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Music Free of rights. Apple Distinguished Educators - ADE Online Comm... Technology Integration in the Classroom: Apple Distinguished Educators - Application info for 2015 Class. In a previous post, I wrote about how to become an ADE and posted some information related to what a successful application could look like.

Technology Integration in the Classroom: Apple Distinguished Educators - Application info for 2015 Class

I compiled some application videos from educators who got accepted into the program. The wait for the 2015 Institute seems to be coming to an end. Although further details cannot be provided at the moment, we will be sure to let you know when Apple open applications. However, this is the perfect time to start thinking about it more seriously. Apple will provide all of the information regarding the requirements and details in their ADE website, but this is an important time to plan how you want to prove you have what it takes to become an ADE. Studying the work of ADEs has proved to be an invaluable way to immerse oneself in the work they do, and the contents they produce.

ADEs on iTunes U collection: click hereStudent-created Multi-Touch books course: click hereCommon Core Ideas for US History course: click hereAnd many more... What Are Apple Distinguished Educators And How Can I Be One? In a moment of utterly random reflection the other day, I was thinking about teachers and apples.

What Are Apple Distinguished Educators And How Can I Be One?

Who decided that students should give teachers apples? Who would think that an apple is a great way to show your teacher you care? A quick search with my friend Google tells me that way back when, fresh apples were expensive, and it was a way to show gratitude or even payment for your poorly paid teacher who could not likely afford it. Extrapolating on that idea, the ‘apple polishers’ came about in the 1920’s and referred to the kids who would polish the teacher’s apple so that she would look favorably upon them.

Generally, these kids were not so favorably looked upon by their peers, but I guess one has to choose their battles, no? Fast forward to 2013: while an apple might be a nice snack, it probably isn’t going to rock your world. What Is It? Is It For You? Since the application process is very competitive, taking a moment of self-assessment before you apply might be a good idea. Weekly Reflection: Apple Distinguished Educator #ade2013. Passports (photo by author) Intense.

Weekly Reflection: Apple Distinguished Educator #ade2013

Incredible. Indescribable. Technology Integration in the Classroom: How to become an Apple Distinguished Educator? Here is an updated post on the application for the 2015 Class of Apple Distinguished Educators.

Technology Integration in the Classroom: How to become an Apple Distinguished Educator?

For tips and a general overview, please continue reading. I just came back from what has been the most rewarding PD experiences in my career: the ADE Institute for North America! We spent 5 incredible days learning, teaching, sharing, collaborating, stretching our boundaries and innovating for the sake of education. The wealth of resources, connections and ideas was simply astonishing. Perhaps the biggest takeaway is the relationships you can make with educators who think in an innovative way and want to change the world through education. How to Become an Apple Distinguished Educator (or ADE) This is a subject of much controversy, surrounded by secrecy and shadowed in darkness.

How to Become an Apple Distinguished Educator (or ADE)

Alright, that isn’t exactly true and more than a bit of an overstatement. It has a nice ring to it though.

What is an ADE

Apple Distinguished Educators and What Do They Do. Just finished five fabulous days of professional development and camaraderie with 200+ educators from more than 20 countries around the world.

Apple Distinguished Educators and What Do They Do

Apple brought us together in Cork, Ireland for an international institute focused on teaching and learning. We attended seminars and workshops led by outside experts, saw presentations by our peers, and formed groups to develop educational projects and products. We’ll continue to develop these projects and products over the next few months with the goal of publishing and sharing these works with other educators through iTunes U, iBooks and other channels. Apple Distinguished Educator, Class of 2013. Last year I decided to apply to become an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Apple Distinguished Educator, Class of 2013

I felt that there was so much that could be done with devices in education and wanted to see how I could develop it further. The process involved writing about what I had done in my own practice and how I had helped to develop others use of iPads and iPods in their classrooms. It also involved creating a video that highlighted these things. It was great just to do the application as it really highlighted what I had done behind the scenes, things that a lot of people are probably not aware of. Here is a link to my video. I now have access to a whole wealth of knowledge and great practice from ADE’s around the world and will be producing my own and collaborative work about how mobile devices can really be used to develop teaching and learning. More information on the programme can be found by following the link below. Like this: Like Loading... Apple Distinguished Educator Successful Videos. I’m planning on applying for Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE).

Apple Distinguished Educator Successful Videos

It took me a while to decide, because I wasn’t sure if I was worthy of being considered an ADE. Steven Katz from Korea International School says its the “Best Professional Development training” he has ever been to in decades as a teacher and tech integration specialist. I wanted to see what types of video consisted of a successful video – meaning after they applied they became an ADE.

You can apply here: however the due date is this Sunday – December 9, 2012 11:59pm Singapore Time. Apple Distinguished Educator - Class of 2013. I got in!

Apple Distinguished Educator - Class of 2013

About this time last year I heard about this "club" called Apple Distinguished Educators. All over Twitter, I started discovering teachers from around the world that were part of this program. I was continually in awe of what I saw these people sharing. I wanted to be a part of this community! After a little digging, I found out that ADE's are only selected every 2 years or so, or at least once a year, so would have to wait for my time.

As part of the application process, I had to answer the following questions in written format and also a video response. How have you as an educator transformed your learning environment? The application, even thought it seemed relatively easy to answer these questions, was a rigorous process. Apple Distinguished Educator Reject. Become an Apple Distinguished Educator. Since 2005 I’ve been part of a community of educationalists from around the world who are recognised for “doing amazing things with Apple technology”.

Become an Apple Distinguished Educator

I first became an Apple Distinguished Educator while I was working on the Partners in Excellence languages and technology project where we were using film-making, animation, music production and podcasting to motivate language learners in three education authorities in the west of Scotland. Since then I’ve worked with colleagues from all over the world on various events, conferences and training sessions, and of course I continue to use Apple technology every day producing content for Radio Lingua language courses and in my educational workshops with Radio Lingua Schools.

The closing date for applications to become an ADE in the “Class of 2011″ is fast approaching.