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MindJunker - Viral Stuff For Entertainment Committee for Surrealist Investigation of Claims of the Normal Committee for Surrealist Investigation of Claims of the Normal [ CSICON ] Wilson describes himself as a "guerilla ontologist," signifying his intent to ATTACK language and knowledge the way terrorists ATTACK their targets: to jump out from the shadows for an unprovoked ATTACK, then slink back and hide behind a hearty belly-laugh. - Robert Sheaffer, The Skeptical Inquirer, Summer 1990 Dublin, 1986. I had given a talk to the Irish Science-Fiction Society and the question period began. "Do you believe in UFOs?" "Yes, of course," I answered. The questioner, who looked quite young, then burst into a long speech, "proving" at least to his own satisfaction that all UFOs "really are" sun-dogs or heat inversions. "Well, we both agree that UFOs exist. An elderly gentleman with blonde-white hair and a florid complexion cried out in great enthusiasm, "By God, sir, you're right. And thus I met Timothy F.X. In fact, Prof. Now I hear that Prof. At this, Murphy spoke up. O rare, Tim Finnegan!

I AM NOT AN ARTIST - AN ANIMATED GIF PARANOIA ABOUT NONSTOP DESIGN WORKERS No Agenda Entertainment | Multimedia resource for the listener of No Agenda and Daily Source Code Podcasts/Digital broadcasts LEGO® Festival of Play Gajitz | Neat Gadgets, New Materials & Futuristic Technology The Slightly Warped Website Whatever Web Relic, the Animated GIF, Becomes Medium for Art More often than not, animated GIFs are reserved for quick chuckles. Cat portals , face palms , and even the occasional girl punch , are this limited media format's bread and butter. But the current crop of digital artists are turning to this former Net-annoyance to create Web-based art. Sites like Rhizome , 8-Bit Today , and Nasty Nets dig through the deepest recesses of the Internet to find these oddball creations. Many of these artists go by aliases that recall the early days of message board handles and instant messaging screen names (e.g., Videogramo and Out 4 Pizza ), and host their works at sprawling Web pages that are part portfolio, part art installations. Many pieces of animated GIF art are abstract designs , while others relish in their dated appearance -- incorporating '80s and '90s goth and cyberpunk influences as well as classic video game elements . Tags: animated gif , animated gifs , AnimatedGif , AnimatedGifs , art , gifts , top

Slavery Footprint - Made In A Free World GIF ART Modern Mythology Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence By Richard Wrangham, Dale Peterson. Chapter One: Paradise Lost “You will be killed!” the man at the Burundian embassy in Kampala said, in a bizarrely cheerful voice, as he stamped our visas. bonobo → anthropoid ape, resembling but smaller than the common chimpanzee. But killing was the reason we were in Africa. Zaire → a republic in central Africa; achieved independence from Belgium in 1960. To get to the bonobos, we first had to reach Bukavu, a town on the eastern side of Zaire , just across the border from Rwanda. To fly directly from Uganda to Zaire was impossible because the shaky Zairean government, fighting for control of the country, had closed all international airports, and driving overland was not advised because of discouraging reports about bandits and guerrillas. Tutsis → a member of a Bantu speaking people living in Rwanda and Burundi. But Burundi was not at peace either. Melchior Ndadaye → (1953 〜 1993) Burundian intellectual and politician. He was never seen again.