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B2B Lead Generation and Risk Management

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The 4 Teams Within Customer Success Organizations At Gainsight’s Pulse Conference on Customer Success, Mike McKee of Rapid7 spoke about the structure of his customer success team. He projected a slide, which I’ve copied in the image above, that depicts the way Rapid7 sells a contract, deploys its software, engenders adoption and expands accounts. It’s the best visualization I’ve seen to describe the sales and customer success process and the inter-team collaboration required to be successful. The four parts of his customer success team are: Sales Engineers/PreSales participate in the sales process with account executives to close the sale.Professional Services provides customers software customization and training.Customer Success Managers nurtures and expands the accounts.The Learning Team provides customers ongoing help with best practices, knowledge bases, webinars to maximize product use and drive retention. Here’s how the process works. In this chart above, the people in the customer success organization are in blue.

Silicon Valley 50: Angel and Early Stage Investors Secret Found to Flight of 'Helicopter Seeds' You probably played with them for hours — the seed pods of maple trees, slowly twirling and hovering like helicopters before falling to the ground. The mechanism that causes "helicopter seeds" to spin has been a mystery, until now — a new study has found that the aerodynamics that keep these seeds aloft also allow certain insects, bats and hummingbirds to hover. A team of Dutch and American scientists from Wageningen University and Caltech measured the flow of air created by swirling seeds by creating plastic models of the seeds and spinning them through a large tank of mineral oil using a specially designed robot dubbed "Robofly." The scientists used light from a powerful laser to measure the motion of tiny glass beads in the oil as the model seed spun through the tank. The images the team obtained showed that a swirling maple seed generates a tornado-like vortex that sits atop the front leading edge as the "helicopter" spins slowly to the ground.

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Run Your Own Business | Find a Niche | Make More Money Since this is such a huge post, I’m going to start off with 2 notes. Below, you’ll see how to take your skills and identify what “the market” — or prospective customers — will pay forI added lots of examples below, but it’s still complex and information-dense. When you sign up at, I’ll be going over a more structured, step-by-step program. In a survey of over 1,000 people that I recently did, the #1 reason people don’t start earning money on the side is this: They don’t know what to do. How do you take your skills and turn them into something that people will pay for? Let’s say you have a full-time job as a project manager or salesperson or software engineer. I want you to pay attention: This is the #1 barrier because it is the hardest step. So if you expect this to be easy, go away. If you expect this to be customized to your situation, go away. You’ll have to take a leap to tailor the advice here to your own situation. There are a few things that we need to acknowledge up front:

Make a spinning seed! It's a seed from a sycamore tree. Throw them into the air and watch them spin! You can make your own spinning seed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What's happening? When the spinning seed falls, air pushes upwards against it. This helps sycamore seeds to fall far from the tree so they have plenty of space to grow. Do you want to make more outside toys?

Welcome to Ryanair! Investor Relations Contact Details Name: : Justin McAleese Title: Head of Investor Relations Address: Ryanair Ltd., Corporate Head Office, Airside Business Park, Swords, Co. To register all you have to do is click here, insert the details below into the body of your mail and send. Please include: Your NameJob TitleInstitutionInstitution TypeAddressContact Details To help us send you relevant information please be specific as possible. To de-register from the mailing list Click Here. Analysts Here you'll find contact details for a sample of analysts who actively publish research on the key drivers and metrics behind Ryanair's success: *Corporate brokers to Ryanair Holdings plc Ryanair Holdings plc is followed by the analysts at the brokerage firms listed above.

The Anatomy of a Killer Business Plan I started investing in start-ups in 1996 and have seen plenty of business plans. I get them from people who are seeking some of my money and from entrepreneurs who are starting a capital raising campaign. Unless you have a spectacular track record as an entrepreneur or an exceptionally great new business idea, you cannot raise capital without a business plan. I have invested in six start-ups and three of those were sold for a total of $2 billion. The other three went out of business. And even in that tiny sample, there is typically one connection between these successful business plans. Despite that simple insight, 99% of the business plans I see are missing that critical ingredient. Here’s how. You should then interview at least 20 potential customers and make sure your analysis of their answers to these questions is in the business plan. A good business plan should cover the following topics: Executive Summary Business/Product Description Target Market Plan To Gain Market Share

Changing Phase Upload Campaign: Secrets to Become a Social Media Master With just about everyone on social media today, how do you stand out from the rest? What’s the best way to gain followers, start a conversation, and streamline it all, whether you’re representing a company or your own personal brand? This month’s upload campaign Social Media Secrets addresses just that: We want to know your tips and tricks for making a splash on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms. (Also check out our other upload campaign this month, All Things Steve Jobs). Below are secrets from social media stars Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick, Hubspot and Simplify360 to get you started. View all Social Media Secrets and share yours, too Secrets to Snapchat Snapchat has recently been adding features to transform itself into a social platform that goes beyond just disappearing photos. Your Recipe for Social Media Success You’d think a social media enterprise solutions firms would have a few tricks up their sleeve. How to Gain Followers — and Time

Complainers in the Office: 3 Ways to Deal With Them Do you hate it when people complain? It turns out there's a good reason: Listening to too much complaining is bad for your brain in multiple ways, according to Trevor Blake, a serial entrepreneur and author of Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life. In the book, he describes how neuroscientists have learned to measure brain activity when faced with various stimuli, including a long gripe session. "The brain works more like a muscle than we thought," Blake says. Even worse, being exposed to too much complaining can actually make you dumb. But if you're running a company, don't you need to hear about anything that may have gone wrong? So, how do you defend yourself and your brain from all the negativity? 1. "My father was a chain smoker," Blake confides. You should look at complaining the same way, he says. 2. Sometimes getting distance isn't an option. "Try to get the person who's complaining to take responsibility for a solution," Blake says. 3.

HTML 4.01 Specification W3C Recommendation 24 December 1999 This version: (plain text [794Kb], gzip'ed tar archive of HTML files [371Kb], a .zip archive of HTML files [405Kb], gzip'ed Postscript file [746Kb, 389 pages], gzip'ed PDF file [963Kb]) Latest version of HTML 4.01: Latest version of HTML 4: Latest version of HTML: Previous version of HTML 4.01: Previous HTML 4 Recommendation: Editors: Dave Raggett <> Arnaud Le Hors, W3C Ian Jacobs, W3C Copyright ©1997-1999 W3C® (MIT, INRIA, Keio), All Rights Reserved. Abstract This specification defines the HyperText Markup Language (HTML), the publishing language of the World Wide Web. HTML 4 is an SGML application conforming to International Standard ISO 8879 -- Standard Generalized Markup Language [ISO8879]. Status of this document Available languages Errata