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Get "fit for randomness" [with Ontonix UK] The trend to articulate product offering is putting pressure on manufacturing companies like never before. Therefore, the complexity of modern products and of the associated manufacturing processes is rapidly increasing. High complexity, as we know, is a prelude to vulnerability. It is a fact that in all spheres of social life excessive complexity leads to inherently fragile situations. Humans perceive this intuitively and try to stay away from highly complex situations. Learn Biology Online For Free with our Huge Collection of Open Courses If you’ve always been interested to learn more about nature and the diversity of life, you can now Learn Biology Online for Free! Free Biology courses are easy to find yet some of the ones you find may not be worth your time. We’ve put together a list of Biology courses from well-respected institutions such as John Hopkins, Yale, MIT, Stanford, and UCLA.

Rutherford's experiment Rutherford's experiment Added by David Fairhurst on Feb 6, 2008 An interactive animation showing Rutherford's experiment to explore the structure of the atom. Click the arrow button to start the experiment. Drag the green handle to rotate the radiation detector. More Minds-on Activities for Teaching Biology The resources listed below include: minds-on, hands-on activities and minds-on analysis and discussion activities for teaching biology to high school and middle school students and students in non-major college biology coursesoverviews of important biological topicsgames for learning and review. Many of these activities are explicitly aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, as indicated by (NGSS) in the descriptions below and as described in Summary Tables and in the Teacher Notes for individual activities. These activities foster student understanding of Disciplinary Core Ideas, engage students in Scientific Practices, provide the opportunity to discuss Crosscutting Concepts, and prepare students to meet the Performance Expectations of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Confirmed: New phase of matter is solid and liquid at same time Solid, liquid, gas … and something else? While most of us learn about just three states of matter in elementary school, physicists have discovered several exotic varieties that can exist under extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Now, a team has used a type of artificial intelligence to confirm the existence of a bizarre new state of matter, one in which potassium atoms exhibit properties of both a solid and a liquid at the same time. If you were somehow able to pull out a chunk of such material, it would probably look like a solid block leaking molten potassium that eventually all dissolved away.

10 Best Tools for Teachers and Students to Use in 2014 All teachers have a goal to establish clear, friendly, but authoritative communication with students and their parents. Parent meetings are not the most relaxed environment for the teachers to share their expectations and plans, which is why many educators have started using online tools to make this process easier. As a teacher, I have been using many web-based tools to bring some fun into the classes and make the communication with my students and their parents more effective. I’ve chosen some of the most useful tools to present in this list, which will hopefully be implemented in the teaching techniques of an increased number of educators during the upcoming year. 1. A gold-leaf electroscope A gold-leaf electroscope Added by David Fairhurst on Feb 6, 2008 An interactive animation showing a gold-leaf electroscope.

Hands-on Activities for Teaching Biology to High School or Middle School Students by Drs. Ingrid Waldron and Jennifer Doherty, University of Pennsylvania The expression "hands-on, minds-on" summarizes the philosophy we have incorporated in these activities -- namely, that students will learn best if they are actively engaged and if their activities are closely linked to understanding important biological concepts. For example, it is helpful to use hands-on models to engage student interest and foster multiple modality learning, but it is crucial to closely link the modeling activity to student understanding of the actual biological processes. To accommodate limited budgets, most of our activities can be carried out with minimum equipment and expense for supplies.Read More Additional resources for teaching biology are available at These teaching resources include discussion activities, games, web-based activities and overviews of important biological topics, including major concepts, common misconceptions, and suggested learning activities.

13 things that do not make sense - space - 19 March 2005 Read full article Continue reading page |1|2|3|4|5|6 Read more: 13 more things that don't make sense 1 The placebo effect

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