus-Bertrand Hidden mountain village in Southern China. Mist over countryside in Southwest England. Hobbiton village – “Lord of the Rings” movie location in New Zealand. Riomaggiore is a village and comune in the province of La Spezia, situated in a small valley in the Liguria region of Italy. Mountain Village, Iran. Beautiful African sea side village. Hallstatt, Upper Austria, is a village in the Salzkammergut, a region in Austria with 946 inhabitants. Gásadalur village, Faroe Islands. Village located in Himalayas, Tibet. Fort Bourtange is a star fort located in the village of Bourtange, Groningen, Netherlands.

40 Outstanding Examples of Conceptual Photography Inspiration by Bill Jones 11inShare Conceptual photography essentially is the photographer trying to convey a message or “concept”. Below are some great examples of conceptual photography to inspire you. Alexander Gubin Xabier.M Dylan-K (Matt(ikus) Andre Arment Abel Tonkens Santy Ago Dave Nitsche Nasey Piet Flour Simona Cristureanu Clyde Beamer Victoriano George Gradinaru Deborah Parkin Lina Ianeva Lars Raun Christopher Stanczyk Mustafa Celikel Radu Voinea A.madestra. spin360 Tim Johnstone Jessica Mejias eh.svepsfini highverbalfan Ben Heine Brenvisions Clara Zamith olivia house laurenlemon gwichin David J. Cristina Grosan Aradan Geoffrey Coussy svibilsky Like Our Site? 57 Comments