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School Supplies and Teacher Store - Educational Materials for Preschools, Elementary Classrooms & More

School Supplies and Teacher Store - Educational Materials for Preschools, Elementary Classrooms & More

Play Dough Rangoli Mandalas | NurtureStore By Cathy James on June 14th, 2012 Yesterday’s Play Dough Pizza Parlour was all busy activity and co-operative playing. Today’s Play Dough Pledge idea is very different. My 5-year-old has been ill this week and play dough has come to our rescue. Play Dough Mandalas On offer we had: orange play dough made using our favourite no cook play dough recipe :: bottle tops and lids :: a selection of added extras including pearl barley :: brown, orange and puy lentils :: cumin and caraway seeds The colours and textures and scents of the pulses and spices bring lots of sensory elements to the play. L remembered how we’d used pulses to make Rangoli patterns for Diwali so we decided to see how this would work with play dough. To make the rangoli mandalas she took a blob of play dough and pushed it into a bottle top. The addition of some fancy sugar tongs was popular. She came up with a variety of designs for her play dough mandalas. Get the book! Love play dough? Go on - share this!

Teacher Tipster Home 80+ Google Forms for the Classroom If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Thanks for visiting! Google Forms is a great tool for the classroom and this post from 2008 has always proven popular on my blog. I hope you continue to be inspired by the ideas here. I have created example forms for each of the different topics, follow the links in each of the ten sections. 1 ) Get to know your class Use this form to gather some indication from your new class about their likes and dislikes, their favourite lessons or after school clubs they enjoy. 2 ) Emotion graph An emotion graph is a simple line graph comparing a range of happiness to sadness against different points (time) in a story or film. Use a Google Form to gather the children’s responses to different parts of any type of linear narrative, written or visual. 3 ) Spelling test Steve Kirkpatrick had this brainwave a while back so check out his excellent post for more information about setting up the spreadsheet. 4 ) Comprehension questions

Resources - National Association for Multicultural Education The mission of our good friends at the PeaceJam Foundation is to create young leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities and the world through the inspiration of Nobel Peace Laureates who pass on the spirit, skills, and wisdom they embody.” Join one of the most exciting youth movements of our time: PeaceJam and The Global Call to Action. PeaceJam brings young people together with Nobel Peace Laureates to tackle the toughest issues facing our planet – issues ranging from basic needs, such as access to water, to basic rights, such as stopping the cycle of violence, and expanding social justice and human security. Change starts here. The PeaceJam Foundation provides five curricular programs that explore the stories of 12 Nobel Peace Laureates and the ways they overcame problems in their communities. “What DO I Call You People???” General Teacher Certification Requirements in Each State Wikipedia – An open-content encyclopedia in many languages. Books Awesome Library

Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities - Christian Crafts and Learning Activities for Children and Kids of all Ages Musical Childrens Plays at Bad Wolf Press Classroom 2.0 ICDL - International Children's Digital Library Learn to Draw Animals Print and enjoy our Learn to Draw Animals pages for kids of all ages. Kids can use our step by step illustrations to discover how to draw all sorts of animals and build up their skills and confidence in the they are just good fun! You could build up a whole folder of these printable pages for rainy days - teachers might even want to laminate them and keep them ready as a time-filler or reward. And of course many of them tie into classroom themes, too. We have over 80 of these animal drawing pages so you are sure to find one that appeals! Explore our learn to draw animals printables below... By special request, save yourself a lot of clicking and grab all our learn to draw animals, birds, bugs and sea creatures in one easy download! Learn to draw this cute chimpanzee just by following the steps and copying carefully. Whether you are looking at African animals, primates or even Ancient Egyptian Gods, use our learn to draw a baboon guide to add some fun. Kids love meerkats!

writing Through the use of Writer's Workshop & the writing component of The Daily 5 my first graders work on various independent writing projects. Sometimes they are asked to work on a specific writing topic & other times they will work on their choice of writing. I have found that the "spark of excitement" that motivates very young writers is so important. If a student is excited and interested in what he/she is writing about, it will definitely show! When the class works on a specific writing project, I make sure that it is something that they can relate to & is meaningful to a first grader. During our dental health unit, the subject of tooth fairies came up. If you would like to see more on our "Tooth-rific Writing" click the either picture to read that post. Here are a couple of resource books that I am constantly referring to-excellent writing resources!