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What Can I Make? That's up to you! First, load up a computer program or any webpage. Let's say you load up a piano. Then, instead of using the computer keyboard buttons to play the piano, you can hook up the MaKey MaKey to something fun, like bananas, and the bananas become your piano keys Or let's say you Google for an online Pacman game and draw a joystick with a pencil:

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Coding e didattica Upload Barbara Bevilacqua Loading... Working... ► Play all Coding e didattica 10 Magical Effects Music Has On The Mind 1. Improve verbal IQ and reduce seizures Practising the piano won’t just improve your musical abilities, it can also improve your visual and verbal skills. A study of 8 to 11-year-olds found that, those who had extra-curricular music classes, developed higher verbal IQ, and visual abilities, in comparison to those with no musical training (Forgeard et al., 2008). This shows the benefits of learning an instrument are not purely musical, but extend into cognition and visual perception. The effects of music on cognition extend even to neurological wiring.

Ultrasonic Syntact™ musical interface is introducing a new paradigm in the field of human-computer interaction design. It is redefining the possibilities of musical interaction and enabling a playful and physical engagement in musical creation. The revolutionary technology behind Syntact™ provides contact-free tactile feedback to the musician. Explore Technology Click on the weights to move them ON or OFF the scale. Can you add them up to match what's in the pink box? If you don't see the activity above, please download the latest Flash Player. You can do it! Pick a combination of these weights, and add up their numbers. With the right combinations, you can make every number from 0 to 31.

Scan Me! QR Codes in the School Library From soda cans to movie posters, QR codes are everywhere. Just scan the small square image with the camera on your smartphone, tablet, or other device for access to web-based text, maps, videos, or other useful information and tools. Let's use the power of QR technology to get students, teachers, administrators, and parents excited about using your school library. We'll explore seven steps to getting started, then a dozen practical ideas you can try today! Seven Steps to Getting Started You don't need to be a technology whiz to use and create QR codes.

Offline · google/blockly-games Wiki Got limited or unreliable Internet? Download a full copy of Blockly Games using the links below. Choose your language (3MB compressed, 5MB uncompressed): Unzip the downloaded file and open index.html in a web browser. The games can be distributed on an intranet, CD, USB drive, or any other storage media. Limitations

Enter 6: Biopolis » CATCH FORUM 2013 International Forum on Cultures – Arts – Technologies – Creations – Disabilities 6 April 2013, 9:45 – 19:00, free entry, no registration required Balling hall, National Technical Library, Prague, Czech Republic The aim of the CATCH FORUM is to bring attention to the important field of disabilities from the perspective of creative use of emerging media technologies. It has been designed as a catalyst of creative and critical response to disabilities, with a main focus on the potential of new technologies in supporting artistic, cultural and social inclusion of the disabled. CATCH FORUM will bring together artists, designers, innovators, creative technologists, educators, and scholars in the interactive and public engaging formats of discussions, roundtables and hands-on demonstration sessions. Photos

From Gestures to MIDI: Geco Promises Music Applications for Leap Motion These strange glyphs represent the dictionary of hand gestures Geco and LEAP can turn into music control. Here we go again. Touchless hand gestures have been part of electronic musical performance ever since the Theremin first hummed to life almost 100 years ago. And those gestures embody the same challenges and promise. We have the ability as humans to think spatially, in three dimensions, and to have a tight sense of control via our muscles of gestures in space.

Jardín de infantes Pensamiento abstracto Games 10 free fun and educational games For your kindergarten child, these Abstract Thinking games will help your child identify and understand the relationship between abstract concepts and the concrete objects that they represent (beginning). These games teach valuable skills and have a high fun and educational rating. Your child develops abstract thinking and counting skills by connecting the dots and solving puzzles. Fun in K/1: QR Codes with Audio My mind is spinning with ideas for the new year. (I can't seem to turn it off! It is my birthday, and I'm still thinking and working on school stuff.

10 block demos for Scratch Sean McManus shares some 10 block demos that demonstrate popular techniques in Scratch When I first started programming on the Amstrad CPC computer, magazines used to publish short listings. People could use them to learn how to program, and as building blocks for their own programs. One of the magazines had a feature called 10-liners, where programmers were invited to show what they could do in 10 lines of Basic. I thought I'd see what I could do in up to 10 blocks of Scratch, and created a series of program cards. Art Therapy Meets Digital Art and Social Multimedia Traditional materials of 20th century visual arts--drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage or mixed media--have defined the field of art therapy for the past 50 years. In fact, most educational programs that offer art therapy coursework or related degrees require applicants to demonstrate proficiency in drawing, painting, and sculpture as part of prerequisites. But as digital technology has become more accessible and straight-forward, practitioners of art therapy are gradually including digital media as a method and means for client self-expression. Well, maybe... A decade before the explosion of social multimedia [YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Skype, and the like] and availability of digital art making programs via one's home computer or Internet, I wrote a short text on the topic of computers and art therapy, Art Therapy and Computer Technology: A Virtual Studio of Possibilities.

Guide to Camera Types for Interactive Installations / Guest post by Blair Neal (@laserpilot) (image source) Choosing the right type of camera for your interactive installation is one of the most important technical choices you can make in your initial planning phases. Making the incorrect choice can really impact how well your installation reacts to its victims and it can also impact its ability to perform robustly in a large amount of environments. You can always correct for certain things in software, but the hardware setup can often be the first line of defense against undesired behavior.

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