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Free Community-based Mapping, Traffic & Navigation App

Free Community-based Mapping, Traffic & Navigation App

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Speed Read inspired by Spritz! This is not just another text reader and more than speed reader.The reader has several unique features: - in Reader mode flashes words or phrases one by one sequentially on the screen, with regulated speed, similar to spritz technology. - in 3D Stereo mode you can read with 3D effect on any device, without glasses. - in overview mode you can scroll or flip pages in the same time. - support pinch, spread and rotate gestures to change text size or screen orientation any time you need. These features allows to turn reading into a useful and fascinating process, and reduce eye strain. AutoReader allows to read much larger text, what's important not only for people with impaired vision.But also, for example, in transport, on the go, on the running machine, etc. when focusing on a small text tiring for the eyes or impossible. Learn how to view stereograms:

POP LOCK ROBOT "A technological break-thru in self-defense funk dancing" You know those really cool mechabots that shoot lasers and fight real good? Well this guy isn't one of them. Make your life better. We’re readying for our launch this summer as a freelancer-owned cooperative and marketplace. You'll soon be able to find and book therapists to pamper your mind or body, tutors for your upcoming trip to Spain, caterers for your next big birthday, and so much more. For freelancers, we provide you the tools you need to launch and grow your own service-based business while having a seat at the table with a vote and share in the profits. Introduce yourself, take a look around, and we’ll keep you in the loop as we progress! Circa’s New iOS App Will Change The Way You Consume News The way that we consume information on the Internet has changed dramatically over the years. The main reason is because there is simply more content available to us than we could ever consume during our time on Earth. Back in the day, our only options for news were newspapers and then eventually the local TV or radio station telling us what’s happening in our immediate area. Circa has launched its iOS app today, and it aims to change the way that we consume and retain information.

Make Your GPS Sound Like Terry Crews! Bored with the default voice on your GPS? Need something a little more… muscular? Not like Schwarzenegger muscular, but like former football player turned actor and sometimes game show host muscular? Well, besides being very, very specific in your GPS needs, you’re also in luck: buff Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews has lent his voice to the Waze app, meaning now you too can get directions from Sgt.

Predator Clock Super Clock Wallpaper Pro is the ultimate clock Live Wallpaper. It displays Time, Date, your actual WiFi SSID (if available) and Battery Level status. Super Clock Wallpaper provides you an amazing amount of customization settings: you can apply more than 40 amazing Fonts, tune the clock font appearance, color (with transparencies) and size; you can apply font shadows and even custom color gradients. You can apply your own images and photos as backgrounds or, if you prefer a more minimal look, set a background color. The clock supports both 24h and AM/PM modes, and you can set its position on screen.

Weather services Forecasts while at home, on the move, at sea and for your holidays. In fulfilling its public task the Met Office has a broad remit to act in the public's best interest, and the requirement to protect life and property is at the centre of what we do. The Public Weather Service provides a coherent range of basic weather information and weather-related warnings that enable the UK public to make informed decisions in their day-to-day activities. Such information is 'free at the point of use'. We understand that the world is a busy place and that you need easy access to weather information whether it's in print, on radio, on TV or online.

Enspiral: Changing the Way Social Entrepreneurs Do Business Enspiral Space is Enspiral's co-working facility in Wellington, New Zealand. (Courtesy Enspiral) While it seems clear that New Zealand-based social enterprise network Enspiral is doing exciting things in the social impact space, it can be difficult, at first, to understand what exactly Enspiral is. It is easier to begin with what Enspiral is not. Enspiral is not an incubator or an accelerator. It is not a training program, nor is it an advisory service. How media companies can think more like startups One of the central themes of the RoadMap conference we just finished doing in San Francisco earlier this week was the importance of design, and how companies both big and small need to think about design in an age of ubiquitous connectivity — and not just design in the sense of how something looks or feels, but how it works and the relationship users have with it. That might not seem like something that has immediate or obvious implications for media companies, but I think plenty of traditional players in the industry could learn a lot from the lessons that founders like David Karp of Tumblr and Evan Williams of Medium provided at RoadMap. Create something you want or need As the Tumblr founder said in our interview, all he really wanted was a tool that he could use to post images and thoughts online.

A Facial Scarring Story: How One Woman Found Empowerment Through Her Scars Scars come in all shapes and sizes. And no matter how big, small, dark, light, raised, or smooth they are, there's no denying that the permanent skin fixtures take a toll on our confidence. But Monica Singh isn't letting her facial scarring get the best of her. BBC iPlayer Radio – Android Apps on Google Play iHeartRadio gives you the ability to listen to radio, music, news, podcasts, sports, talk shows, and comedy. Download the app today to stream: • Local AM and FM radio stations from cities across North America like New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, and even Mexico City.• Music and talk shows from top radio stations across the country like 106.7 Lite FM, Z100, KIIS FM, KTU 103.5, 104.3 myFM in Los Angeles, and Wild 94.9, which covers the Bay Area from San Francisco to San Jose.• Commercial-free Custom Artist Stations created from a library of over 20 million songs.• Live football, baseball, basketball, and other sports with stations like ESPN, Fox Sports, and Kentucky Sports Radio.• New or past episodes of your favorite podcast and news shows like Ted Talks, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, The Breakfast Club, Bob and Tom in the Morning, Elvis Duran, and The Bobby Bones Show. iHeartRadio is easy to use, and best of all, free. Custom and Perfect For Stations

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