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PRODUIT Lieu du Design Paris concours design-F

PRODUIT Arne Jacobsen - - En Arne Jacobsen (1902–1971) was the renaissance-man of Danish architecture and design. He mastered the whole gamut of the profession, and whether the object in question was a high-rise hotel, a chair or a door handle, he worked with an obvious enthusiasm and vigour. Jacobsen was admitted to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1924 and graduated in 1927. Soon after, in 1929, he won recognition for “The House of the Future” project, where he, in collaboration with Flemming Lassen, presented a daring vision, complete with helipad on the rooftop.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery Established in 2005 by Parisian entrepreneurs and art devotees Loic Le Gaillard and Julien Lombrail, Carpenters Workshop Gallery is known for its discovery of bold and iconic design-art. Like many of the artists it fosters, the gallery takes a young, fresh and dynamic approach, primarily following its own aesthetic. They exhibit unique and limited edition works both by emerging and established artists, and designers. Carpenters Workshop GaIlery is committed to making ambitious ideas work, through its daring and integrity it has cultivated strong relationships with the artists it works with.

CRÉA Ora-Ito - En When we look at retro modern scenes ~ the future as imagined back in the 60s ~ the jetson’s styled stuff… i keep wondering where our gorgeous image of the future we’ll look back on in 50 years is, and will still wish we had (if we don’t already have it by then!)… then i saw this EVO-mobil design by Ora-Ito for Citroën… or even more impressive, i was won over by the photoshoot of it with actress Mylène Jampanoï for the stunningly artistic automotive mag, Intersection… and i wish i lived in that reality! Its so beautiful! Accueil - Bibliographie 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

CRÉA : Green Avenue (récup) -En The Greene Ave. bench collection is a project that rescues orphan chairs and upcycles them into a one-of-a-kind bench for your entrance way, dining table or backyard patio. Each bench uses three contrasting chairs from different eras to form a new contemporary piece. All benches range in size, shape and color. More information and availability at 31andchange website !

YVON LAMBERT Opening on Friday March 14th, 2014 No Drones March 14th – April 19th Louise Lawler, » Hand On Her Back », 1997-1998-2014 CRÉA: Jens Praet (éco-design) - En © 2007-2016 JENS PRAET - All rights reserved, worldwide. All material on this website (the "Site"), and the Site itself, are protected by copyrights, trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights. These materials are owned by JENS PRAET or its subsidiaries or to be used with permission of their owners. CRÉA : Droog − design social -En Design+Desires is a people centered urban research-and-do program which initiates various projects and activities on city making and beyond. Driven by a highly motivated and ambitious team of designers, architects and other professionals, Design+Desires is aiming to create innovative concepts for the city of the 21st century. Our tools are social quick scans, gamified polls, social media campaigns, personal interviews and design scenarios. Why The city is on the move.

CRÉA: Christopher Dresser 15 objets 1880 -En Art Fund aims to improve the services we offer. Cookies and similar technologies allow us to better understand your needs and improve your experience on our website. To find out more, read our cookie policy or to manage your settings click here.

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