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ISTEM: Lesson Plans

From this page you can find student centered, experiential and investigatory learning based lesson plans for all STEM subject areas and grade levels. Lessons are constantly being added to this page. If you can’t find what you are looking for send us an email and we will find it. If you have a lesson plan that you would like to share, create an account, if you don’t have one already, and then click on Manage My Resources. Next click on Lesson Plans and share your lessons. In a future release the Indiana State Standards will be added and each lesson plan will be associated with the appropriate standard(s).

NASA Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Project: Developing Leaders in STEM Education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Change in teacher practice is the key to improving student performance in STEM area disciplines. Endeavor provides the comprehensive, online training that educators need to: Online Endeavor courses, using the internet and a phone or headset at the same time, benefit all educators of STEM content at any level, K-12. This includes science and mathematics educators, STEM leaders or curriculum leaders, or anyone responsible for, or wishing to better integrate math, science, technology, and engineering curriculum strands across grades K-12.

The Engineering Design Process The engineering design process is a series of steps that engineering teams use to guide them as they solve problems. Anyone can do it! To determine how to build something (skyscraper, amusement park ride, bicycle, music player), engineers gather information and conduct research to understand the needs of the challenge to be addressed. Then they brainstorm many imaginative possible solutions. Drums in communication Developed and used by cultures living in forested areas, drums served as an early form of long distance communication, and were used during ceremonial and religious functions. Types[edit] Talking drum[edit] iPad and STEM Resources I reached out looking for apps that would support STEM in high school and middle school to our Apple representatives and WOW did they come through! I took the emails and brought them here to share! Thanks Mike and Adair!! Solving the STEM Education Crisis from eSchool News

Integrated Design Engineering Activity Series (IDEAS) Launch Tool This website was developed as part of a project funded by The Engineering Foundation and organized by two of the world's major engineering societies, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The project set out to identify low-cost, hands-on engineering projects for use in middle-school math, science, and technology classes. Each activity has three levels: exploratory, intermediate, and advanced.

Solar sizzlers Learning outcomes Through research, experimentation, and analysis of radiant solar energy forming useful heat energy, students will learn some principles of energy interaction, transformation, and storage. Teacher planning Time required for lesson 12 hours Materials/resources Ladysmith Black Mambazo - The Lion Sleeps Tonight Geomconst_mpotm Concrete Slump TestTesting Concrete for Strength Water Amount_________ (Given by the teacher)The concrete slump test is, in essence, a method of quality control. For a particular mix being used on a construction site, the slump should be consistent. A change in slump height would demonstrate an undesired change in the ratio of the concrete ingredients.

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