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New Startups - Showcasing the brightest new startup ideas

New Startups - Showcasing the brightest new startup ideas

Dashboard Everything Why 2012 Will Be the Year of the Entrepreneur While the year of the protester has just passed, 2012 looks to be the year of the entrepreneur. Jobs are in scarce supply, and underemployment is at an all-time high. Things look bleak. But, truth be told, there has never been a better time for individuals to start new businesses. (MORE: 5 Tricks to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick) Consider some of the resources at the ready for 2012-preneurs. Whereas a traditional office or retail space was a necessity less than a decade ago, today, thanks to the rise of virtual office services and co-working spaces, working from home or Starbucks is the new norm. (MORE: Retiring This Year? From Startup Peru to Startup America, hundreds of private/public partnerships and programs have been created around the world to incentivize and support future job creators. Much like the protesters of 2011, collective entrepreneurial action in 2012 has the real power to change the world.

Wish You Were Here project Here comes some news ! Le LeanIt Lab et les Nouveaux Étudiants lancent le projet "wish you were here" dès la semaine prochaine. Kézako ? Le principe est tout simple : Faire venir des personnalités du monde de l'éducation pour donner une conférence/ atelier au LearnIt Lab. La semaine dernière c'est Dale Stephens du mouvement Uncollege qui est venu. Et les suivants ? C'est vous qui proposez quels experts vous voulez voir, directement sur ce google moderator. En attendant, on vous donne rendez-vous lundi prochain pour une petite rédaction de cartes postales. Et oui, Dor Garbash, le génial créateur du LearnIt Lab a eu l'idée à la suite d'un Hold Up, d'inviter nos futurs convives par le biais de cartes postales vintage de Paris. Cool huh ? L'idée est toute simple : Expliquer en quelques lignes au dos de la carte pourquoi la personne devrait (à tout prix) venir nous rencontrer. La rédaction de cartes aura lieu lundi, au CRI :)A bientôt ! Dor having an idea (and a fake moustache)

4 Promising Curation Tools That Help Make Sense of the Web Steven Rosenbaum is a curator, author, filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of, a real-time video curation engine for publishers, brands, and websites. His book Curation Nation is slated to be published this spring by McGrawHill Business. As the volume of content swirling around the web continues to grow, we're finding ourselves drowning in a deluge of data. Where is the relevant material? The solution on the horizon is curation. In the past 90 days alone, there has been an explosion of new software offerings that are the early leaders in the curation tools category. 1. Storify co-founder Burt Herman worked as a reporter for the Associated Press during a 12-year career, six of those in news management as a bureau chief and supervising correspondent. At the AP, editors sending messages to reporters asking them to do a story would regularly write, “Can u pls storify?” Storify is currently invite only. 2. is often described as Tumblr without the blog. 3. 4.

Die zehn spannendsten US-Startups beim Y Combinator Day Startups: Auto-Suchmaschine, Party-Crowdfunding und intimes Netzwerk Y Combinator wurde 2005 gegründet und hat ein neues Modell zur Finanzierung von Startups entwickelt. Zweimal im Jahr investiert der Fund einen kleinen Beitrag, im Schnitt 18.000 Dollar, in eine Vielzahl von Startups. Die unterstützten Startups ziehen dann für drei Monate ins Silicon Valley, werden nachhaltig beraten und präsentieren anschließend ihren Dienst auf dem Y Combinator Demo Day, wo jede Menge Investoren im Publikum sitzen. Carsabi Carsabi ist eine Suchmaschine für den Kauf von gebrauchten Autos in den USA. Pair Pair ermöglicht es Paaren, ein intimes soziales Netzwerk zu pflegen, indem diese beispielsweise Fotos, Videos und Aktivitäten teilen. priceonomics priceonomics ist eine Art Einkaufsführer für jegliche Art von Ware. Your Mechanic Your Mechanic ermöglicht es den Nutzern, auf ein Netzwerk lokaler Automechaniker zurückzugreifen, um so möglichst günstig eine Reparatur zu Hause durchführen zu lassen. Exec

Smartphone dating apps link users by proximity - Sitting in the stands at Dodger Stadium, Steve Bergmann began checking out nearby women he might hit on. But his eyes weren't scanning the seats — they were fixed on his smartphone. Bergmann tapped into an app that uses GPS to locate prospective dates in the vicinity. He scrolled through photos and profiles till one young woman caught his eye, then shot her an instant message. Half an hour later, Bergmann and Meg Riely, both 25, were sipping beers together at a concession stand. "She was one of the closest girls in my vicinity, and her picture was pretty cute," said Bergmann, a personal wealth manager. Forget online dating services and their scientific personality tests. About a dozen smartphone apps enable people to connect at sports events, shopping malls and other public places, using the same location-based technology that tells you about a traffic jam ahead or whether there's a sale on jeans at a store you are walking past. Users say there can be a sleaze factor.

ActSeed is for Entrepreneurs and Startups What is Foursquare? You may have heard this morning that foursquare is launching in the UK. And if you haven't, shame on you for not having Pocket-lint open all day. If you don't know what foursquare is on the other hand, then that's a whole lot more forgiveable seeing as the service only started in March this year at the SXSW technology, music and film extravaganza. So, for the majority of us... What is foursquare? In a nutshell, it's a location service-based social network-come-game. How does it work? The whole system is based around what is known as "checking-in". And what about the game? The clever, or clever-er, part is that you get points for checking-in. Naturally, the points aren't good for anything other than bragging rights but that's currency a-plenty with a leader board on the site with the top users. You can also earn badges as you check-in which is where the parallel of World of Warcraft and its Achievements system lies. The really clever part How do I start? Can anyone use it? Well, yes and no.

Karriere | Tipps für Karriere, Job & Bewerbung Dating Agency Featured Site If you are looking for something more intimate than just a date then you should check out Adult Friend Finder. Here you will find thousands of like minded adults with sexy photos, seeking affairs, discrete relationships and sexual encounters. Best of all it's free to register so what are you waiting for? Dating Sites 76 to 100 According to, �Some say all the good ones are married or gay. Be prepared to be greeted by some rather bizarre graphics on this site - including a green leopardskin strip down the left hand side of the screen for some reason. Lots of single animal lovers looking for love. Are you a single student? Yee-haw! Let's Meet Up features photo, video & audio personals. Designed for singles in the UK only. Guess who this site is aimed at? Vegetarian? Absolutely hilarious!