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Instants! Collection

Instants! Collection

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French Whoops! Maybe you were looking for France? France, scaled to actual size. French is a series of incomprehensible garglings, and throat utterances belched out by the French, and those nations who have been invaded by them in the past (a sand dune in the Sahara populated by an ant colony and some inconsequential rice farmers in Vietnam). Music Text Composition Generator ( A free online music utility) The P22 Music Text Composition Generator allows any text to be converted into a musical composition. This composition is displayed in musical notation and simultaneously generated as a midi file. 1. Usage RecordBrother I don't know about you all, I'm about to burst, seems like so much is out of sync with my own sense of right & wrong, many years ago noticed that things i saw or knew to be false where taken as gospel truth by many more people than saw my perception of the situation, and a host of other " my brain is hanging upside down" moments (great Ramones song by the by) Also noticed that people where less and less likely to say thank you or even understand that you've done them a good deed and I'm not just talking about small kindnesses but big ass hook ups and many times over the last several years I've received the Golden "F**K YOU for helping me" I've been pretty floored by some of the people in my life who have pulled this stunt.... Alright I'll shut up for a bit and there much better articulations and even great dialog going on about this stuff I'm spewing about here and I could go on and on but the ranting of an old man just ain't that sexy knowwhati'msaying

The 100 essential websites Andy Warhol talked of a time when everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. With hindsight, however, he might have wanted to revise that down to about five minutes. On today's web, phrases such as "here today, gone tomorrow" seem to involve ridiculously long timescales. Ryan Holiday: How to Write Any Essay: The Spartan System Writing the perfect paper is a lot like a military operation. It takes discipline, foresight, research, strategy, and, if done right, ends in total victory. It follows then that the best advice for writing a paper -- be it a high school essay, a college research paper, or even an office memo at a Fortune 500 company -- would come from the tactics of a brilliant military commander. Batman Running Away From Shit Dear followers, You’re invited to follow my work and web comics on my brand new tumblr Hope to see you there,

Graph Theory Graph Theory is a 2005 commission of the New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., (aka Ether Ore) for its Turbulence web site. Itwas made possible with funding from the Greenwall Foundation. Jason Freeman: concept, music, programming Patricia Reed: design Maja Cerar: violin click to launch Fox-Tossing: Lessons in horrific/ridiculous history - Boing Boin Is there a German word for "the feeling you get when something is so ridiculous that you want to laugh, yet is simultaneously jaw-droppingly horrible"? Can we make one up? I ask, because I recently discovered Fox-Tossing, a 17th/18th century European pastime that is exactly what it sounds like.

ANGLOMANIA Cowl Neck Bustle Dress Paint splash print Draped neck 100% cotton Fashion mirrors art with this abstract paint splash dress by iconic designer Vivienne Westwood. Taken from her Anglomania collection this dress has thin twisted straps, a draped neck line and a plethora of pleats, draping and gathers on the skirt. Fully lined and fastens at the back with a zip. Irregular hem. Brighten up your A/W wardrobe with this show stopping party dress that is guaranteed to get you noticed for all the right reasons.

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