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Defining and Informing the Complex Field of User Experience (UX)

Defining and Informing the Complex Field of User Experience (UX)

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Nine great examples of web form design Filling in forms online can be a pain, but good design can make a lot of difference to the user experience. To coincide with our new Marketer’s Guide to Form Optimisation, produced in association with Fospha, I’ve collated some examples of great form design, or aspects of forms that are worth learning from. Schuh: easy address entry Schuh uses this predictive postcode entry tool on its checkout, which suggests matching addresses as you begin to type them in. The Top UX Predictions for 2015 As we mentioned last week when we gave you the top UX trends of 2014, it's been a big year for experience design. 2015 shows all signs of being an even bigger one, with experience design sinking deeper into products, services, organizations, and the lives of those who interact with them. Without further ado, here are some predictions for 2015 from our contributors: A Rise in “Slippy” UX - Shannon Copfer, JW Player Up until now, we’ve seen a lot of focus on creating “sticky” user experiences—experiences that engage the user and keep them interested, as well as bringing them back for more. “Sticky” has been considered one of the most desirable design traits possible—a way for digital experience designers to show off their talent, eliciting “oohs” and “ahhs” from consumers, critics, and peers alike. What we will be seeing shortly, however, is a purposeful trend towards “slippy” experience design.

Open-source governance Open-source governance is a political philosophy which advocates the application of the philosophies of the open source and open content movements to democratic principles in order to enable any interested citizen to add to the creation of policy, as with a wiki document. Legislation is democratically opened to the general citizenry, employing their collective wisdom to benefit the decision-making process and improve democracy.[1] Theories on how to constrain, limit or enable this participation vary however as much as any other political philosophy or ideology. Accordingly there is no one dominant theory of how to go about authoring legislation with this approach. There are a wide array of projects and movements which are working on building open-source governance systems.[2] Applications of the principles[edit]

Usability articles and resources Browse by topic Browse by category Latest article 5 reasons why your first user research activity should be a usability test Brain Sparks Your Tribe Awaits at UI21 in Boston By Jared Spool September 29th, 2016 At the UI21 Conference October 31 – November 2 in Boston, you get intensive, game-changing material that will challenge how you think about and practice design. Use coupon code UICONF to save $300 off your full conference registration which includes: Your choice of two daylong workshops and/or a day of featured talksOne month of complimentary access to UIE’s All You Can Learn that starts right when you registerAll the workshop materials and presentationsVideo recordings of all the featured talksTime with the UI21 speakers to ask your questionsNew skills to move your UX Design initiatives forward

Gestures & Animations: The Pillars of Mobile Design Pointing and clicking? That seems like an awful lot of work … The ease and functionality of mobile devices is shifting the way we think about interactivity. Smartphones, tablets, and laptop hybrids are ushering in a new age of UI that favors a more direct form of interaction, one where mouses are optional. While a few years ago you could chalk up mobile devices’ popularity to being new and different, today we’re forced to admit there’s something else behind their lasting success.

How To Become A UX Leader - Smashing Magazine Let’s say you run a UX team. Better yet, let’s say you don’t. Let’s say you just want to do great work. You’re a consultant. You’re a newbie. You’re an intern. Guideline for External Use of Web 2.0 1. Publication Date The publication date of this guideline is November 18th, 2011, and it will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis as appropriate. 2.

67 Percent of Online Shoppers Will Leave a Website Due to Slow Performance, New Harris Poll Reveals—Consumers Will Quickly Go To a Competitor When Experiencing Site Glitches August 14, 2013 67 Percent of Online Shoppers Will Leave a Website Due to Slow Performance, New Harris Poll Reveals—Consumers Will Quickly Go To a Competitor When Experiencing Site Glitches Riverbed Technology, an application performance company, recently announced the results of one of the most extensive surveys to date on website performance and mobile shopping. According to the Riverbed-sponsored Harris Poll, once online, shoppers consult three websites on average before making a purchase and poor website performance causes the shopper to go to a competitor. A majority of U.S. adults (68 percent) expect to shop online for gifts this upcoming holiday season. Over 40 percent of U.S. adults who shop online evaluate their purchase with a local retailer before buying online, a practice known as showrooming.

Designing Interactions Bill Verplank is interviewed in Chapter 2 – My PC. His illustrated descriptions clarify the pioneering interaction design work of Bill Atkinson and Larry Tesler. Combine these interviews with the ideas of David Liddle, Terry Winograd and Gillian Crampton Smith for an overview of the subject. Bill Verplank has an amazing ability to draw at the same time as he talks. If you meet him and ask him a question about interaction design, you can sit at the nearest table or desk and be mesmerized by the fluency of his answer. His words are easy to understand, and as he talks he builds a beautiful diagram that reinforces what he is saying.

A New Mobile UX Design Material Advertisement Growing up, weekends were about worship in the Hinman household. Sunday mornings were reserved for a laborious worship ritual dictated by my parents. It required dressing up in uncomfortable clothes, going to church and pretending to listen to long-winded sermons about Jesus (while I drew doodles in the hymnals).

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