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DIY for sunny or not so sunny days Use the power of the Sun to energize STEM learning with the free, new DIY Sun Science app for the iPad and iPhone. On sunny days, or not so sunny days, DIY Sun Science makes investigating Earth's own star easy, fun, affordable and safe. Thirteen hands-on explorations, plus NASA images and videos, reveal how dynamic the Sun is and how it affects life on Earth. The DIY Sun Science app works for learning at home, school, after school, community events, or anywhere.

WERC Projects - California Sea Otter Surveys and Research Sea otter research by scientists at the Santa Cruz Field Station of the USGS Western Ecological Research Center (WERC) focuses on this smallest marine mammal’s population biology and its role as a keystone species in the nearshore marine community. WERC scientists conducting long-term research in California and Alaska seek to answer complex ecological questions. How do sea otters impact near-shore marine food webs? Why is California’s threatened sea otter population is growing so slowly? What are the consequences of the rapid sea otter decline in the Aleutian Islands?

10 things for participants to do before the #IATEFL 2014 Conference Not many people know that my background is in business and economics. Not many people know this because it is a well-kept secret. Nevertheless, I like to dust off the Michael Douglas power-braces every now and then and get all business speaky. Argument Wars Ever tried to win a disagreement? In Argument Wars, you will try out your persuasive abilities by arguing a real Supreme Court case. The other lawyer is your competition. STEM Home Page Biologists are increasingly using mathematical tools to aid in research. These problems explore different biological contexts where maths has an important contribution to make. Bird Watch Stage: 2 and 3 Challenge Level: Activate Your Mind! Free English Reading comprehension tests and exercises online Reading comprehension is also an important part when you take an English test. Reading comprehension test can help you to improve vocabulary, grammar, and logical thought ability. There are some tips for you to improve reading skills: - Practice reading every day.

Haiku LMS : iPads and Mobile Media in Education : iPads in Education Welcome to the world of the iPad! I hope that you, like I have, will find this amazing device transforming in your approach to the utilization of technology for teaching and learning. Hopefully, we will soon be saying goodbye to the fifty pound backpacks our students carry around, and all of their textbooks and learning resources will be available on this one, small device! Whether you are currently using iPads in your school or for yourself...or if you are just beginning to explore the possibilities, I hope you will find resources here to benefit you in your journey. Best science technology engineering math contests for kids is proud to compile this list of the year’s top science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) contests and competitions for the 2014-2015 school year. Please share, tweet, re-post this list to parents, educators, potential sponsors and judges. Encourage–heck, force–your kid to participate the same way you’d push for attendance at that out-of-town soccer game. Help your niece, nephew, grandchild, or the neighbor kid complete a science project. Volunteer to work at your local science fair; if you’re a scientist, technician, or engineer, volunteer to be a judge or mentor a team at your neighborhood school.

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