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Thought maybe

Thought maybe
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Financial Survival Radio Show – The Network You Need in the New Economy Protest Barrick : Index 6 Stupid Characters That Hollywood Now Puts In Every Movie Writing realistic and compelling characters is, like, really hard to do -- and it only becomes more difficult when you're trying to write realistic characters in a world of rampaging mutant scientists and dinosaur skirmishes. Since solid (even marginal) character development has lately taken a backseat to finding excuses for the heroes to get tossed from one action setpiece to the next, we've started to see the same inexplicable character traits spring up in our favorite blockbusters over and over again, like big dumb weeds. Don't believe me? Then how come ... #6. Paramount Pictures There's a scene in the record-breaking Jurassic World in which the two kids escape their gigantic clowny hamster ball in order to be thrillingly chased by a genetically-bastardized monster cartoon. Universal Studios"LOL! After narrowly escaping a nightmarish death by mere inches, the brothers crawl out of the water while sharing a hearty chuckle, like a couple of rough-and-tumble Indiana Joneses. #5. #4.

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The Power Principle A gripping, deeply informative account of the plunder, hypocrisy, and mass violence of plutocracy and empire; insightful, historically grounded and highly relevant to the events of today. This documentary is about the foreign policy of the United States. It demonstrates the importance of the political economy, the Mafia principle, propaganda, ideology, violence and force. It documents and explains how the policy is based on the interest of major corporations and a tiny elite to increase profits and the United States governments own interests in maintaining and expanding it's imperialistic influence. Inside the United States this has been made possible with a propaganda of fear for the horrible enemies like the Soviet Union, Communists and so on and a love for "free markets", "democracy", "freedom" and so on. Externally (and increasingly internally) this has caused massive poverty and suffering, genocide, war, coups, crushed unions and popular movements and environmental destruction.