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Jansen Walker - Beta 2 by 4volt An openly designed Creative Commons Licensed robot. Note: New Version (Beta 2.1) posted 06/05/2009 New features: 12 legs instead of 8, "drop-in" center platform, 1:1.8 ratio gears, many small changes. I only update this listing for major revisions of the walker, it\'s possible there\'s a minor revision posted at my site that is not here: Research shows benefits of Montessori education A method of schooling that focuses on personal development rather than exams produces more mature, creative and socially adept children, scientists have found. Psychologists in the US found that across a range of abilities, children at Montessori schools out-performed those given a traditional education. Five-year-old Montessori pupils were better prepared for reading and maths, and 12-year-olds wrote "significantly more creative" essays using more sophisticated sentence structures. Some of the biggest differences were seen in social skills and behaviour.

The Best Ideas for Our Schools This past week I was fortunate to attend the NASSP 2012 Annual Conference as a presenter, 2012 Digital Principal Award recipient, and most importantly a learner. On Friday morning I attended a session facilitated by Dr. Gary Stager, a progressive educator whose work I have come to know over the past couple of years. Gary’s message is one that resonates with me and many other educators who frequent digital spaces. Bertschi School Living Science Building General Information Building Name: Bertschi School Living Science Building Building Location: City: Seattle State: Washington Country: USA Project Size (ft², m²): 1,425 ft² Building Type(s): Educational Project Type: New Construction/Addition Delivery Method: IPD Total Building Costs: $935,000 Construction. All design services pro-bono. Owner: Bertschi School Building Architect/Project Team: Architect: KMD Architects Contractor: Skanska USA Building Landscape Architecture: GGLO Civil Engineering: 2020 Engineering Geotechnical Engineering: GeoEngineers Structural Engineering: Quantum Consulting Engineers Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing: Rushing Sustainability Consultant: O'Brien and Company Urban Ecologist: Back To Nature Design, LLC Public Relations Services: Parsons Public Relations Building Envelope Engineers: Morrison Hershfield Project Contact Person: Chris Hellstern | M. Description East elevation and exterior classroom.

HASSE Senior Space School Program — iVicon Australia HASSE Senior Space School Program is designed for students ages 15 and up. Australian School students will have the opportunity to tour NASA facilities and learn from scientists and engineers who work in the space program. This program includes hands on simulations and projects that are focused on NASA’s Mars mission program. Cool Infographics - Blog How has internet changed education infographic from explores what kind of impact the Internet has on education. Ever had a question and found yourself on wikipedia? Apparently your not the only one! If you want evidence of the way the internet is pervading every aspect of our lives, you need look no further than its effect on education.

Videos to help you rethink education, learning, & school Having children causes one to (re)think seriously about education and the role of school. Education obviously is the most powerful thing in the world. And yet the old Mark Twain chestnut — "I never let school get in the way of my education" — speaks to the core of my own thinking regarding education. When the Building Is the Teacher When the Building Is the Teacher Since 2010, Center education program director Carolie Sly has been engaged with Rainforth Grau Architects, GreenWorks Studio, and the Lodi Unified School District in California's Central Valley on design of a new STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] Academy for the district.

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10 Jaw-Droppingly Awesome Infographics on Education Infographics can change the way we learn, the way we see information put in front of us. They help us digest that information and leads us to draw important conclusions more swiftly. After doing a little research online I was able to discover 10 gorgeous infographics on education that do more than simply show information, they relay it in a really potent and amazing way. Edit: If you liked this post, you might also like our 22 Mind-Blowing Infographics on Education, too! 1. “We Don’t Need No Stink’n Textbooks” #Beyondthetextbook March 20, 2012 by tomwhitby In order for educators to teach kids, they need something to teach. Exactly what it is that educators should teach has often been discussed and continues to be the focus of ongoing discussions for over many generations. The delivery of that content, in regard to what to teach, has never been of great concern, because the bulk of it came in the form of text, delivered in a book called the textbook. In the 50’s the education pioneers introduced film strips, 16mm films, and recordings to supplement the textbooks.

"Designing School 2.0: A Study of Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy" “The school was to be an inquiry-driven, project-based school where students would be assessed by the work of their own creation. What was frightening to me was, even with that idea in hand and a lot of experience with progressive curricular design, I had little idea how to make that idea come to life in the physical spaces of the building.” - Chris Lehmann “Designing School 2.0: A Study of Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy” by Chris Lehmann, founding Principal of Science Leadership Academy (opened fall, 2006) Note: Like many in the school design community, we had heard about a push to create the school of the future in Philadelphia over the last few years after Paul Vallas arrived in the district with a mandate to spark enormous systemic change across the entire public school community.

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