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Everything2 llıʇs ʇıɹıds u33ʇ (th3j35t3r) Fabricated Terrorists, Chechen-Jewish Family in Moscow Is under Threat of Murder Their Son Mansur Edilbiev, 26, a football player, who lived in Moscow all his life, was abducted by the FSB agents, tortured in a secret cell to plead guilty in attempted blow-up a luxury train; then, a staged court trial sentenced him to 16 years in high security colony. Mansur had nothing to do with the 18-year-long war in Chechnya, never took any part in hostilities, let alone terrorism, his desperate parents said to human rights activists. Mustafa Edilbiev, father, and Ziva Liron, mother, addressed their plea to Yuri Chaika, Attorney General of the Russian Federation. They also told their story to the Independent International Human Rights Group and published the facts at some Russian-language social networks and websites.

Guide Rapide des Signes Traduction: Henri R. Le but de cette page est de décrire brièvement les acteurs principaux qui s'agitent sur la scène mondiale aujourd'hui et qui contribuent au déclin entropique de la race humaine telle que nous la connaissons. Le format est un résumé rapide de la vision de l'Equipe des Signes (Au moins pour maintenant. Nous sommes toujours ouverts à de nouvelles informations et à changer nos hypothèses), et une définition rapide de certains des termes qui apparaissent régulièrement en commentaire, avec une lecture supplémentaire pour ceux intéressés. Cette page n'a pas pour intention d'être complète, mais est plutôt pour aider ceux qui viennent à étudier ce qui est, sans connaissance à priori pour s'approcher rapidement, ou pour juste donner une idée aux nouveaux lecteurs de ce que nous faisons ici. Nous pensons qu'avant que nous puissions nous engager dans un acte vraiment créatif, nous devons apprendre à voir le monde tel qu'il est réellement, pas comme nous voudrions qu'il soit.

“Patriotic hacktivist” The Jester unmasked—or maybe it’s a big troll The vigilante hacker who made a name for himself harassing Anonymous, disrupting WikiLeaks, and stalking “jihadist” sites is apparently laying low after threats to expose his real identity were made via Twitter on May 11. The person claiming to have details of The Jester’s identity plans to publish that information—after he passes the hat for Bitcoins first, allegedly in part to raise funds for WikiLeaks. On May 14, The Jester's Twitter account was deleted. Later that day, another one sprung up with posts claiming to be The Jester—and announcing DoS attacks on some of his favorite targets. It’s not clear if any of this is legitimate—whether it involves someone who has dirt on The Jester, someone who managed to hack The Jester’s Twitter account, or whether it is yet another master troll by The Jester himself (or by one of the many people who would like him to go hide for a while.) Patriot games As Donald Rumsfeld would say, let’s start with the "known knowns" and the "known unknowns."

Anonymous, Islamist Hackers Plan Major Assault for Tuesday UPDATED 1 p.m. ET Monday with further comment from the Izz al-Din Qassam Cyber Brigades. Ascribing a consistent political agenda to the hacktivist collective Anonymous is almost impossible. Anyone can claim the "Anonymous" moniker and use it for good or evil, provided that his or her work is subversive. This time, a number of hacktivists from around the world, some of them taking on the Anonymous label, have set their sights on the United States' most powerful institutions in an event dubbed "OpUSA." Anonymous and various Islamist groups claim that they will take down nine U.S. government websites tomorrow (May 7), including those of the Pentagon, the National Security Agency, the FBI and the White House, along with over 130 bank websites, such as those belonging to Bank of America, Capital One and TD Bank. Anonymous claims the Qassam Cyber Fighters will be participating in tomorrow's attacks; the Cyber Fighters have confirmed only that they support the goals of OpUSA. 0 of 9

Damn Interesting • A collection of legitimately fascinating information culled from the past, present, and anticipated future. Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Sit So Well With Those Who Have Misused It ~by Amy Lynn Burch I’ve been accused lately of misrepresenting myself as a registered private investigator. I am one, for those who cannot figure out how to verify that information on their own. However, my role on this, my victim advocate’s blog, is not as a private investigator but as a – dare I repeat myself – victim advocate for which I receive no compensation. Never have, never will. Furthermore, my capacity with BehindTheYellowTape at this time is as an investigative journalist whose job it is to research and investigate facts, then report those facts to our listeners and readers. Apparently, certain supporters of the very people who hack other people’s information, particularly the private kind, and then post stated information on whichever sites they choose (such as pastebin) believe that my posting message copies between Joey Ortega and Alexandria “Prinnie” Goddard have somehow crossed an ethical line. And with that I give you the following. Like this: Like Loading...