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New Startups - Showcasing the brightest new startup ideas

New Startups - Showcasing the brightest new startup ideas
Friday quick links By on under Internet A concept re-design for Wikipedia done really really well by George Kvasnikov and Julian Krenz. There was first PetCube, now there’s Kittyo to spy you on your feline friend. Magazine layout design definitely plays a critical role in telling stories. Layout in Flipboard is a great article to read how it’s done.

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Smartphone dating apps link users by proximity - Sitting in the stands at Dodger Stadium, Steve Bergmann began checking out nearby women he might hit on. But his eyes weren't scanning the seats — they were fixed on his smartphone. Bergmann tapped into an app that uses GPS to locate prospective dates in the vicinity. He scrolled through photos and profiles till one young woman caught his eye, then shot her an instant message. Half an hour later, Bergmann and Meg Riely, both 25, were sipping beers together at a concession stand. "She was one of the closest girls in my vicinity, and her picture was pretty cute," said Bergmann, a personal wealth manager.

Why 2012 Will Be the Year of the Entrepreneur While the year of the protester has just passed, 2012 looks to be the year of the entrepreneur. Jobs are in scarce supply, and underemployment is at an all-time high. Things look bleak. But, truth be told, there has never been a better time for individuals to start new businesses. 6 Great Business Models to Consider for a Startup People often throw around the term business model in discussing startups. But just what is a business model? Which ones work best and why? How do you know if your startup has the right one? Dating Agency Featured Site If you are looking for something more intimate than just a date then you should check out Adult Friend Finder. Here you will find thousands of like minded adults with sexy photos, seeking affairs, discrete relationships and sexual encounters. Best of all it's free to register so what are you waiting for? Dating Sites 76 to 100 According to, �Some say all the good ones are married or gay.

About A new approach to innovation and entrepreneurship Opinno is a global network of innovation centers, located in the main technology hubs around the world. We work hand-in-hand with the top research centers, universities, technology companies, investors and entrepreneurs to generate new hi-tech start-ups and spinouts, build alliances and help to insource promising technologies. Opinno builds and cultivates the entrepreneurial ecosystem in all its locations through multiple initiatives that include technology conferences, entrepreneurship competitions, workshops and much more. Learn more about us on our FAQ section. Corporate Structure

10 lessons learned from a non-technical founder Building something people love is really hard. IMHO, getting started (and not quitting) is the biggest challenge. This post is designed to help other entrepreneurs overcome the emotional roller-coaster of bringing their ideas to life. A little background: I had no business starting a tech company — I’m not technical.I had no business designing our first product — I’m not a designer by trade.I had no business raising money — I’ve never taken a finance class. Should Facebook Pay You? Or: How To Monetize Friends And Charge People Johan Staël von Holstein doesn't seem to like Mark Zuckerberg. "I have 5,000 friends on Facebook," says the Swedish-born entrepreneur, who lives in Singapore, but was about to board a flight from Barcelona to Germany, and then to Dubai, when we spoke by phone. "I could have had 10,000, but Mark Zuckerberg only lets me have five.

endeavorglobal's Channel Linda Rottenberg on OneWire Play Endeavor CEO Linda Rottenberg is interviewed by OneWire's Skiddy von Stade about her entrepreneurial journey, which was also featured in Business Insider. 135 Startup Failure Post-Mortems No survivorship bias here. A compilation of startup failure post-mortems by founders and investors. On his many failed experiments, Thomas Edison once said, I have learned fifty thousand ways it cannot be done and therefore I am fifty thousand times nearer the final successful experiment. And so while we have dug into the data behind startups that have died (as well as those acqui-hired) and found they usually die 20 months after raising financing and after having raised about $1.3 million, we thought it would be useful to see how startup founders and investors describe their failures. While not 50,000 ways it cannot be done, below is a compilation of startup post-mortems that describe the factors that drove a startup’s demise.

Stars of SXSW: Dave McClure on Lean Start-up Investing The premier session of South by Southwest's "Lean Startup" track was a frank discussion between Lean Startup guru Eric Ries and Dave McClure, founding partner and "Sith Lord" of investment firm 500 Startups. While the talk covered material fairly similar to what Ries discussed in the October issue of Inc. and his Friday SXSW panel, was able to catch up with McClure and discuss his investment strategy, how the lean strategy affects his investments, and his support of female CEOs. McClure is a magnet for entrepreneurs at SXSW. In navigating the hallways between his panel room and a nearby corridor, he was approached four times by people seeking a moment to do an elevator pitch or ask how to apply to his fund. While I was talking with him he was approached twice more.