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Know-Your-File-Types.jpg (JPEG Image, 750 × 6571 pixels) - Scaled (15%) Top 10 Re-Brand Disasters of All Time. Most of the time, rebranding (changing your logo or tag phrase) is a waste of time and money.

Top 10 Re-Brand Disasters of All Time

Customers usually don't care about that stuff and or the marketing gibberish (like "distinctive typographic treatment") used to justify it. Furthermore, rebranding can be hugely expensive. It's not unusual for a large company to spend many millions of dollars on a rebranding effort. As I said, usually a rebrand is just how marketers navel-gaze, but some rebrands are so egregiously bad that they drive customers away or make them angry. Recently, the company MadeByOomph sent me a list of disastrous rebrands, which I used as inputs to my top 10 list below. BP redesigned its logo so that the company might appear more ecofriendly. 2. Facebook users prefer pets and photographers to banks and tech. There are marketers who swear that Facebook is the key to staying in touch with customers and others who think Facebook is a waste of time.

Facebook users prefer pets and photographers to banks and tech

Believe it or not, both are right. As you’ll see from this new infographic by Cool Tabs, it all depends on who and where you are. Cool Tabs makes apps and widgets that you can put on your Facebook pages to increase engagement and attract new followers. 35 SEO Copywriting Tips for Rocking Content. SEO copywriting refers to the art of writing copy that ranks well in search.

35 SEO Copywriting Tips for Rocking Content

It is relatively easy to do (if you have some experience), and it’s an excellent way to gain valuable web traffic without spending thousands of dollars on paid advertising. But it’s not all about rankings and traffic. Writing search engine optimized content is also about engaging readers, building authority, and selling products. After all, what is the point of getting prospects to pages that do not serve a purpose? 7 Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Connecting With Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC] The Cost Of A Logo. With the highly controversial London 2012 Olympic logo soon to be gone from our billboards and television screens once and for all, we decided to take a look at some other well-known logos and find out exactly how much their respective creative agencies charged for them.

The Cost Of A Logo

Of course, the worth of a logo is a famously hard thing to determine. 8 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Business - In Photos: 8 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Business. The 7 Consistent Routines of Geniuses. 5 Women Entrepreneurs You Probably Don't Know About. 14 Must-Have Metrics for Digital Marketing. I ran across this list of the 14 must-have metrics for digital marketing in researching a recent post, so I thought I’d share it with you.

14 Must-Have Metrics for Digital Marketing

The infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines breaks down metrics into traffic building metrics, conversion metrics, and revenue metrics. Today, we’ll only have time to get through traffic building metrics. Let’s dive right in. 14 must-have metrics Traffic generation For most online businesses, getting folks to your site is the first step in conversion. What everyone can learn from Richard Branson's morning routine. Richard Branson.

What everyone can learn from Richard Branson's morning routine

Beawiharta/Reuters Google "Richard Branson" and "success" and you get over 1.4 million results. Yes, million. 5 Essential Traction Analytics for Startups. “Growing your business without tracking your marketing performance is like driving with both hands over your eyes.” – Hiten Shah, Co-founder of KISSmetrics Analytics helps your business determine what is working well, and what needs to be improved.

5 Essential Traction Analytics for Startups

We can always go off of a hunch, but the real power comes when we know the hard data behind our marketing efforts, and can make informed decisions that improve our business over and over. Ruben Gamez, Founder of Bidsketch states: 9 Marketing Mistakes That Cost Your Business Money. February 5,2015 By Sarah Ware, Markerly I’ve had the pleasure of working with nearly a hundred companies so far on advertising and marketing initiatives.

9 Marketing Mistakes That Cost Your Business Money

My client base ranges from Fortune 500 to cool new startups ready to take on the world. While marketing and advertising for these companies I’ve started to notice many common questions and actions that have had negative effects on the bottom line. The 20 Best Marketing Infographics of 2012 - VR Marketing Blog. Compelling imagery and visual design ruled marketing in 2012.

The 20 Best Marketing Infographics of 2012 - VR Marketing Blog

Never before have pictures and images been so important for igniting engagement in your social media, email, and content marketing campaigns/strategies. 12 Reasons to Start Shooting Video Today. The 6 Productivity Secrets Of The World's Best CEOs. 9 Actionable Presentation Tips That’ll Make You Stand Out. Chances are your presentations are designed to generate leads, produce sales, convey ideas, educate people, or get them to make a decision.

9 Actionable Presentation Tips That’ll Make You Stand Out

But whatever your goal is, you’ll never succeed at reaching it if you can’t create effective presentations that have clear objectives and create value for your audience. To show you how you can create great PowerPoint presentations, this infographic by PPTPOP breaks down all the steps you need to follow. [Click here for full size version] Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): 7 Common Design Mistakes That Clients Love (and how to fight back) 1. Scrimping on photography The problem: For some reason, lots of clients will happily pay for hours and hours of a designer's time, printing costs, etc., etc., but they'll freak out when it comes time to pay for photography.

5 Ways Stores Use Science to Trick You Into Buying Crap. #2. 11 Simple Tips For Having Great Meetings From Some Of The World's Most Productive People. Meetings are a boring, but necessary evil. A recent U.K. study showed that the average office worker spends around 16 hours in meetings each week. That’s over 800 hours a year. For a grand total over an entire career of—are you sitting down? —37,440 hours of meetings.