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Google Checkout Google Checkout is an online payment processing service provided by Google aimed at simplifying the process of paying for online purchases. Users store their credit or debit card and shipping information in their Google Account, so that they can purchase at participating stores at the click of a button. Google Checkout also offers fraud protection, as well a unified page for tracking purchases and their status. The service competes with Paypal for users. Recent Milestones Alternative currency An alternative currency (or private currency) is any currency used as an alternative to the dominant national or multinational currency systems (usually referred to as national or fiat money). They are created by an individual, corporation, or organization, they can be created by national, state, or local governments, or they can arise naturally as people begin to use a certain commodity as a currency. Mutual credit is a form of alternative currency, and thus any form of lending that does not go through the banking system can be considered a form of alternative currency.

Cherokee Investment Partners LLC Raleigh, North Carolina Cherokee is the leading private equity firm investing capital and expertise in brownfield redevelopment. For more than two decades, Cherokee’s executive team has produced strong financial returns while delivering positive environmental and social results. 2.5D 2.5D ("two-and-a-half-dimensional"), ¾ perspective and pseudo-3D are terms, mainly in the video game industry, used to describe either 2D graphical projections and similar techniques used to cause a series of images (or scenes) to simulate the appearance of being three-dimensional (3D) when in fact they are not, or gameplay in an otherwise three-dimensional video game that is restricted to a two-dimensional plane. Common in video games, these projections have also been useful in geographic visualization (GVIS) to help understand visual-cognitive spatial representations or 3D visualization.[1] The terms ¾ perspective and ¾ view trace their origins to portraiture and facial recognition, where they are used to describe a view of a person's face which is partway between a frontal view and a side view.[2] Computer graphics[edit] Axonometric & oblique projection[edit]

Turck MMCache for PHP - Turck Software St. Petersburg This project is hosted by SourceForge. See Turck MMCache SourceForge project page. Content What is Turck MMCache? Turck MMCache is a free open source PHP accelerator, optimizer, encoder and dynamic content cache for PHP. Video Tour of the Google Ventures Startup Lab As incoming CEO Larry Page seeks to recapture Google’s entrepreneurial spirit, Google Ventures thinks it’s in for a year of expansion and support from its corporate parent. The VC arm, which gets $100 million from Google each year to invest as it sees fit, wants to give more early-stage companies seed funding, and to that end has taken over an enormous Google-owned building in Mountain View, Calif., and started filling it with companies. The space is mostly empty; there are just about 20 people working there now. Google Ventures Partner David Krane took us on a tour of the Startup Lab, which opened in October and is currently occupied by start-ups like LawPivot (legal Q&A) and OpenCandy (software discovery), a product group from the vacation rental roll-up company HomeAway, and the yet-to-be-launched company of GrandCentral (now Google Voice) founder Craig Walker (which Google Ventures hasn’t invested in yet, though it’s made Walker an entrepreneur in residence).

Metacurrency Collabathon: a wealth system After Sibos, Q4 is usually the period of the year when I try to re-boot, to refresh my sources, to be a sponge and take-in new knowledge. It’s when I start painting for the next year. When the themes and trends for next year start emerging. Cherokee Investment Partners LLC ScoopHot Buzz...whats hot ScoopHot is popular lead generation platform. Businesses use ScoopHot for their Brand Marketing, Product Marketing and for Lead Generation. FTSE KLD 400 Social Index This FTSE KLD 400 Social Index was launched in 1990 and is designed to help socially conscious investors weigh social and environmental factors in their investment choices. The eligible universe for the KLD400 is the 3,000 largest U.S. companies (by float-adjusted market capitalization) in the U.S. equity market. KLD selects the eligible universe index on April 15 (or closest business day) of each year. KLD defines U.S. equity as follows: U.S. headquarters Primary market listing is the NYSE or NASDAQ Companies with non-U.S. incorporation for tax or regulatory purposes are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. KLD follows the rules of the FTSE AWD USA Index. The following types of equities are not eligible for the KLD400:

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