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Premium Graphic Design Resources

Premium Graphic Design Resources
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Create Cross-Platform iPad/Android Apps How can you create cross-platform business applications without coding that run natively on iOS and Android and work great offline? Forget Mobile Application Development The diversity of powerful mobile devices in the marketplace poses a significant challenge for businesses wanting to create custom mobile applications. Each competing device type — iOS, Android, Windows Mobile — requires a different set of tools and programming skills. Each supported platform will multiply the cost and complexity of designing developing, debugging, testing and deploying custom mobile applications. When it comes time to update the mobile application, you can count on even modest design changes turning into significant development projects. Designers' favorite typefaces Nothing stirs up a more impassioned debate with designers than asking them to choose their favorite typeface. So this week, we forced a handful of creatives in the InVision community to make that tough decision. And no lorem ipsum here! They’ve written their favorite word—which, for many, is a breakfast food—using their chosen typeface.

Icons Design Kindle Category Archives: Icons Charming Boutique Icons 658 PixelKit 5 O’clock Shades Icons 3549 PixelKit Outdated UX patterns and alternatives Meet North, design and development standards to align and guide your project. It's a comprehensive guide contributed to the open source community to encourage, "a mobile-first, in-browser, system based approach to design and development." Check out North on GitHub: The section of the guide that I found most interesting is, Outdated UX Patterns, a collection of examples of what not to do when building a website, which tries to steer designers from borrowing from ineffective practices to solve common problems. Just like how presentations deprecate, so do UX patterns.

RapidWeaver Design Free Stuff I don't know if this should actually be classified as "free stuff" when the stuff on this page is mainly intended for those who want to spread the word about this site. Anyways, we decided we would put some little RapidWeaver Design banners on here and buttons... if you will. Hopefully you will be gracious enough to put them on your site with a link straight back at us! Carlton Font Download Home » Uncategorized » Carlton » Carlton Your download will start in 20 seconds... If not, try the following links Game Vector Video Game Controller for PS3 close Vecteezy Accounts Include: Faster Downloads A Personal Profile Page Download History Save Your Favorites to your Personal Profile Leave and Receive Comments From Other Designers Get more even from your Eezy Account with Eezy Premium! Instant Downloads Premium Resources Unlimited Downloads Royalty-Free Usage

Creating a UX design pattern library for Digital Humanities projects Recently I posted some thoughts about how emerging trends in the field of user experience (UX) design might be embedded in our project design and development process. In this post I’m going to discuss this further, concentrating on the UX pattern library the user interface (UI) team are developing. What is a UX pattern library? Designers and developers in the DDH research team work on a number of projects with diverse design and development requirements but in terms of UI design we often find we have similar problems we need to solve. For example, these might include designing tools for surfacing content such as search and browse mechanisms, ways to facilitate collaborative editing of images or documents or managing a user’s workflow. A pattern library is a way of describing the interaction methods we might use to solve common design problems.

8 Free HTML And CSS Tools For Mac OS Users Hey Readers, Win 25 Citrify Premium Licenses How to Participate and Win!!! :-D . Stay tuned for more premium giveaways coming next by subscribing toRSS feed or Subscribe to App Sheriff - Sworn To Serve by Email. Good Luck Guys! There are web developers is every platform; be it Linux, Windows or Macs and each have a strong following. graphicriver This Google Slide is built based on professional pitch deck around the world. We have included the important elements that a winning pitch should have. So you may follow the guideline and stay ahead of the competition and wow you investors with a clean modern creative pitch deck Google Slide. Download Free Vector Files: Silhouettes, Outlines, Cutouts, Shapes - Part 2 TONS of FREE vector silhouettes! Already collected 15000+ free silhouettes in 325 vector cliparts. is the largeSt, online collection of free vector silhouettes. You can view all gallery or check special categories.

Why White Space Is Crucial To UX Design All good visual artists understand the importance of negative space, the empty area that draws attention to, and accentuates, the actual subject. Negative space (the artistic equivalent of a designer’s white space) is like the supporting cast whose duty is to make the star of the show stand out more by not standing out so much themselves. If you don’t think any part of your design should be intentionally blank, take a look at the World’s Worst Website Ever for an extreme example of the damage caused by too many objects competing for attention. In interaction design, white space isn’t just an aesthetic choice— it serves three essential functions.

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