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Copernicus Educational Products. Home - Mirroring360 - Share your devices' screenMirroring360 – Share your devices' screen. Replace a student or staff iPad in 10 minutes or less. With a school of 350+ iPads, there are going to be breaks.

Replace a student or staff iPad in 10 minutes or less.

When one of our iPads is damaged we are quick to replace it. We started off with 5 spares to be swapped out so the student didn't miss anytime. As we are trying to go as paperless as possible and have as much school work done on the iPad as possible, downtime is bad for everyone. Now that I have exhausted our spares they are swapped for repaired iPads. We have a local repair shop replacing the screens. This process used to take me quite a while when I was using Apple Configurator to help manage the lot but now just using iCloud and Meraki MDM, I have this down to just a few minutes handling the device.

I created a simple form that the student and teacher can fill out before bringing me the iPad that needs replacing. I spent way too much time receiving an iPad from a teacher or front office only to then need to track down the student so I could make sure the iCloud Backup was up to date and could be restored. Snooping & Spying On Student iPads via DiskAid. I'm not a fan of reading personal data but when it comes to kids, parents can be very persuasive.

Snooping & Spying On Student iPads via DiskAid

I believe what I'm going to explain here should be the parents responsibility but because we are providing the iPads they seem to think its ours. Every once in a while a parent or student may report abuse via our device. Locking Down Student iPads vs. Trusting Students to Behave. When our school began its 1-to-1 iPad program for our fifth through eighth grade students, we were faced with the same decision every school faces: just how much do we lock down these devices?

Locking Down Student iPads vs. Trusting Students to Behave

We had already written up a solid acceptable use policy (that all students and parents had to sign), we had robust internet filtering at the school, we could monitor the iPads via Meraki, we had turned on age restrictions for all features, and we had collected the appropriate insurance money for repairs. Dropcam’s $199 Pro Camera: Better optics and Bluetooth LE Hub. Cloud video camera maker Dropcam has announced a new $199 Dropcam Pro device with significantly better optics and a Bluetooth Low-Energy (LE) hub for mobile setup and connected home integration.

Dropcam’s $199 Pro Camera: Better optics and Bluetooth LE Hub

The Dropcam Pro, which is available today on Amazon and Dropcam’s website, is positioned as a new premium offering to the base $149 Dropcam hardware (formerly called Dropcam HD). The Pro supports up to 1080p video and includes an impressive wide-angle lens, improved audio and night vision that Dropcam says is as much as seven times better. The device also adds an 8x digital zoom feature with an enhance mode for honing in on a spot within the camera’s field of view. Dropcam has added dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi support to minimize the amount of interference on the camera. Bluetooth LE support on the Dropcam Pro makes it possible to set up the device from an iPhone without having to plug it into a computer and then move it.

CCTV Camera iPhone App. Zavio F4215 Wireless HD IP Camera, Infrared Indoor Security, Audio Mic The Zavio F4215 Wireless HD IP Camera features Ultra Compact Size Wireless 802 11b/g/n 1/2.8" CMOS Image Sensor 3.6mm Fixed Lens 1920 x 1080 HD Megapixel Resolution at 30 FPS 10 Meter / 30 Foot IR Range PIR Motion Detection Region of Interest Mode Corridor Mode WDR Enhancement Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot Built-in Microphone and Speaker for Two-way Audio Remote Viewable from Windows PCs Remote Viewable from Mac Computers 64 Channel NVR Software Included Add To Cart Zavio B6210 Mini IR Bullet IP Camera, 1080P HD Video Surveillance, PoE The Zavio B6210 Mini IR Bullet IP Camera features: Infrared Dome IP Camera, 1080p HD Video, Indoor / Outdoor, Zavio D6210.

CCTV Camera iPhone App

Car Camera Mount. iPad/iPhone Accessories. Tablet Stage™ Aide iMovie pour iPad. Apps iOS - iMovie - Assistance Apple. iPad » Tutoriels d’applications iPad. Je m’approprie l’iPad. Planifier avant de tourner. Compétence Mac // Le magazine 100% iPratique. Tutoriel: comment mettre une vidéo sur un iPhone ou iPad. Comment faire du montage vidéo sur votre iPhone et iPad avec iMovie? iMovie for iPad Essential Training. How Trello Showcased Their Mobile App with Video. We've made two videos to showcase our mobile apps for Trello, and wanted to share our experience with the process.

How Trello Showcased Their Mobile App with Video

The video above shares some production techniques that we learned while setting up a camera and lighting to shoot video of a mobile device. The post below is going to cover some of the thought process that went on behind the scenes. Using DSLR to Capture Computer Demo - Wistia Community. Tuto : enregistrer en vidéo l'écran de l'iPhone / iPad facilement avec OS X Yosemite. CmapTools. Créer un identifiant Apple sans carte bancaire à partir d’un ordinateur PC ou MAC. Mes outils essentiels sur le iPad. Jumi-Mouse, ULTIMATE REMOTE DESKTOP SOLUTION<br /> JumiMouse+ Turns your iPhone / iPod / iPad into a fully functional mouse, keyboard, and remote desktop client, as well as a set of remote controls for your media players.


It gives you full control of an unlimited number of PCs via Wi-Fi, 3G, or Edge. Jumi-Gamer, REMOTE PC DESKTOP + JOYSTICK. JumiMouse+ Gamer's Edition Turns your iPhone / iPod into a fully functional joystick, mouse, keyboard, remote desktop, and a suite of remote controls. it includes all the JumiMouse+ functionality, as well as a professional joystick / game controller COMMON USES Ultimate Fun: Flight simulators, Driving games, Shooters, Arcade, Strategy, Multiplayer games, more!


The ultimate weapon for game lovers. Travel Light: Play any game on your laptop while on the go Saves Money & Space: eliminates the need for expensive game controllers Total Control: full control with mouse & keyboard of extended game settings & features Extended Functionality: mouse, keyboard, and desktop control for those moments when you are not playing. Jumi-Presenter, iPHONE POWERPOINT REMOTE CONTROL. WHAT IS JumiPresenter JumiPresenter turns your iPhone/iPod into a remote control for presentation delivery It gives you complete control of the presentation, while standing away from the computer you are presenting from there is no need for any other external devices - only your iPhone or iPod and it will work automatically via WiFi, 3G, or Edge You can see the desktop, the presentation, or the slide notes on your iPhone/iPod while you display You can connect to an unlimited number of PCs Simple to use & very user friendly.


Jumi-Files, BROWSE & GET ANY PC FILE ON-THE-GO. WHAT IS JumiFiles: Constant On-the-Go Access to your PC - Browse, Preview & Download files to your iPhone!


Browse from your iPhone your PC files - documents, presentations, music, video and photos - download and send them on-the-go anytime & anywhere! Forgot to send the presentation that you revised over the weekend? Connect online to your PC with JumiFiles, access files and store them on your iPhone Need a quick review of a PC stored file while chatting with a client? Ergotron DM10-1007* Support mural de gestion de tablettes 10 <span class="subT">- câblé pour iPad Lightning</span> Ergotron DM16-1003* Station de gestion de tablettes 16. Oklahoma Sound LSS Laptop Speaker Stand at SCHOOLSin. Hamilton ISD-TFS iPad/Tablet Floor Stand at SCHOOLSin. Book Creator est maintenant disponible pour Windows ! L’application Book Creator est disponible depuis le 23 juin sur le Windows Store. Elle est même gratuite pour une courte période de temps.

Cette application est très populaire sur tablette. Cette application est donc maintenant disponible pour iPad, pour Android et pour Windows 8. Ils offrent aussi une version gratuite sur tablettes iPad et Android, mais celle-ci ne permet que de faire un seul livre. Le modèle fréquent est que l’enseignant a la version payante et que les élèves ont la version gratuite. Stick Around iPad App. Play, design, and share labeling and sorting puzzles! Stick Around comes with an assortment of puzzles, including ordering decimals and classifying rocks. It's the player's job to drag the stickers from the tray to their correct spots on the background before time runs out. The best feature of Stick Around is that you can create your very own puzzles in just three steps: Use drawing tools and/or import photos to make a background.Add stickers with text, images, sound, arrows, and/or drawings.Indicate where stickers belong by making an answer key.

You can share puzzles with others via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, and WebDAV. Teachers can make puzzles for their students to practice content. Enregistrer l'écran de son iPAd. Who Has What? – An App for Keeping Track of Borrowed Materials. I can’t tell you how many books, CDs (remember when we used those to listen to music?) , and DVDs I’ve lent out and never seen again. Who Has What? 2 is an iPad app that could help me keep track of those things from now on.

Who Has What? Nearpod. Step 1. Go to to create a Nearpod account. Step 2. Create presentations by logging in to your Nearpod account on your computer and using their web based presentation tools. You can not currently create presentations for Nearpad on the iPad. Step 3. Step 4: From the My Library page, tap on the launch button below the presentation you want to show your students. Easily Transfer Third Party Movies To Your iPad - WiredPen. We’ve started using the iPad to stream movies to the AppleTV so that we can watch them on the big screen. It’s one thing to stream a show we’ve bought from the iTunes store or a clip off YouTube. Those are very straightforward. But what about other (third party) video files? (1) If you have a DropBox account (and time), you can upload the video file (acceptable file types without additional software: .m4v, .mp4, and .mov). Open DropBox on the iPad, click on the video, then trigger AirPlay and select AppleTV. Le « App Smashing » pour optimiser le potentiel créatif du iPad.

Le App Smashing est un concept popularisé par Gregory Kulowiec qui est un ancien enseignant d’histoire du Plymouth South High School et du Virtual High School. Il est maintenant associé sénior au EdTechTeacher. J’ai eu l’opportunité de le rencontrer et d’assister à sa conférence au iPad Summit de Boston 2013. Le concept du App Smashing est simple. Utiliser le iPad pour réaliser une analyse de texte avec Explain Everything. Cet article va porter sur l’utilisation de l’application Explain Everything sur le iPad. L’automne dernier, j’ai eu l’opportunité de rencontrer Greg Kulowiec à Boston. OneDrive for iOS: FAQ - OneDrive Help. Comment lire une clef USB sur iPad Air.