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ENSI/SENSI: Evolution/Nat.of Sci.Home Page 19 February 2017 ATTENTION, FILMMAKERS! A chance to make a film about evolution and win a prize! Scientists and science educators of all stripes -- students, postdocs, faculty, and full- or part-time science communicators -- are invited to enter the Seventh Annual Evolution Video Competition, sponsored by the Duke Initiative for Science & Society, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Society for the Study of Evolution, and the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action. To enter, please submit a video that explains a fun fact, key concept, compelling question, or exciting area of evolution research in three minutes or less. The finalists will be screened at the Evolution 2017 meeting in Portland, Oregon. For information about the contest, visit:

TODAY - Top News Stories, Video Clips, Recipes and Guests | Scripps Ranch Senior High General Review Websites for all Biology Students:On-line Biology BookBioReviewThe Biology Project-University of ArizonaStudying Guides and Study StratagiesFun Biology Games to play after your Biology Homework is done!If you are a visual learner--these are great Biology Animations Does the University or College YOU want to attend accept AP Credit:AP Credit Policy (Caution, types of credit may vary and this list may not be complete)General Review Notes for AP Biology Students:Bozeman Biology Lecture Series – These are Great! SPECIFIC REVIEW BY TOPIC: Chemistry Biochemistry Basics pH Video Lecture:pH Water Video Lecture:Water Video Lecture:Chemical Bonds Amino Acids and Proteins Library of 3-D Molecular Structures Chemistry Tutorial ChemiCool Periodic Table WebElements Periodic Table Chemical Bonding Water Resources of the United States Protein Structures (cool but very complex) Macromolecules Cells Cell Size Cell Biology Basics Amazing Cells Cell Function Cell Membranes Cell Anatomy Fluid Mosaic Model Virus

Pseudopodia I would classify myself as being “highly productive” (or as someone once told me I’m a “worker bee”). The common question that I get from colleagues is something along the lines of “where do you find the time?” The simple answer is that the time is already there, I just might make more productive use of it than some other folks. I have a computer with me at all times during the workday, and I’m never far away from one at home, so my major working tool is a constant companion. “Getting Things Done” is both a methodology and a book about that methodology. As a system, “Getting Things Done” (or GTD, as it’s commonly referred to) is solid. If any of the above appeals to you, check out “Getting Things Done”. Post Script- One thing about “Getting Things Done” (the book): It was definitely written in an age where constant digital tools were still in their infancy (which is to say it was written about 10 years ago).

The Biology Corner good layman ecology books? | Ecology and the environment Depending on how narrowly you want to focus on ecology, several authors come to mind (kind of obvious) - Edward O. It might be a good idea to read stuff on the ecology of your own region, if you can, stuff you can go out and see for yourself. Your local nature center might have some. And you can't go wrong with Darwin.

Science Groove - science set to music Science Songs for Teaching Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Physical Science and Earth Science These science song lyrics are available from a variety of albums: General Science Songs 2 Scientific Method Songs – Jack Hartmann The Bar Graph Dance – Science Maniacs Evidence and Inference – Science Maniacs The History of Scientific Discoveries – Science Maniacs It's Alive/Non-living – Music with Mar. – Musically Aligned Nature of Science – Professor Boggs Physical Property Sense – Musically Aligned Science Is – Tickle Tune Typhoon Scientific Inquiry Rap – Allendale's Got Talent Scientific Method – Music with Mar. – Kathleen Carroll The Scientific Method Blues – J.P. – Jim Thompson Try Again – Ken Whiteley Life Science Songs Biology & Zoology A Habitat – Learning by Song Adaptations – Musically Aligned All Around the Pond – Sam Jones Animal Shop (Vertebrates & Invertebrates) – Music with Mar. – J.P. – Tickle Tune Typhoon Arthropods – Science in Song Bats – Lyrical Life Science Bacteria – Lyrical Life Science Biomes – Lyrical Life Science Cell Castle – Professor Boggs The Cell Song – Music with Mar.

Living Sunlight Teachers' Guide K-2 First published in 2009 About the Guides After Living Sunlight was published, we realized that not only would individual children, parents and grandparents want to read the books, but a much larger audience is in our schools. How would teachers be able to incorporate these picture books into their curricula? How would the books mesh with what teachers are already teaching about these concepts? After looking at many of the materials being used at present, we decided to write teachers’ guides and enlisted the help of two educators. Now that we’ve finished the guide for Living Sunlight, we have decided to make teachers’ guides for my other science books. Second, the guides enable the books to be used as a way to help children learn to read pictures as well as words—to read words in order to understand pictures, and to read pictures as a way of better understanding the words. Last of all, the guides include interesting and fun exercises for children. Copyright © 2009 by Molly Garrett Bang