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Tweet-o-Meter Is it true that, "New York is the city that never sleeps!"? Do Londoners send more Tweets than New Yorkians'? Is Oslo a bigger Tweeter than Munich? Is Tokyo as much into Tweets as Barcelona? Japan earthquake and tsunami: The moment mother nature engulfed a nation By Daily Mail Reporter Created: 12:48 GMT, 11 March 2011 Japan was today plunged into chaos after a cataclysmic earthquake sent merciless tsunami waves rushing through its helpless streets. The unforgiving tide of water unleashed after one of the biggest quakes in recent history obliterated tens of thousands of buildings, devouring almost anything in its path.

Toni Krasnic (Concise Learning) If you’re looking for the mind mapping webpage, click here. "The words of the language, as they are written or spoken, do not seem to play any role in my mechanisms of thought. The physical entities which seem to serve as elements in thought are certain signs and more or less clear images which can be voluntarily combined." –Albert Einstein Did you know that approximately 3/4 of our brain’s sensory resources are dedicated to vision?

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Streamdın We create amazing digital experiences We are digital strategists, creatives, engineers, and mentors. We are the digital agency of today creating amazing iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web experiences for tomorrow. By the numbers Japan Struck by One of Biggest Earthquakes in Recorded History, Tsunamis Threaten Pacific Basin This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. JUAN GONZALEZ: Japan has been hit with a massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake, one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded. Kyle McFarlin (Underlying Blog) Burritos & Sundresses It's summertime and most of my motivation, to put it bluntly, is focused on Chipotle, Mountain Dew and girls. It reminds me of that episode of Friends when someone asks Joey what he'd rather give up, food or women? I still have no answer, all I see is a pretty lady in a sundress handing me a Chipotle burrito with steak and guacamole, telling me I won the race. I have no damn clue what that means.

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