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Hubble has spotted an ancient galaxy that shouldn't exist

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Hubble Wallpaper Videos See the universe come to life via animations, scientific visualizations, expert commentary, and more. Birth of the Moon | SpaceRip Posted by admin on Saturday, February 11, 2012 · The latest episode of Cosmic Journeys, enjoy in full HD 1080p. Scientists have been reconstructing the history of the moon by scouring its surface, mapping its mountains and craters, and probing its interior. What are they learning about our own planet’s beginnings? Decades ago, we sent astronauts to the moon as a symbol of confidence in the face of the great cold war struggle. When the astronauts of Apollo stepped out of their landing craft, they entered a world draped in fine sticky dust, strewn with rocks, and pocked with craters. Back in earth-bound labs, scientists went to work probing the rocks for clues to one of the most vexing questions in all of science. The nature of the moon began to come into focus four centuries ago. What was the nature of the heavens, and how did the world of men fit within it? To some philosophers, the moon was a perfect, crystalline sphere of divine substance, free of Earth’s imperfections.

Nature Publishing Group : science journals, jobs, and information Hubble data predicts Milky Way galactic collision When Galaxies Collide! It sounds like an early science fiction novel. However, analysis of Hubble measurements shows that our own Milky Way galaxy is moving toward a head-on collision with our nearest neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy (also known as M31). The collision will start in about four billion years, and over the following three billion years the two spiral galaxies will coalesce into a large elliptical galaxy. Based on this data, NASA has produced a video of the upcoming collision. View all The story begins and ends with Hubble. Astrophotograph of M31, also known as the Andromeda nebula, taken using an 85mm telescope with a hydrogen-alpha filter to enhance nebulosity (Photo: Adam Evans) Hubble also demonstrated that the redshift of galaxies (first discovered in 1912 by Vesto Silpher) was proportional to their distance from our galaxy. Some 90 years later, we know that M31 is about 2.5 million light-years away, and is approaching our galaxy at about 109 km/sec.

Otkriven „groteskni“ brat blizanac Sunčevog sistema - National Geographic Srbija Sistem GJ676A je mnogo veći od našeg, ali mu veoma nalikuje, kažu astronomi… Astronomi su uočili našeg, kako kažu „grotesknog“ blizanca: planetarni sistem organizovan vrlo slično kao Sunčev sistem, otkriva se u novoj studiji. Nazvan GJ676A, sistem je koji ma dve kamenite planete koje orbitiraju u blizini zvezde i dva gasovita giganta koja su udaljena. To znači da je sistem uređen vrlo slično kao naš – osim što je u GJ676A sve mnogo veće. Na primer, najmanja kamenita planeta u ovom sistemu ima masu najmanje četiri puta veću od Zemlje, dok je najveći član sistema pet puta veći od Jupitera. I drugi sistemi koji se sastoje od više planeta su otkriveni do sada, poput onog nazvanog HD10180, koji se smatra najbogatijim egzoplanetarnim otkrićem jer ima sedam do devet planeta koje orbitiraju oko zvezde. Dugačke orbite gasovitih giganata i kratke orbite ekstremno toplih super Zemlji su ono što je navelo astronome da nazovu GJ676A bratom blizancem našeg Solarnog sistema.

International : Putin announces pivot to the East Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced his country’s pivot to the East, vowing to expand trade with Pacific Rim countries and to focus on developing resource-rich Far East. “Development of regional economic integration is Russia’s strategic choice,” Mr. Putin said on Sunday winding up a two-day summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Vladivostok. The Russian leader called for upgrading the infrastructure of Russia’s eastern regions as “an uppermost task” for his government. The Kremlin said Russian trade with APEC countries, which contributes less than a quarter of the country’s total turnover, in five to ten years is to surpass trade with Europe — Russia’s main trade partner accounting for half of its trade, A Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) survey of 370 APEC business leaders presented at the summit showed that they placed Russia among their top five investment targets over the next three to five years. The 2013 APEC summit will be held in Bali, Indonesia.

Total Solar Eclipse 2012 photos, near Mount Carbine, Queensland, Australia November 14, Queensland, Australia Homepage Astrophotos Australia 2012 photos Purchase Photos! Total Solar Eclipse of November 14, 2012, as seen from a hilltop about 20 miles west of the Outback town of Mount Carbine, Queensland, along the Mulligan Highway (Peninsula Development Road), a road only paved in recent years. Heading inland to get away from coastal showers and clouds which were promising to interfere with the viewing, we drove some 150 miles into the outback to find a good spot the day before and settled upon a remote hillside, up along a dirt track that pulled away from the main road. The location was about 40 miles inland, and 67 miles from Cairns, as the crow flies. About 20 other cars camped out here as well under very dark skies. Astronomy Picture of the Day!

Exoplanets An interactive version of XKCD 1071: Exoplanets using data from Planetary Habilitability Laboratory (via @ProfAbelMendez) and adapted code from the d3.js Bubble Chart example (by @mbostock). Planets are drawn to scale using radius data. The dataset also includes attributes such as atmosphere type, which is included in the information area on the left. The dataset is large (about 1.1mb), so it may take a few seconds to load. All blue and light brown planets are smaller than Jupiter. Code can be found on github, and I can be found at @laneharrison. Special thanks to Drew Skau (@SeeingStructure) for help with the design details. Text-Mining of US Pager Messages from 11 September 2001 Graphs, Text-Mining, Statistical Programming Date posted: Brief Timeline of the 9/11 Attacks Text-Mining of Pager Intercepts A collection of US pager messages from , are available as text files on Wikileaks: The messages begin at on , and finish at the following day. Searches for each keyword weren’t limited to whole words and were case insensitive e.g. hijacking, hijacker, hijacked, HIJACK, Hijack, and hijack counted towards the total number of times the word 'hijack' was mentioned. Total Message Counts Keyword Counts: terror The few instances of the word ‘terror’ in pager messages received before the terrorist attacks occurred, were from the joining of the words ‘detect’ and ‘error’ to form ‘DetectErrror’. Keyword Counts: plane Keyword Counts: hijack The word ‘hijack’ was mentioned in a message before the first hijacking occurred. Keyword: world trade Keyword: pentagon Keyword: crash Keyword: disaster Keyword: Keyword: collapse External Links:

Hubble zooms in on a space oddity | Press Releases A strange, glowing green cloud of gas that has mystified astronomers since its discovery in 2007 has been studied by Hubble. The cloud of gas is lit up by the bright light of a nearby quasar, and shows signs of ongoing star formation. One of the strangest space objects ever seen is being scrutinised by the penetrating vision of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. A mysterious, glowing green blob of gas is floating in space near a spiral galaxy. The Hubble revelations are the latest finds in an ongoing probe of Hanny’s Voorwerp (Hanny’s Object in Dutch). In the sharpest view yet of Hanny’s Voorwerp, Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 and Advanced Camera for Surveys have uncovered star birth in a region of the green object that faces the spiral galaxy IC 2497, located about 650 million light-years from Earth. The greenish Voorwerp is visible because a searchlight beam of light from the galaxy’s core has illuminated it. Notes Links Contacts