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Outdoor Fireplace by Haugen/Zohar Architects Haugen/Zohar Architects have designed an outdoor fireplace in Trondheim, Norway. Full description after the photos…. Photography by Grethe Fredriksen & Jason Havneraas Earthship South and East view of an Earthship passive solar home Earthship typical floorplan Earthships are primarily designed to work as autonomous buildings using thermal mass construction and natural cross ventilation assisted by thermal draught (Stack effect) to regulate indoor temperature. Earthships are generally off-the-grid homes, minimizing their reliance on public utilities and fossil fuels. Tree Tents Specializing in designing lighting solutions, design group Luminair recently unveiled their first shelters, fantastical suspended Tree Tents. The product of three years' work, Tree Tents provide an intriguing model for sustainable wildlife housing that enables a non-invasive solution for campers and forest service personnel. In fulfilling childhood fantasies and Tarzan complexes, Tree Tents also manage to look like space age survival pods. The spherical design has a two-fold purpose: to provide even load distribution for the suspension system and allow for natural rain runoff. Steam-bent green ash and aluminum provide eye-catching shape and structural integrity when suspended in the canopy.

Photo Gallery Pat's First Cob (1998) This was Patrick's first cob project on his own after taking a one week workshop with Cob Cottage Company (CCC) in 1997. He built the foundation and then used beach logs for the frame. Eco-Dome: Moon Cocoon - Cal-Earth Building Designs The Eco-Dome is a small home design of approximately 400 square feet (40 sq. meters) interior space. It consists of a large central dome, surrounded by four smaller niches and a wind-scoop, in a clover leaf pattern. Learning and building an Eco-Dome is the next stage after building a small emergency shelter and provides hands-on learning experience in the essential aspects of Superadobe construction.

Below sink - Ascot Hygiene Ltd Wijas Perfect below sink water heaters The Wijas water heater is the smallest on the UK market, measuring just 152 x 135 x 72mm. Click here to see how small. These non-vented heaters easily fit under a sink or in a cabinet to provide point of use water heating. They are extremely energy efficient too and you don't waste lots of running water waiting for the hot water to arrive. They can be used with your ordinary taps and therefore providing a much neater and easier solution to a wall mounted over-sink heater.

Solar RV Heating using small HomeMade Panels DIY panel for Solar RV heating can be built in less than two hours. Maybe you are not sure why you would want to build such a small solar panel? Well, if you`re interested in building a car heater or want to start a home made solar project but you have doubts regarding DIY solar panels efficiency, it might be a good idea to start small. You can easily build a miniature prototype first and with this down-scaled version of solar heating unit you will be able to test the “proof of concept” and see how the system perform in real conditions. Beside demonstration purpose, mini solar panel can be used to preheat the cabin of your RV, car or boat in the morning. You only need to bring the panel inside the vehicle, put it parallel to windshield.

World's largest treehouse? 7 trees support 1800 sq ft home Michael Garnier has helped pioneer the craft of modern treehouse construction. His Garnier limb -invented in collaboration with other enthusiasts as an open source project- holds up to 8,000 pounds and allows treehouse builders to create stronger, more durable dwellings in the trees. When Garnier, who owns a treehouse resort with 9 elevated dwellings, decided to build his own home for himself and his wife Peggy, it had to also be nestled in the branches. While his B&B cabins in the air are closer to 100 square feet, for his own home he decided to go big. His home is 1800 square feet on three floors. He calls it the world’s largest treehouse (not a fact, though he challenges anyone to prove him wrong).

Simon Dale's iconic hobbit house in Wales When Simon made a website about their straw bale home to share pictures with friends and family, it wasn't long before someone blogged about it and soon the world's media were intrigued by the beautiful house. Here's a video from Under Currents about the media attention Simon and Jasmine have been so flattered by. Part of the inspiration for Simon's home was his neighbour Tony Wrench who had pioneered the reciprocal roof Simon used in the design of his home. Simon also took inspiration from Lloyd Kahn's book 'Shelter' and now Simon's own home features in Lloyd's newest book.

PAHS - Umbrella House Figure 1 Geodome, the first umbrella home (in idealized form), maintains a 66° to 74° temperature year-round without heating equipment in western Montana’s cold climate. In summer, solar heat radiates in, falls on internal surfaces, and is absorbed into the surrounding soil. The umbrella traps heat in the dry soil until winter, when it migrates back into the house.

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