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Space Sharing Offices

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Quora. Quora. Short Term Office. From left: David Mandell, a COWORK|RS co-working space in Gowanus, and Mark Gilbreath Friday’s revelation that Airbnb is now worth over $25 billion was received with particular delight by a certain crop of commercial real estate tech startups.

Short Term Office

Firms like PivotDesk, ShareDesk and LiquidSpace, which function as online marketplaces for short-term office rentals, see their residential counterpart as both a benchmark and a promise. These firms are trying to become the Airbnb of the office market, and with the firm’s new valuation, their ceiling seems to have risen substantially. “I have no doubt that if we execute efficiently we can be as big as Airbnb is,” said David Mandell, CEO of PivotDesk.

Avison Young’s CEO Mark Rose, who has invested in rival LiquidSpace, said: “We at Avison Young believe LiquidSpace could be as big as Open Table or Airbnb.” These entrepreneurs could be aiming even higher than Airbnb, given that the office market is far larger than temporary housing or hospitality. Breather raises $6 million for hourly room rentals for business. The concept of Breather is simple enough: rent a room by the hour.

Breather raises $6 million for hourly room rentals for business

Dismiss the sudden thought of the sordid acts that might transpire in, say, an hourly motel, and the company may have stumbled on a novel idea. Breather’s room rentals are especially appealing to today’s workers, the “jet-setting digital nomads” who operate in the access economy—the term that tries to explain the sudden popularity of resource sharing, from renting cars from Zipcar to leasing dresses from Rent the Runway, not to mention subscribing to video from Netflix and audio from Spotify. Many of these nomads also work in the “gig economy,” cobbling together a livelihood through various freelance jobs and applications that list them. With Breather, the nomads don’t need full-time offices—but they might be willing to pay $25 to access one for five hours each week. It’s not quite coworking, but there appears to be room for both approaches.

Strikingly. How to Find Temporary Office Space in New York. 25Jun If you’re traveling to New York for business, chances are you’re going to need a space to work.

How to Find Temporary Office Space in New York

While your hotel room might offer a desk, it’s probably best to avoid the distraction of the TV and the temptation of the bed and find yourself some office space instead. Luckily, it’s easy to find a desk in a shared work environment in New York City. Check out these workspaces, apps, and websites that help you stay productive while you’re on the road. 1. This network of offices has open concept space and a community feel, with attention to detail and design. 2. With fewer frills than some shared work spaces, this spot in SoHo is one of the more inclusive and least expensive options. 3.

This Lower Manhattan-based space offers low-key, affordable shared space, plus the usual coffee and tea, internet, printer/scanner/etc., and myriad networking events. 4. Started in Brooklyn, this modern coworking outfit has recently opened a spot on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. 5. 6. 7. Or websites: Shared Office Space. BT coworking 7em (Paris, ) – Desktime Directory – Desktime. About BT coworking 7em BTCoworking est un centre de coworking dédié à tous ceux qui souhaite travailler dans un espace à la fois beau, pratique, confortable, calme, agréable et propice aux rencontres.

BT coworking 7em (Paris, ) – Desktime Directory – Desktime

Desktime: Shared Spaces and Coworking. DeskTime. Book a Meeting Room or Shared Office Space - Anytime, Anywhere. Coworking Office Space, Benefits, Support. The card for flexible working. Rent hot desks & meeting rooms. When sharing economy goes corporate: LiquidSpace’s work space rental goes enterprise-level. By Erin Griffith On March 29, 2013 There’s a tension between the flashy, venture-backed sharing economy companies gracing the cover of glossy magazines, and the pure-of-heart collaborative consumption community — the original sharers, barterers, car-poolers, and couch surfers that feel the term has, of late, been co-opted and perverted with money-hungry capitalism.

When sharing economy goes corporate: LiquidSpace’s work space rental goes enterprise-level

One company that’s mostly stayed out of that debate is LiquidSpace. The company may have done that by not trying to align itself with every list, feature, and press mention related to the collaborative consumption. Or it may have done that by co-opting the idea in an even more radical way. Liquidspace takes sharing economy the ideal of recycling unused resources, and sells it to corporations.