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TV - Overview

TV - Overview

New Updates to YouTube for Google TV In the next few days we’re releasing an update to your YouTube experience on Google TV making it faster and easier to find great content, adding YouTube channel pages, and giving you more control over your experience.You’ll be able to update your app through Android Market, and you’ll see some big improvements. First you’ll notice the app works faster with smoother navigation for a better experience. Next, we’ve added a new feature called Discover, which lets you browse YouTube channels by categories. Whether you’re looking for hilarious comedy, delectable cooking content, or the latest news, you can find great channels for any of your interests. We’ve also updated the YouTube app with new channel pages. We’ve made improvements to allow even more interaction with your favorite channels. We hope these new features in the Google TV YouTube app help you discover even more entertainment you love!

Google TV Google TV's first generation devices were all based on x86 architecture processors by Intel and were created and commercialized by Sony and Logitech. The second generation of devices are all based on ARM architecture processors and with additional partners including LG, Samsung,[4] Vizio, and Hisense. In 2013, more second generation Google TV supported devices were announced by new partners, including Hisense, Netgear, TCL, and Asus, some of which include 3D television (3D TV) display output capabilities. An October 2013 report suggests that Google might cease using the Google TV label and require all new devices to be rebranded as Android TV.[5] Features[edit] Apps[edit] Xyologic has compiled a list of the early Google TV apps with the largest number of installations.[8] As of November 2012, the most installed apps are Napster, Pandora Radio, and CNBC. Sony Internet TV Partners[edit] The Google TV platform is provided by Google to OEMs for incorporation into their consumer products.

GNU/Linux Timeline After a short essay on methodology we’re curious to find out whether there are any master-snoops among our audience. We present exhibit M, a rare specimen we know nothing about but for the fact that it was compiled from bits of Gentoo. Hence we call publicly for any hints or leads regarding this elusive distribution! Meanwhile, a gentle reader has drawn to our attention the fact that Damn Vulnerable Linux is currently listed as a Slax derivate by the major pundit places, while it certainly boasted a Damn Small Linux pedigree in it’s very beginnings. The switch has happened, but everyone claims not to have seen when it did! Have you? And just in case anyone needs more material, here’s our current ToDo buffer. While checking out the page DW links to Greenie, Newtoos catches the eye. If only project sites had a nicely visible change log / history section… Two distributions for the GLDT 11.7 are done, eight still to go!

Maintenance Koch Spy Agency Led by Voter Fraud Huckster The Kochs have been complaining about a "lack of civility in politics" as they seek to boost their public image--but one of their top operatives helped propel perhaps the most egregious case of race-baiting voter fraud hucksterism in recent years. At the same time that the Kochs have been on a PR blitz, publicly spinning an image of themselves as well-intentioned patriots trying to make the world a better place and decrying "character assassination," they've been quietly ramping up a clandestine surveillance and intelligence gathering operation focused on their perceived political enemies, Ken Vogel reports at Politico. At the helm of this "competitive intelligence" operation is a man named Mike Roman, Vice President of Research for Kochs' Freedom Partners and who was paid $265,000 last year, according to Freedom Partners' recent tax filing. Kochs' Freedom Partners Spent $129M in 2014, Invested Massively in Voter Data Lists Rep. Ben Carson

Play Google TV Seit Anfang 2012 sind verschiedene Google TV-Geräte auch in Europa verfügbar, konnten sich jedoch nie durchsetzen. Der Hardwarepartner Logitech bezeichnete sein Engagement für Google TV als "großen Fehler".[7] Im Juli 2013 stellte Google mit Chromecast ein alternatives TV-Streaming Modell vor. Konzept[Bearbeiten] Im Jahr 2010, zum Zeitpunkt der Entwicklung von Google TV, verfügen die meisten ans Internet anschließbaren Fernsehgeräte lediglich über spezifische Programme für den Zugriff auf bestimmte Web-Inhalte wie zum Beispiel YouTube-Videos oder Picasa-Fotoalben oder speziell für diese Applikationen bereitgestellten Web-Content wie zum Beispiel Online-Spiele oder Nachrichten. Google TV soll zudem die Sehgewohnheiten der Benutzer analysieren und daraus Vorlieben erkennen, anhand derer individualisierte Programmtipps erstellt werden.[9] Hardware[Bearbeiten] Die Set-Top-Box ist unter dem Namen NSZ-GS7 im September 2012 für etwa 200 Euro erschienen. Siehe auch[Bearbeiten] Weblinks[Bearbeiten]

Heimdall What is Heimdall? Heimdall is a cross-platform open-source tool suite used to flash firmware (aka ROMs) onto Samsung mobile devices. How does it work? Heimdall connects to a mobile device over USB and interact with software running on device known as Loke. Loke and Heimdall communicate via the custom Samsung-developed protocol sometimes referred to as the 'Odin protocol'. Why 'Heimdall'? For internal use, Samsung developed their own firmware flashing tool known as 'Odin', named after the king of gods in Norse mythology. What platforms does Heimdall run on? Officially - Linux, OS X and Windows (XP, Vista, 7 etc.) Why use Heimdall when we can use Samsung's tool, Odin? Aside from being slow and generally unreliable, Odin only runs on Windows systems. Is Heimdall safe? No matter which method you chose, flashing firmware onto your device has potential for disaster. How do devices get bricked when flashing? Which devices has Heimdall been tested with? Enough talk, where can we get it? Please read it!

Google Operating System (Unofficial Google Blog) TV - iTunes, Netflix, and live sports on your HDTV. CM9 SGS Attention, cette manipulation n'est pas sans danger, ni moi, ni Frandroid ou un de ses membres ne pourra être tenu responsable en cas de mauvaise manipulation, cependant si vous suivez scrupuleusement le tutoriel, tout devrait bien se passer ! Tableau de bord Spoiler -[16/11/11] Ouverture du topic. -[Prochainement] Ajout de screenshots, ajouts de vidéos, développement du topic. -[18/11/11] Mise à jour du changelog et des liens. -[Changement majeur] Maintenant pour les versions i9000, il suffit juste de flasher la rom. -[19/11/11] Nouvelle vidéo avec l’accélération matériel. _________Ajout de la FAQ _________Mise à jour des liens et du changelog. _________Suppression de la vidéo car le lien disparaissait à chaque modification du topic. _________Développement du topic. _________J'avoue ne pas comprendre. -[20/11/11] Mise à jour du kernel, du changelog et ajout du fix pour le market. -[22/12/11] La rom passe en statut stable________..Refonte du tutoriel, et mise à jour du changelog. -Le changelog 1.

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Apple TV - AirPlay - Play content from iOS devices on Apple TV.

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