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On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog
Peter Steiner's cartoon, as published in The New Yorker History[edit] In response to the comic's popularity, he stated, "I can't quite fathom that it's that widely known and recognized".[1] Context[edit] The cartoon marks a notable moment in the history of the Internet. Once the exclusive domain of government engineers and academics, the Internet was now a subject of discussion in general interest magazines like The New Yorker. The cartoon symbolizes an understanding of Internet privacy that stresses the ability of users to send and receive messages in general anonymity. Influences[edit] The Apple Internet suite Cyberdog was named after this cartoon.[14] See also[edit] References[edit] ^ Jump up to: a b c d e f Fleishman, Glenn (December 14, 2000). Further reading[edit] Jones, Christopher R. (2004). External links[edit] Related:  MemesSocial Media Lanscape

reddragdiva | How to back up your Google stuff BEFORE they lock your account. You get up tomorrow and log into GMail. You can't get in. Your account is locked. Your mail, calendar, documents — all gone. What do you do now? Remember that Google has no customer service, even for paying customers. I keep a regular backup of my GMail. ideological_cuddle for the tipoff). Using it on Ubuntu or Debian is absurdly simple: sudo apt-get install offlineimapSet up a ~/.offlineimaprc file cut'n'pasted from this one, with your own username and password. offlineimap This will create a folder with all your mail in it, in maildir format (plain text, one message per file). GMail's IMAP interface is subtly broken, to the point where it can crash offlineimap. GMail is still the best email interface I've ever used, and I wish Thunderbird would just get the hint and clone it to the last detail. I haven't tried this on a Mac or Windows. For other Google services, you can get your data from Google Takeout.

Smile.jpg Smile,jpg, also known as, is a creepypasta story about a haunted image that drives those who view it insane. The tale is often accompanied by a photoshopped picture of a sinister-looking Siberian Husky dog. The exact origin of the Smile.jpg creepypasta is unknown but is rumored to have been first posted on the /x/ (paranormal) board on the imageboard 4chan in 2008. According to the occult-related blog Aether Paranormal, the earliest known image tied to the story is a polaroid-style photograph of a dog with human-like teeth and bloody finger prints (shown below). The things Mary said made little sense but fit with the pattern I was expecting: though I could not see her, I could tell from her voice that she was crying, and more often than not her objections to speaking with me centered around an incoherent diatribe on her dreams -- her nightmares. Encounters with smile.jpg are the stuff of internet legend. Mary E., I assumed, was not on effective medication. And I could. Yes.

natashenka | Hack those Tamagotchis! Marc L*** Mis en ligne le mercredi 7 janvier 2009 ; mis à jour le mardi 28 avril 2009. Bon annniversaire, Marc. Le 5 décembre 2008, tu fêteras tes vingt-neuf ans. J’ai eu un peu peur, au début, d’avoir un problème de source. Alors, Marc. Revenons à toi. On n’a pas parlé de musique. J’ai triché, une fois : pour avoir accès à ton profil Facebook (ce qui m’a bien aidé pour la suite), j’ai créé un faux profil et je t’ai proposé de devenir mon « ami ». Je pense à l’année 1998, il y a dix ans, quand tout le monde fantasmait déjà sur la puissance d’Internet. À la demande de l’intéressé, ce texte a été entièrement anonymisé et modifié (villes, prénoms, lieux, etc.) à la différence de la version parue dans Le Tigre en papier, dont seuls les noms propres des personnes citées étaient anonymisés.

Google+, the pseudonym banstick, and the netizen cultural schism. « point7 As we all know by now, Google+ has a policy of only using real names (real world identities) in profiles. And they’re enforcing that policy with a big lumpy banstick. This is causing much angst, a lot of gnashing of teeth. However it seems that the technorati, as well as the Googlers (and Facebook before them) are unmoved by the arguments, and sincerely puzzled by the outcry. The big deal is that we are having an identity related clash of values, I think, between two very different kinds of heavily engaged online people: Integrated Identity: These are people who live online and offline with the same personality (including the Technorati because in fact their unified identity is their bread and butter), andSeparate Identities: people who keep their online and offline worlds quite separate, not for duplicitous reasons but because they are in many ways two people; the online person and the offline person. The integrated identities tend to work in the web 2.0 universe. Like this:

Mr. Bones' Wild Ride | Know Your Meme About Mr. Bones’ Wild Ride is a custom-designed ride from the computer simulation game Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. Origin On March 26th, 2012, an anonymous 4chan user started a thread in the /v/ (video games) board, which included several screen captures from the amusement park management simulation game Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. Creepypasta After the 4chan thread was posted, a creepypasta surfaced about a user visiting the Busch Gardens theme park while on vacation, where he discovers a strange ride as he wanders the park. So anyone who’s been on the /v/ board at 4chan. probably knows about Mr. Now here’s where things get really good. The path lead straight back to the entrance of Mr. Fast forward a few weeks and I was in Busch Gardens on vacation. Surprisingly the line wasn’t very long. I struggled with my restraints but they wouldn’t come off. Spread On March 28th, 2012, Redditor lessonplan submitted a post to the /r/gaming subreddit titled “One does not simply get off of Mr. T-Shirt

FFDN ISP Database Outils de social bookmarking : comparatif de delicious, diigo et pearltrees Accueil > Boîte à outils, CDI, Etudiants 2.0 > Outils de social bookmarking : comparatif de delicious, diigo et pearltrees On désigne par « social bookmarking » le fait de stocker, de classer et de partager des signets. Ces derniers, appelés également favoris ou marque-pages, sont des pages Web au contenu pertinent auxquelles on souhaite avoir un accès ultérieur facilité. Cette activité participe pleinement à la veille informationnelle. En pratique : Vos pérégrinations sur le Web vous ont amené à découvrir des sites/pages dignes d’intérêt. Au lieu de saturer l’espace « favoris » de votre navigateur (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer…), vous enregistrez leur adresse (c’est-à-dire leur url, du type : sur une interface en ligne.L’intérêt : retrouver vos favoris de n’importe quel ordinateur connecté à Internet,gérer une très grande quantité de signets,découvrir des sites à l’intérêt similaire en navigant dans les favoris publics des autres utilisateurs.

firecat | Community Standards: A Comparison of Dreamwidth and Google+ I know that Google+ and Dreamwidth are very different services, and that there's no particular need for people to choose only one of them. But when I saw this post I was inspired to do a similar comparison. Standards: A Comparison of Facebook vs. Identification Dreamwidth:You need to choose a username to use the service, but it needs bear no relationship to any other name you might use. This quote is from the FAQ about changing your journal's username. our username restrictions: 25 or fewer characters with letters, numbers, and hyphens (-) only, with the first and last characters of the username being letters and numbers only. You can create an account that is a community, which can be posted to by more than one person. Google:Their name policy includes the following rules: Community Guidelines Both Google and Dreamwidth disallow abuse, hate speech, invasion of privacy, illegal content, spam, and impersonation. Community Policing

The Wadsworth Constant About The Wadsworth Constant is an axiom which states that the first 30% of any video can be skipped because it contains no worthwhile or interesting information. For EVERY youtube video, I always open the video and then immediately punch the slider bar to about 30 percent. For example, in this video, it should have just started at :40. Everything before :40 was a waste. Origin On October 1st, 2011, Redditor grim_fandango posted an image on the r/pics subreddit titled “And so ends 20 years of frustration,” which contained instructions on how to fold a bed sheet. Redditor Redebo replied to Wadsworth saying, “perhaps this should be known as the Wadsworth Constant.” Spread The same day, the blog The Daily Dot posted an article about the axiom and numerous definition entries for the term were submitted to Urban Dictionary. On October 4th, YouTuber monadamm uploaded an explanatory video titled “What is the wadsworth constant?” Application #!