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How To Develop Custom Marker In Ios And Iphone App Development. Jun242015 Custom marker is an iOS based map application intended by iOS app development team of NexMobile.

How To Develop Custom Marker In Ios And Iphone App Development

The app is useful to find nearby locations or places, such as ATMs, hospitals, schools, etc. The team has immense experience in IPhone App Development and can intend specialized custom app solutions for global businesses. With the help of this tutorial, they will make you learn about the steps to build this map application and a custom marker to pin them on map. Tutorial To Develop Map Application To Find Nearby Places In this tutorial we will develop map application to find nearby places (Hotels, ATM, Schools, Hospitals, etc.) from current location and create a custom Marker to pin them on map. Create new Single View Application project and name it CustomMarker.

Open ViewController.h file and import library <MapKit/MapKit.h> and below that add a #define directive to check for iOS version using UIDevice API. Please Check Below Screen Shot For More Understanding. That’s it! iOS 9 new features release for iPhone app developers- we bring tips to get optimized app development experience. The Latest iOS 9 Brings Loads Of Enhancements and multitasking features for the serious users having aim to be more productive while iPhone app development process.

iOS 9 new features release for iPhone app developers- we bring tips to get optimized app development experience

These features are must and more useful for iPhone App Developers who are willing to develop and design intuitive apps. With recent version of OS, there would be fewer complaints about battery life, Siri functions, and security, and a swift and more responsive system leveraging on Metal can be accessed. Moreover, the latest update also brings the Split View, QuickType feature, PIP, and Slide over as multitasking tools for developers. It is expected that iOS 9 will be available by this month. Interested developers can test the public version of iOS 9 beta if they want to sneak-peak into the update.

The thing that matters is to know the way of optimizing these features for better app development. NexMobileApps. Do you too posses an iPhone and frequently download apps from the App store?


If yes, then you are on the same page with millions of other iPhone users for which engaging iPhone apps have become a part and parcel of their lifestyle. Due to its soaring popularity, many iPhone Application Development companies have emerged and many freelancers are also there who offer the same at a very reasonable pricing. However, you must be wondering that actually why, iPhone Application Development has become so popular. Here are some of the top five reasons that we think are responsible for this phenomenon. Easy availability Millions of apps are available over the App store.

Competitive pricing. NexMobileApps. The iPhone rightly is the quintessence of a Smartphone.


User-friendly interface, good looks and features beyond one’s imagination are a few of the eye-catching attributes that have made this new little gem immensely popular. Comprehensive internet capabilities, GPS and e-mail are few of the striking and efficient features packed into every iPhone. With the technological advent, today one can not only order pizza with their iPhone devoid of talking to a person but with the advanced features such as accelerator meters, cellular triangulation and GPS, there is a wide array of cool car-related stuff one can use their iPhone for.

These apps will help every car owner with everything related to cars right from purchasing cars to gathering necessary data in an accident. Some of these are also likely to help one save money. Carminder Plus With this app a car owner can easily manage all their car maintenance needs. The Ultimate Drive Trapster Pocket parking meter Find my car Gas Buddy DriveScribe. How To Highlight Text In IOS Version Lower Than IOS 6.

Only customized iPhone application development can help your business. May112015 Are you a businessman?

Only customized iPhone application development can help your business

If your answer is yes then this is impossible to run your business without the application market in the present time. We all are surrounded by this market every way and this is innovative and helpful too. Don’t panic if you are not feeling good in your business activity because mobile app development is there to help you. There are many helpful applications held in the market which can easily access your business. If you don’t have a customized staff then probably you face many problems throughout the day but if you have customized app market then there is no problem happened with your business.

Mobile world is very much expended now and there are lots of apps which can easily access your business. Phone application development and mobile app development in the market led the continuous working of every business. Every smart phone or device can’t stand on the same place. How to develop map view app to locate user and other addresses using iPhone app development platform? ~ Mobile Apps. NexMobile Indian iPhone app developers have got query for developing map view app with which user can locate his location and other locations with address.

How to develop map view app to locate user and other addresses using iPhone app development platform? ~ Mobile Apps

In a reply, we are sharing this tutorial with global iPhone app development community to let them learn the steps for the same. So, if you want to make a map view app that is efficient in locating your location and other addresses, follow the instructions and steps shared by experts below. One liner: In this tutorial we will explain you about developing map view application and we search my location as well as another location with address.

First, Open Xcode and create a Single View Application project. Set name as “MapView”. Go to the Project Navigator and open MapView.h file. Create two global variables named “Address” and “FindAddress” for storing address data.