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Guev illustration. Art Animated GIF. ZAC'S HAUNTED HOUSE - DENNIS COOPER. Dennis Cooper’s tenth novel bears all of the earmarks of his legendary and controversial work — intricate formal and stylistic play, disturbing content, an exploration of the borderline between fantasy and reality, concern for the emotions and dilemmas of youth, etc. — but it is both something unique in his body of writing and possibly something of a world’s first in the novel genre itself.


Instead of gathering materials from language, sentences, and the developmental character and narrative possibilities allowed and restricted by written fiction, Cooper has turned his characteristic inventiveness on the animated gif, employing gifs’ tightly wound, looping visual possibilities, nervous rhythms, tiny storylines, and their status as dismembered, twitching eye candy to compose a short novel of unexpected complexity, strangeness, poetry, and comedy. AVAILABLE NOW AS A FREE DOWNLOAD OR TO VIEW ONLINE Come i social media stanno cambiando il romanzo. C’è chi scrive libri composti solo da GIF animate, chi si affida ai tweet e chi agli status di Facebook.

Come i social media stanno cambiando il romanzo

Ma la vera sfida è restituire la struttura di una società precaria, frammentata, persa in un inguaribile multitasking comunicativo. Pubblicato (Foto: Andrea Maggiolo) Quando nel gennaio scorso Dennis Cooper annunciò di aver “scritto” e “pubblicato” il primo romanzo composto interamente da GIF animate, molte persone (me compreso) pensarono a un furbo espediente per spiccare in un ambiente sovraffollato come quello letterario. Leggi anche: Periscope aggiunge modalità orizzontale e condivisioni su Facebook Quello che molti (me compreso) al tempo non sapevano, era che Dennis Cooper non è un arrivista qualunque, il classico personaggio che prende in mano la penna per la prima volta, magari senza aver letto che una manciata di libri, e trova il modo per camuffarsi da artista.

Animal Gif /// on Behance. The 16-year-old gif star who’s melting the art world. Philip Intile is entering his last year of secondary school.

The 16-year-old gif star who’s melting the art world

He already has his eye on a potential career path: one that loops on and on and on. He’s only 16, but Intile is an artist (known as Pi-Slices in the world of gif art). He’s a gif-maker and the founder of GIF Artists Collective, a group of digital artists whose “gif art” was recently spotlighted by Tumblr, the micro-blogging platform that houses much of their work – gifs of sliding rays of sun, gifs of brains melting into a slippery pink ooze, gifs of abstract crystals morphing shape and shifting colour. Gifs, those moving pictures (“Harry Potter-like” as one gif artist described them) that endlessly loop on social media sites like Tumblr, Reddit, imgur and more, have previously been confined to the role of quick reaction or speedy punchline – something from Ru Paul’s Drag Race (an American reality competition television series) or a pratfall from YouTube, repeated over and over and over.

That’s where Tumblr comes in. Pixelwood: movies a 8 bit. Feb 19 2014 58EmailShare Il progettista slovacco Dusan Cezek ha unito le sue due grandi passioni: cinema e illustrazione per creare la serie Pixelwood, gif animate a 8 bit ispirate alle scene dei suoi film preferiti.

Pixelwood: movies a 8 bit

Animazioni retrò non sempre facilmente riconoscibili, l’artista cinefilo ha incluso film non propriamente di mainstream. Si distinguono in formato pixel John Travolta e Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction); scene da Fight Club e District 9. Paola Donatiello. Intervista a James Kerr aka (?) Scorpion Dagger. Eran Hilleli on Behance. Untitled. Movie Posters Are Infinitely Better as Mesmerizing GIFs. Posters for films like Pulp Fiction and Psycho are iconic, sure, but they’ve got one big drawback: They’re static images advertising moving pictures.

Movie Posters Are Infinitely Better as Mesmerizing GIFs

Now that we live in the future, though, we can have the best of both worlds—animated movie posters. This collection of GIF movie posters is everything film buffs want film advertisements to be. There’s a Looper image with a moving clock, a Drive poster with driving, even an ad for Vertigo that could induce vertigo. The poster sets, which appeared earlier this week on Imgur, are brilliant and mesmerizing. In some cases, they even capture that one perfect moment in the film–like Katniss Everdeen taking that badass bow-and-arrow shot in front of the Gamemakers in The Hunger Games. And we’re just putting this out there: If film studios posted these GIFs on those digital billboards at bus stops, we’d always stop and stare instead of just walking on by.

Go Back to Top. Animated Movie Posters in GIF. Poster cinematografici animati - Pagina 2 di 3. Geometric GIFs by Florian de Looij. Florian de Looij est un jeune designer néerlandais.

Geometric GIFs by Florian de Looij

Depuis l’âge de 12 ans, l’artiste utilise photoshop comme premier moyen d’expression. Handmade Kraft Paper Animated GIF. Nancy Liang est une illustratrice basée à Sydney.

Handmade Kraft Paper Animated GIF

Elle a créé une série de GIFs animés à l’aide d’éléments découpés dans du papier kraft et de dessins effectués au crayon. Chaque élément est soigneusement placé sur les esquisses et le tout est ensuite scanné et animé à l’aide de Photoshop. Le résultat final laisse rêveur.