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Richard Baraniuk on open-source learning

Richard Baraniuk on open-source learning

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Teachers Training International – Helping you motivate, manage and engage your students One of the downsides of teaching is that in the process of educating our students about facts and figures we are also teaching our students how to think. For most teachers their initial response would be to not give this a second thought. However I wonder if this might be one of the greatest long term problems that education is facing right now. Watch the following two and a half minute talk clip and then I will explain my thoughts (the key thought happens at 2:26) Did you catch the key sentence? Let’s never forget that whatever brilliant ideas you have or hear, that the opposite may also be true.”

WALC2011 The active learning model is currently utilized in many undergraduate programs throughout the United States and continues to expand at the university level. Research shows that implementation of the active learning model results in a significant increase in students’ knowledge retention and improvements in student performance. Particularly impressive gains have been documented among groups of students that traditionally have been under-represented in science. The 2011 Windward School Active Learning Colloquium aims to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for school leaders to guide reform of the learning, assessment, and teaching of science at the secondary school level.

Clannad Clannad are a family band composed of siblings Moya Brennan (Irish: Máire Ní Bhraonáin), Ciarán Brennan (Irish: Ciarán Ó Braonáin), Pól Brennan (Irish: Pól Ó Braonáin, who left in 1990 and rejoined in 2011) and their twin uncles Noel Duggan (Irish: Noel Ó Dúgáin) and Pádraig Duggan (Irish: Pádraig Ó Dúgáin). Their sister/niece Enya (Irish: Eithne Ní Bhraonáin) left the group in 1981 to pursue a solo career. Ten years after "taking a break",[10] the five original members of Clannad reunited on stage at the Celtic Connections Festival in February 2007 in Glasgow, Scotland. Moya, Ciarán, Noel and Pádraig embarked on their first UK tour in over 10 years in March 2008, starting in Gateshead.[11] In September 2013, Clannad released Nádúr, their first studio album in fifteen years.[12] Early years[edit] Musical upbringing[edit]

Continuous Partial Attention What is continuous partial attention? Continuous partial attention describes how many of us use our attention today. It is different from multi-tasking. The two are differentiated by the impulse that motivates them. When we multi-task, we are motivated by a desire to be more productive and more efficient. 2010 Horizon Report Download the 2010 Horizon ReportPDF • ePub (also available in other languages) The 2010 Horizon Report is a collaboration betweenThe New Media Consortium and theEDUCAUSE Learning Initiative An EDUCAUSE Program © 2010, The New Media Consortium. Permission is granted under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license to replicate and distribute this report freely for noncommercial purposes provided that it is distributed only in its entirety. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA. Citation Johnson, L., Levine, A., Smith, R., & Stone, S. (2010).

Lhasa de Sela 2011-03-18 - Radio shows about Lhasa Three comprehensive and very moving programs about Lhasa (each one longer than 54 minutes) have been produced during the first three months of 2011: two on CBC Radio in English, and one on France Culture in French. Please consult our page of links to listen to them streaming. 2011-01-01 - 1st Anniversary Again it's the 1st of January. In praise of cooperation without coordination: Clay Shirky at TEDGlobal 2012 Amy Cuddy must be proud: Clay Shirky walks on stage and promptly strikes a power pose. Then he tells us of a 9-year-old Scottish girl who lives about 50 miles from here. Martha Payne started the foodblog NeverSeconds, for which she took her camera into school to document her lunches, using metrics such as “pieces of hair found in food.”

How to implement studio teaching? Philosophy Studio teaching is not just another kind of classroom activity. It is not a lab session, nor is it just a series of class projects. It is an approach to teaching and learning that gets students actively engaged in directing their own learning. The instructor is not the focus of the class, as in traditional classrooms.

Paris With Teenagers - A Survivors Guide Remember the havoc Mr. Bean wreaked on Anglo French relations when he stole the painting of Whistlers mother? Bereft of even the teensiest sceric of art history knowledge, Rowan Atkinson’s celluloid shenanigans were the only point of reference for this teen entourage. Stumbling around corners, amazed by a masterpiece at every turn, the teens in contrast, dismissed all the Mussee D’Orsay has to offer as “like totally boring”. Mapping GitHub – a network of collaborative coders GitHub is a large community where coders can collaborate on software development projects. People check code in and out, make edits, etc. Franck Cuny maps this community (with Gephi), based on information in thousands of user profiles.

Skyline CPI A Complete How-To for Creating Curriculum Sites and Student Portfolios using Google's Tools! Note: at this time Google is currently switching from Google Docs to Google Drive. We will update this site as soon as the switch is complete. The WhatA methodology for creating and organizing online student portfolios and curriculum sharing sites throughout an entire school.

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