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Turn On Your Brain | Resources and Reflection on Contemporary Issues in Education Habits of Instructional Leaders - Hillsborough, NC Instructional leadership is essential in K-12 schools. What is an instructional leader? A second grade teacher can serve as an instructional leader. Principals and assistant principals should also be viewed as instructional leaders. “One of the tasks of curriculum leadership is to use the right methods to bring the written, the taught, the supported, and the tested curriculums into closer alignment, so that the learned curriculum is maximized” (Glatthorn, 1987, p. 4). How do you 'maximize' the learned curriculum? 3 Ways To Grow As An Instructional Leader 1. I have been participating in Twitter chats for the past two years. 2. According to Schmoker (2006), "Mere collegiality won't cut it. “Schools committed to higher levels of learning for both students and adults will not be content with the fact that a structure is in place to ensure that educators meet on a regular basis. 3. It is difficult to maximize student understanding if you do not know the goals.

Books for Growth and Professional Development By Caralee Adams Great books read and recommended by teachers It’s time to hit the bookstore.We asked a team of top teachers, editors, and experts for their recommendations for the best books on education of the past decade. 1. Choice Words: How Our Language Affects Children’s Learning by Peter Johnston (Stenhouse, 2004) With just 120 pages, this small book is packed with big ideas about the importance of teacher language. Other Favorites from Allington:Kindergarten Literacy by Anne McGill-Franzen (Scholastic, 2005)Do I Really Have to Teach Reading? 2. In this book about classroom management and discipline, the focus is on tuning into childrens’ unmet needs, not on classroom control. 3. This book distills an approach to adolescent reading that Atwell has developed over the past three decades, says Thomas Newkirk, professor of English at the University of New Hampshire and co-editor of Teaching the Neglected “R” (Heinemann, 2007). 4. This book made several of our experts’ lists. 7. 9. 10.

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