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Kerbal Space Program

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[Plugin] [1.0.x] Module Manager 2.6.3 (May 4) - Bonsai Trimming Kit Edition. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. [Plugin] [1.0.2] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.1.3 4/27/15. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Take CommandTake Command enhances the External Command Seat so you can now assign crew to it from within the VAB/SPH just like any other command module.


Just add one or more command seats to your ship, assign crew as usual, and launch! Your Kerbal crew will automatically spawn and jump into their assigned seats. I've been playing KSP since 0.23, but this my first time attempting to make a mod for it so please be gentle Downloads Source CreditsTouhouTorpedo for giving me idea. Unfortunately his SeatFixer mod is no longer available so I've done my best to recreate it based on the original description.Nifty255 for his great assortment of YouTube modding tutorials.Sarbian for ModuleManagerEveryone in the KSP development forums who have posted helpful links and code samples.

[Plugin] [1.0.2] (2015-05-13) Telemachus – Telemetry and Flight Control in the Web Browser. Given the forums imploded and my original thread has been lost, I am going to write a post about the current state of development and where this project is heading.Firstly the latest update was a long time coming because I needed to rewrite much of Telemachus to change the way it operated under the hood.

[Plugin] [1.0.2] (2015-05-13) Telemachus – Telemetry and Flight Control in the Web Browser

In the previous version all the code was implemented in the part proper and cycled on and off with the creation and deletion of the part. In the newest version, the server is initialised as a Mono Behaviour and stays on for the duration that the game is running. This is better for two reasons: 1 it means that you now do not need to refresh the page when you move to a new active vessel or restart a flight and 2, it paves the way for acquiring telemetry from multiple ships simultaneously. The second major change in the latest release was the addition of flight control, which has opened up some interesting possibilities for cooperative play. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. [Plugin] [1.0.2] Vessel Viewer.

Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Wmvanvliet/Kerbulator. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. [x] Science!


- A Science Report and Checklist for Kerbal Space Program[x] Science! Keeps track of the science experiments you have completed and recovered to Kerbal Space Center. It also tracks science you have gathered which is held on vehicles and kerbals. No matter what game scene you are in, what you current vehicle is, [x] Science!

Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Asparagus staging is awesome, but tedious.


So, I built a plugin to do it for me! The plugin can create fuel lines if you have none, or it can use your existing fuel lines. Based on the fuel lines, it will put decouplers and sepratrons into proper stages.Download from: Curse, NexusMods, Github, KerbalStuff, or via CKAN Source code: GithubIt's highly recommended that you also download SmartStage, but it's not required. HOW TO USE:Press the asparagus-looking button in the stock toolbar to show/hide the main window.Load your ship in the VAB, and then:Press "Asparagus" to create fuel lines and stage your ship in asparagus-style staging. Press "Onion" to create fuel lines and stage your ship in onion-style staging. TODO: * Don't crash with fairings.

Object moved. Plugin that creates blue-print-like images (into your <KSP Root>Screenshots/ directory) from the KSP Editor (VAB/SPH).

Object moved

Now with Control Dials & GUI Button (bottom right Corner Labeled 'KVV') thanks to /u/El_Padina. As featured in Scott Manley's Video. Once the panel is up click 'Part Config' button and check the items you wish to 'explode apart' or 'Offset'. [1.0] LightsOut (v0.1.3) - Day/Night Mode in VAB/SPH - Page 2. Universal Storage, a mod for KSP. Universal Storage is set of parts to help you build service modules for your craft.

Universal Storage, a mod for KSP

Three core parts for 1.25 1.75 and 2.5 meter stacks provide a number of attachment points where you can fit various wedges. These wedges can store resources, provide KAS containers and even be used to create Apollo style science bays. In addition a number of reactors and processors are included to help you make the most of your resources. Each of these parts are balanced based on real world examples used in the Apollo space program or on the International Space Station. Designed to work with other mods Universal Storage is designed to work with lots of other mods, Universal Storage will automatically detect these mods and add / adjust parts to match.

Kerbal Inventory System Universal Storage works with Kerbal Inventory System. DMagic Orbital Science This amazing mod adds lots of new science parts and contracts, giving you lots of new opportunities to advance Kerbal knowledge. Life support mods Kerbal Stuff. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. I've had the desire to control my rockets using python for quite a while; and without the ability to embed something like IronPython into KSP, I needed something else. kRPC is a server that runs in KSP and you write scripts that send commands to the server, the server executes the commands and returns a response.


For example, a request could be to modify the control inputs of the craft, or to get orbital data. Any language that can send/receive data on a TCP/IP socket can communicate with the server -- and this communication could be over the internet, or just on the local machine. The possibilities are endless... kRPC comes with a Python client (that handles the communication with the server for you) and support for more languages may be added in the future. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram.

Forum.kerbalspaceprogram. Mun mission beauty shots - Album on Imgur. Forum.kerbalspaceprogram.