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BioNumbers - The Database of Useful Biological Numbers

BioNumbers - The Database of Useful Biological Numbers

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Travel Inside 3D Cells in Full Color on Your Laptop March 7, 2015 (Nanowerk News) Nanolive SA announces the release of an off-line version of STEVE. “Starting from today, scientists, Medical Doctors and students all around the world will be enabled to travel inside 3D cells in full color by simply downloading STEVE on their laptop” declares Dr. Yann Cotte, CEO and co-founder of Nanolive SA.Nanolive SA is a Swiss start-up company, based at Innovation Park in Lausanne, which is developing a revolutionary microscope (and a revolutionary software) able to image and digitally stain living cells in 3D without any sample preparation and in real-time. The company, which has already received more than 45 pre-orders (with partial up-front payments), is planning the market entry for this summer.STEVEThe value measured by the 3D Cell Explorer is not fluorescence intensity of an exogenous molecule like with most optical microscopes.

GM golden rice Guardian Scientists say they have seen the future of genetically modified foods and have concluded that it is orange or, more precisely, golden. Next year, golden rice – normal rice that has been genetically modified to provide vitamin A to counter blindness and other diseases in children in the developing world – could be given to farmers in the Philippines for planting in paddy fields. Thirty years after scientists first revealed they had created the world's first GM crop, hopes that their potential to ease global malnutrition problems may be realised at last. Bangladesh and Indonesia have indicated they are ready to accept golden rice and other nations, including India, have also said that they are considering planting it.

Resources for the SCALE-IT Biology Curriculum Workshop June 2009 This page will contain resource used at the workshop and participant projects that can be found following the workshop. Upload link is currently closed. If you have question email to Extreme Genes: Extremes in Human Transcript and Protein Sizes Preparing a Buffy Coat from Whole Blood A buffy coat suspension is a concentrated leukocyte suspension. It is not mononuclear as the granulocytes are still present. The following brief protocol demonstrates how to prepare a buffy coat suspension from whole blood. Collect whole blood in a blood collection tube containing anticoagulant.Add 1 part PBS + 2% FBS to 1 part fresh whole blood.Centrifuge the sample at room temperature and 200 x g for 10 minutes with the brake off.

The Concord Coalition national debt federal budget health care Researchers show that memories reside in specific brain cells Our fond or fearful memories — that first kiss or a bump in the night — leave memory traces that we may conjure up in the remembrance of things past, complete with time, place and all the sensations of the experience. Neuroscientists call these traces memory engrams. But are engrams conceptual, or are they a physical network of neurons in the brain?

20 amazing facts about the human body The appendix gets a bad press. It is usually treated as a body part that lost its function millions of years ago. All it seems to do is occasionally get infected and cause appendicitis. Yet recently it has been discovered that the appendix is very useful to the bacteria that help your digestive system function. They use it to get respite from the strain of the frenzied activity of the gut, somewhere to breed and help keep the gut's bacterial inhabitants topped up. Public Understanding of Biotechnology (PUB) [file size 3,300 KB] A cartoon poster explaining how genetic conditions such as albinism and Down syndrome occur. Also available in the following languages: - Sotho [file size 2,100 KB] - Zulu [file size 2,100 KB]

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