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Woman Uses Paramedical Tattooing To Hide Burns And Scars Basma Hameed may not look like your typical tattoo artist, but that's because her ink-driven cause is anything but ordinary. After suffering terrible facial burns as a child, Basma devoted her life to paramedical tattooing, helping trauma victims cover up their burns and scars with skin-colored pigmentation treatments. Her profession is especially meaningful to the 17-year-old girl featured in this video, who had boiling water thrown in her face by ruthless bullies. Faced with the possibility of lifelong scarring, she sought Basma's help. According to her website, "Basma discovered the possibilities of permanent make-up by experimenting on herself and using her own life experiences with scars to frame her expertise." Through this work, she hopes to showcase clients' inner and outer beauty by restoring their self-esteem through micro pigment implantation.

A Social Enterprise dedicated to protecting and enhancing the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People and their Community Generation Next Blog ← Man Dies After Three-Day Internet Gaming Binge • Are Wellbeing Programmes Making Any Difference? → Many people react to life’s challenging experiences with strong emotions and a sense of uncertainty. Yet people generally adapt well over time to changing situations and stressful conditions. Resilience is the process of learning to ‘bounce back’ from adversity, trauma, tragedy and other significant sources of stress.

Shavarsh Karapetyan: A Real Life Hero It’s not often you get to hear the story of a real life, genuine, bona fide super hero. So sit yourself upright and drink this in. Our hero today is one Shavarsh Karapetyan, born in 1953. He was a Soviet Armenian finswimmer with the following accolades: 11-time World Record holder, 17-time World Champion, 13-time European Champion and 7-time USSR Champion. So, he was pretty good it seems. I’m not sure I think of athletes as true heros really though. What is KiVa and how does it work? - KiVa KiVa is an innovative school-based antibullying program which has been developed using cutting-edge research on bullying and its mechanisms Prevention, intervention, and monitoring KiVa is an evidence-based program to prevent bullying and to tackle the cases of bullying effectively.

He Catches His Wife Crying While Doing Laundry. Then She Tells Him The Shocking Truth This man follows his wife every morning without her knowing. Sounds strange doesn’t it? It’s not because he doesn’t trust her. In fact, his reason is a lot deeper. Guess which country does the most good for the planet? The top ten countries in the Good Country Index. (Click to view at larger size.) Irish people, rejoice! It turns out, your green land is the “goodest” country in the world. That’s right.

Search for "random acts of kindness" - Who Arted? Random Acts of Kindness Tree Did you know there is a Random Acts of Kindness Day? It’s celebrated every year on February 17th… But why limit yourself to one day a year? I came up with a creative and fun way for our family to spread random acts of kindness year-round: a Random Acts of Kindness Tree! The concept is simple: each month we take down a Random Act of Kindness card and complete the task as a family. My idea was to spread some happiness and teach my little one about the joys of giving.

The 50 Greatest Movie Monologues - - Page 27983372 When I started compiling a list of my favorite monologues in movies, the list continued to expand and expand and expand to the point where it got a little ridiculous. So the first thing I tried to cut out was any monologues that were parts of voice-over work. That removed a lot of entries, but I still found myself with around 70 movies. The bottom line is if I were to do this list all over again there may be ten or so movies that are interchanged with the ones I selected here. School Bully Asked Girl He Tormented On Date. She Left A Note. When Louisa Manning was 12 years old, she was harassed by her fellow students about her weight, her monobrow, and she was called a “manbeast.” The photo above on the left is then — the picture on the right? That’s now. She’s a lovely 22-year-old Oxford University student, and last week she “bumped into the man [who bullied her] at a university ball and…he asked her on a date on Facebook.” Manning accepted, but didn’t show up.

Henderson Rubin Creative Design Studio: Freebie Friday~Let's Celebrate Kindness Printables Hi all! Happy Friday! Today I am sharing my favorite quotes on KINDNESS. 20 Awesome Celebrity Quotes Worth Sharing inShare46 There is a cognitive bias in psychology called the halo effect. Effectively it means that the more we admire and/or like somebody, the more we are likely to agree and align with something they say. Advertisers use it to great effect when paying huge sums to stars to promote their products. After all, if the latest hot celeb is wearing a product it must be worth buying, right? Parents turn Canadian students into world-class readers Canada’s elementary-school students are among the world’s stronger readers, thanks in part to the influence of Canadian parents who enjoy and encourage reading themselves, according to a new international survey. Canadian students ranked in the top dozen out of 45 countries, but can’t quite be called world-beaters: They still trail such recognized education leaders as Hong Kong, Finland and Singapore. Curiously, Canada was also edged out by the United States, even though Canadian high-school students score far higher than their American counterparts in other reading studies. Nine Canadian provinces took part in the third Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), which looks at reading achievement by Grade 4 students every five years.

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