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This Chart Shows The Bilderberg Group's Connection To Everything In The World

This Chart Shows The Bilderberg Group's Connection To Everything In The World
The Bilderberg Group is 120-140 powerful people who meet each year to discuss policy. The meetings are closed to the public. This graph we found on Facebook shows the members' connections to a ton of corporations, charities, policy groups and media. Everyone from Eric Schmidt to George Soros is a member. There are tons of conspiracy theories about the group, including that they control the world economy. We took the findings with a grain of salt--after all, it's easy to trace an individual to a corporation and the graph doesn't specify what influence the member wielded. But perhaps it's a compelling argument for why the meetings should be public. Click image below to see full size > DON'T MISS: These 10 Corporations Control Everything You Buy >

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6 Best Fact Checking Websites That Help You Distinguish Between Truth and Rumors The Internet has been called “The Information Super Highway” and rightly so. It’s now the epicenter of breaking news and the free flowing information has brought the world and the people closer and made us aware of other cultures and traditions. But all this comes with a flipside. The amount of misinformation that is spread on the web is staggering. StAR - Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative - The Puppet Masters: How the Corrupt Use Legal Structures to Hide Stolen Assets and What to Do About It Billions in corrupt assets, complex money trails, shell companies and other spurious legal structures. These form the complex web of subterfuge in corruption cases, behind which hides the Puppet Master and beneficiary of it all. Linking the beneficial owner to the proceeds of corruption is difficult. With sizable wealth and resources, the corrupt stay ahead of the game by exploiting transnational constructions that are hard to penetrate. Indeed, nearly all cases of grand corruption have one thing in common. They rely on corporate vehicles- legal structures such as companies, foundations and trusts - to conceal ownership and control of tainted assets.

Think by Numbers » Government Spends More on Corporate Welfare Subsidies than Social Welfare Programs Time Magazine, Vol. 152 No. 19 About $59 billion is spent on traditional social welfare programs. $92 billion is spent on corporate subsidies. So, the government spent 50% more on corporate welfare than it did on food stamps and housing assistance in 2006. Before we look at the details, a heartfelt plea from the Save the CEO’s Charitable Trust: There’s so much suffering in the world. Who will be controlling the 30,000 Drones that Taxpayers pay for? The end to privacy as we know it! ~ Liberty Bell Press Is this a mosquito? No. It represents an insect spy drone. These machines are already in production, funded by the US Government. They can be remotely controlled and equipped with a camera and a microphone. They may be able to land on you, and may have the potential to take a DNA sample or leave RFID tracking nanotechnology on your skin.

Zip06 - Community News from Southeastern Connecticut Editor's Note: This opinion piece was submitted by a member of the public to The Day's community website, Westfields Marriot Entrance, about 10:30 AM June 2 Activists from around the country united to protest the Bilderberg conference at the Westfield’s Marriott in Chantilly Virginia just over a week ago. Ever heard of it? If not, I'm not surprised; because the meetings are supposed to be secret. Field Guide to Fake News Sites and Hoax Purveyors The sharp increase in popularity of social media networks (primarily Facebook) has created a predatory secondary market among online publishers seeking to profitably exploit the large reach of those networks and their huge customer bases by spreading fake news and outlandish rumors. Competition for social media’s large supply of willing eyeballs is fierce, and a number of frequent offenders regularly fabricate salacious and attention-grabbing tales simply to drive traffic (and revenue) to their sites. Facebook has worked at limiting the reach of hoax-purveying sites in their customers’ news feeds, inhibiting (but not eradicating) the spread of fake news stories. Hoaxes and fake news are often little more than annoyances to unsuspecting readers; but sometimes circulating stories negatively affect businesses or localities by spreading false, disruptive claims that are widely believed.

Middle East Water CHAPTER XX: Middle East Water The Geopolitics of Middle Eastern Water The squabbles between States in Western North America, and between water authorities, seem small-scale compared to the the struggles between nations for control of water resources. Sometimes the fate of a nation has depended on secure control of its water supply. The most important resource in the Middle East may be water, not oil. Should the government intervene in the economy? One of the main issues in economics is the extent to which the government should intervene in the economy. Free market economists argue that government intervention should be strictly limited as government intervention tends to cause an inefficient allocation of resources. However, others argue there is a strong case for government intervention in different fields. Hoover Dam built in the 1930s with government funds Summary of whether should the government intervene in the economy. Arguments for Government Intervention

s Probe Into NYPD Intelligence Operations Informant: NYPD paid me to 'bait' Muslims 2012 -- NEW YORK — A paid informant for the New York Police Department's intelligence unit was under orders to "bait" Muslims into saying inflammatory things as he lived a double life, snapping pictures inside mosques and collecting the names of innocent peo NYPD: Muslim spying led to no leads, terror cases 2012 -- NEW YORK — In more than six years of spying on Muslim neighborhoods, eavesdropping on conversations and cataloguing mosques, the New York Police Department's secret Demographics Unit never generated a lead or triggered a terrorism investigation, the With CIA help, NYPD moves covertly in Muslim areas 2011 -- NEW YORK (AP) — Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the New York Police Department has become one of the nation's most aggressive domestic intelligence agencies, targeting ethnic communities in ways that would run afoul of civil liberties rules if

Old Theories, New Information at Annual Conspiracy Convention Thousands of miles away, at a Marriott Hotel in Virginia, hundreds of people, many of who are considered to be the world’s most influential people in politics, industry and finance, met June 2-3 for the annual Bilderberg Conference. Much closer, hundreds of conspiracy theories convened the same weekend in Santa Clara for the 12th annual Conspiracy Convention. Ironically, Conspiracy Con was also held at a Marriott. The Bilderbergers are considered to be a secret society (albeit a well-publicized one), and by conspiracy standards that makes their conference a place where the most privileged people get together to decide which strings they intend to pull. As conspiracy theory goes, there is a reason for everything and often that reason is contradictory to the official story America is told by the mainstream media.

6 Quick Ways to Spot Fake News The spectrum of less-than-credible links posted to social media sites is vast. In addition to deliberately written fake news stories (often somewhat inaccurately tagged as “satire”), the online world abounds with articles that are based on exaggerated, misconstrued, manipulated, misrepresented, or outright deceptive premises. It’s fair to say that the majority of users on social media sites wish to share interesting, funny, compelling, unique, or otherwise discussion-worthy material without having to run full-scale fact checks on everything. It’s also reasonable to observe that every so often, not-so-trustworthy information will sneak into posts despite the best efforts and intentions of social media users. However, some common elements help identify shaky stories and poorly-sourced claims.