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PoKeys57E. PoKeys57E is an easy-to-use Ethernet device that combines a lot of inputs and outputs, and does not require complex programming knowledge.


Pokeys57 provides 55 digital I/O (5V tolerant), 7 analog inputs (12-bit). All the I/O are controlled by the provided software which allows either to use the graphical user interface or advanced console type interface. The settings can be stored on the device, so no special software is needed on target system. PoKeys57 can be used as industrial or CNC control or data acquisition board.

Polabs - Affordable PC USB oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and USB interfaces. Modules Grove (2) Relayr - bring things to life - Wunderbar. Now you have unwrapped your WunderBar, it's time to get it working.

relayr - bring things to life - Wunderbar

The next few steps will teach you how to configure and test your WunderBar for the first time First you need to onboard your WunderBar. Visit the app store and install the relayr Manager App on your smartphone. Attach the included lithium battery to your WunderBar Master Module. The AirBoard: Sketch Internet-of-Things, fast! by AirThings. Hardkernel. Reprenez le contrôle - Linkio. CONTROLLINO PLC (ARDUINO compatible) by SG-TRONIC INC. A solid hardware build around Atmel’s ATmega328 and the ATmega2560 microcontrollers, ready to run with your products and projects.


This Week in Enterprise Tech 113 Play The feedback from the Industrial sector is great so far. However, we recognized that for some private customers it is sometimes hard to buy one. On our side, we want to finish this and arrive at our goal to push production. We will now offer the “Buy 2 – Take 3” offer! Ask 2 friends to buy it together with you and save money. Some people are still asking how the CONTROLLINO gets programed ... here the easiest example with ARDUINO IDE. This is only a prototype ... a perfectly designed, manufactured and labelled module will be available soon. Developed according to. Test du SwiidInter, le chaînon manquant de l'éclairage domotique Z-Wave. Les objets connectés au service de la création de valeur pour les e... Smart, elegant security and home automation. Iqsocket. : Make an Internet Controlled Lamp with a Raspberry Pi and Flask.

The Internet of Things. : Make an Internet Controlled Lamp with a Raspberry Pi and Flask

For far too long humans having been hogging all the internet to themselves. It is time to change that. Now that the future is here we can start connecting everything we own, allowing the world of buggy software to permeate deeper into our lives. Overview Here I will be showing you how to turn on and off a lamp from anywhere in the world. Required Hardware Raspberry PiInternet Connection (Ethernet or WiFi)Device Under Control (Lamp in my case)Remote Controlled Outlets (I used these.*)6 2N2222A Transisitors (Here's 100 of them*)Jumper wires and breadboardSoldering Iron * affiliate links Our goal it to hack into the remote that controls the outlet, allowing us to toggle the buttons with the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins. Hacking into the Remote To open up the remote I first had to remove the battery cover and undo one screw. As you can see in the first picture, there are two rows of buttons - an on and off button for each of the three outlets.

DIY : Réaliser son interface "bidirectionnelle" ZwaveSomfy. Mesurer des courants forts par USB. Par mvuilleu, dans Mesures, le 29 novembre 2013.

Mesurer des courants forts par USB

On nous demande souvent si nous avons un module pour mesurer la consommation électrique sur un circuit de puissance. En effet, le Yocto-Watt convient bien pour mesurer la puissance consommée par un appareil électrique, mais sa conception limite le courant mesurable à 16A. Cela n'est pas suffisant par exemple pour surveiller la consommation électrique globale d'une maison, ni pour une installation électrique industrielle un peu conséquente ou une installation triphasée. Voyons donc quelles solutions existent pour ce genre d'applications. Pourquoi la limitation à 16A La manière la plus simple et la plus générale pour mesurer un courant alternatif ou continu, pouvant aller de quelques milliampères à une dizaine d'ampères, consiste à le faire passer à travers un conducteur (appelé shunt) dont la résistance, très faible, est connue précisément.

NODE – Wireless Sensors for Smart Devices Products. JeeLabs. Yoctopuce. Battery-board-DHT22. This board is similar to our Battery-board-DHT11 product but replaces the DHT11 sensor by a more accurate DHT22 dual temperature/humidity sensor, also made by AOSONG.


This sensor can read positive and negative temperatures (from -40°C to 125°C) with 0.1°C precision and ±0.5°C accuracy. It also reads humidities in the whole 0-100% range with 0.1% precision and 2-5% accuracy. This sensor is fits well in lots of applications, including HVAC control and weather monitoring. Monitor and Find Everything in Your Home or Office from the Internet - Wireless Sensor Tags.

Ube control your lights from your smartphone - Ube. Features overview - tado° - The Heating App. The tado° Smart Thermostat This box contains everything you need if you already have a wired thermostat.

Features overview - tado° - The Heating App

Simply replace it with tado° and start saving right away. Home automation products - Online Shop. An electronic product studio: blink(1) Check out the blink(1) intro video blink(1) is the world’s best indicator light, designed in the spirit of our favorite old school Unix tools: simple, flexible, and robust.

an electronic product studio: blink(1)

Twine - Listen to your world, talk to the Internet. This Nest Is Blessed. One of the most intriguing and difficult to find solutions for a DIY smart home is light control.

This Nest Is Blessed

Not lamp control which SmartThings is a great solution for but light control. As in porch lights, ceiling lights, recessed lights, etc. Pretty much anything controlled by a traditional wall switch. Ninja Blocks.