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Hustler of Culture: Call For Submissions: SFMOMA Art Game Laboratory SFMOMA Art Game Laboratory: Call for participants SFMOMA’s Education Department is looking for proposals from artists and designers of all disciplines for simple experiments that use the vocabulary of game play to engage SFMOMA’s visitors. Selected projects will be installed in the Koret Visitor Education Center on the SFMOMA’s second floor, where they will be available for public use. Art Game Lab participants are also encouraged to present components of their projects at alternate community venues or online. The onsite display will open at SFMOMA in January 2012; once a project is selected, satellite and online components may begin before the exhibition’s opening and continue after its closing.

My email is a monster All artwork and content on this site is Copyright © 2015 Matthew Inman. Please don't steal. was lovingly built using CakePHP All artwork and content on this site is Copyright © 2015 Matthew Inman. Please don't steal. U.N. warns us to eat less meat and lay off biofuels, or we’re in for it We’re overconsuming ourselves into environmental oblivion. Farming will eliminate forests, plains, and other wild areas nearly the size of Brazil by 2050 around the world if we can’t mend our agricultural, dietary, and biofuel-burning ways. This unsustainable drive for more growing land will result in rising hunger and more frequent riots as food prices increase. Office Nomads » GCUC 2014: The Potential of Coworking For 3 days, coworking geeks from around the globe gathered in Kansas City for this year’s Global Coworking Unconference Conference. During our time together we shared, listened, learned, argued and laughed. As always when coworking friends convene, it felt wonderful to reconnect with the global movement. Coworking is not just this thing that we do in Seattle – it’s a movement of independent workers from around the world all looking to do better together. Now back home in Seattle, I am eagerly diving through a long list of great ideas to implement here in our coworking community. Beyond what we’re getting up to here, I think it is important to share some of the bigger picture items that were discussed while we gathered together in the Airline History Museum (hence the planes in all the pictures – cool, eh?)

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo rocket involved in accident over Mojave Desert Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo space tourism rocket exploded in flight over the Mojave Desert, according to a witness, killing one person and injuring another. Kern County fire officials responded to a report of an aircraft down in the Mojave Desert between Highway 395 and Highway 14 on Garlock Road. One pilot was declared dead at the scene. Rescue crews treated an injured pilot on scene and transported the person by helicopter to Antelope Valley Hospital with "major injuries." Lift your (museum) game [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Museum game examples Science Museum (London) Launchball: physics game Rizk: climate change defence game Thingdom: genetics and evolution sim OUCH: a missile-command style game about dealing with pain

What if Classic Books Were Given Click-Baity Titles? Love it or hate it, so-called click bait has become part of content marketing. While many people see these types of social messages or headlines as a trick being played on the consumer, the reason that they’ve become the norm is that they work. And they don’t just work once, they work over and over again. This is not unlike classic literature, many examples of which have graced the high school desks of children, their parents and even their grandparents. The themes we see in Shakespeare and George Orwell were relevant when they were written and they are equally relevant today.

Fire devastates roadside camp where Brazilian Indians face 'mass murder' A fire has devastated the Guarani's roadside camp in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. © Spensy Pimentel/Survival A fire has raged through a Guarani roadside camp, forcing the Indians to flee as their shelters were razed to the ground, their food supplies destroyed and their possessions lost to the blaze. The fire is reported to have started on the São Fernando sugarcane plantation and mill which are occupying the ancestral land of Apy Ka’y community. According to Brazil’s environmental police force, it has destroyed an area of approximately 1,000 hectares, including the indigenous camp.

Why Co-working Spaces Help Businesses Succeed Garages and bedrooms may be the archetypal home of scrappy new ventures, but these days entrepreneurs have another option when it comes deciding where to locate a fledgling business: coworking spaces. These communal offices draw independent workers and start-ups to a shared office environment, usually at relatively low-cost, providing conference rooms and photocopiers as well as other less tangible benefits for entrepreneurs. What are these? CNBC recently rounded up a few ways co-working spaces help new businesses succeed, including low overhead and networking, but to get a fuller picture of the advantages these spaces offer entrepreneurs we went straight to the horse's mouth, emailing a handful of space owners and start-up founders who built their businesses at coworking spaces for their perspective on the coworking experience for entrepreneurs.

Time Machine QUIET SUN: With no sunspots actively flaring, the sun has grown quiet. NOAA forecasters put the odds of an X-flare today at no more than 1%. Solar flare alerts: text, voice GEMINID METEOR SHOWER: Earth is moving deeper into the debris stream of rock comet 3200 Phaethon, source of the annual Geminid meteor shower. This morning in the countryside near Tavistock, Ontario, the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR) detected a "hot spot" in the sky where Geminid meteoroids are hitting Earth's atmosphere at 78,000 mph: Note the position of the Moon in the radar sky map. Escape the Museum Walkthrough, Cheats, Hints, Tips, and Guide Overview: You take your daughter Caitlin to work with at The Natural Museum when an earthquake strikes! You manage to get Caitlin to safety but as you go to check on the museum, you become trapped. With the help of John, the engineer, who contacts you via your cell phone, you can find your way through the museum and back to your daughter. However, your boss Marcus wants to you to find rare artifacts along the way (he's a tad insensitive).

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