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Beyond vanity metrics: 4 ways to track how your Tweets are performing. Twitter analytics should play an important role in your social media strategy. Here’s a closer look at how to dig deeper and go beyond vanity metrics to really understand how your Tweets are performing. Follow these strategies and incorporate them into the way you create, track, and plan your Tweets.

Audience alignment How well do you know your audience? With Twitter analytics, explore how closely your content aligns with your audience profile. “Audience” analytics can help you take a closer look at your followers’: DemographicsInterestsMobile footprintBuying habits For example, insights into your followers’ favorite TV shows could help you find quirky references that resonate. Engagement Engagement quickly tells you whether you’re Tweeting into the void or if your content is landing. Finding examples of content that garner a mix of engagement.Looking for trends in engagement. Explore your visibility and account reach Larger follower numbers aren’t necessarily better. Twitter for dummies: a guide to the social network that still confuses us | Technology. Although Twitter has been part of the cultural and political discourse for years, a vast percentage of the population still doesn’t understand it.

To this blissfully ignorant percentage, tweets are simply the thing that journalists embed on to websites whenever they don’t feel like coming up with their own ideas. However, today Twitter unveiled a brand new advertising campaign aimed exclusively at those who don’t know what Twitter is. Unfortunately, the commercials are so bland and empty that they’re almost certainly doomed to failure. Instead, newcomers are advised to reference a much better resource: this clear, accurate and comprehensive Twitter glossary.

A publicly identifiable name that helps differentiate you from everyone else on Twitter. Choose carefully. A hashtag is a clickable identifier that helps users find a public discussion about a subject. Tweets These are the short, 140-character messages with which you further your personal brand. Block Direct messages Followers Reply. Twitter account management: 9 mistakes to avoid. Emeric and I compiled this list of 9 mistakes we often see businesses make on Twitter. Some of them have been repeated like a broken record, but we still see businesses make these mistakes over and over again.

I find it hardly surprising when businesses claim that “Twitter doesn’t work.” Whether you work in a social media team in a medium-sized business or an agency, you should probably write these 10 red flags into your rulebook for Twitter. To help you do that, we’ve broken these top mistakes into 3 categories: AutomationTwitter biosTwitter followers and follows And at the end of each top mistake we listed, I’ll share with you my suggestions. Automation 1. Are you trying to reach out to everyone, or trying to build a relationship? Suggestion My suggestion is simple and not too time-consuming. 2. When you send a direct message to a follower, they cannot reply you unless you follow them too.

If a user’s bio or tweets interest you, follow back before you drop them a direct message. 3. 4. 5. Twitter's New Profile Layout Is Here: What You Need to Know. Well, the rumors from February about a possible design overhaul of Twitter profile pages are officially no longer rumors. Yesterday, Twitter announced that a new profile design is coming to everyone's favorite 140 character social media site very soon and has already been made available to a small group of users. If you don't have the new layout yet, at some point in the next few weeks, you will likely log in to your Twitter account to find that your profile page has been replaced with the new page design.

So, here's what you need to know about the new layout so your profile looks top-notch when the time comes. Note: If you’re new to Twitter, you will automatically start with the new profile when you create your account. New users are still walked through the same general process of building their account, so it's actually a great way to practice dealing with the new layout. What You Should Know About the New Twitter Profile Layout Looks kind of like Facebook, right? Profile Header Photo. Why Twitter Should Lose Its Special Symbols. There’s an irony to Twitter these days. It's defined by its limitations--140 characters--but those limitations may be getting in the way of its larger ambitions.

With investors to please, the company is now focused on how it will grow, or solve the well-documented problem of getting people to stay active once they sign up. To do that, they may have to start axing long-beloved features. Twitter's 140-character limit has caused a strange nomenclature of its own to crop up--one of RTs, DMs, @s, #s, MTs, and so forth. And so when news broke that Twitter was experimenting with phasing out @replies (and possibly hashtags) many speculated that it was because they were outdated, complicated conventions that only stood in the way of attracting new users. “They're doing what mature companies do,” says Ragy Thomas, founder and CEO of social media marketing platform Sprinklr. According to Thomas, social media has normalized around the concepts that @replies and hashtags were intended to represent.

Photos just got more social. We’re rolling out two new mobile features that make photos on Twitter more social. One is photo tagging, which lets you tag the people in your photo; the other is the ability to include up to four photos in a Tweet. Tag up to 10 people in a photoTagging people in a picture makes conversations around photos fun and easy. And tagging doesn’t affect character count in the Tweet — you can tag up to 10 people in a photo and still have all 140 characters at your disposal, making it easier to connect with your friends.

If you’re the one being tagged, you’ll get a notification. You can adjust notifications, as well as who can tag you, in your Settings. To learn more, read this Help Center article. Share up to 4 photos in a single TweetAnd now, you can also share a series of photos that automatically create a collage. Additionally, both photo-tagging and Tweets with multiple photos will display in embedded Tweets. To get these new features, download the latest iPhone and Android app. 8 ways to make Twitter your own. While #Twitter8 has come and gone, it’s not too late to give you a gift from us: a few best practices (eight, to be exact) that we hope are useful to even the most devout Twitter citizens. Twitter is truly what you make it: tune in to your interests, and discover what’s happening. Find the things that make you tick, and curate them into a personalized timeline to spark conversations and engage with others.

Share your life in words, photos and videos, and tweet as it happens and on the go. Photo courtesy of Aaron Durand for Twitter, Inc. Here are eight of our favorite ways to make Twitter your own. Find out what’s happening.We have some tools to help you find new, interesting, funny, inspiring or nearby Tweets. Who you follow matters.Using Twitter means the world is at your fingertips—all you need to do is adjust the dial and tune in.

To build a great timeline, think about what matters to you. Tweet in the moment.Twitter happens in real time. To stay in the moment, use Twitter on the go. Twitter and periods: A public service announcement... 8 Twitter Tips to Help YOU Become a Twitter Expert (Pt. 1)! A while back, I received an email from a team member who was excited about her very first tweeting experience! She mentioned how writing twitter updates is much harder than it seems. A while back, I received an email from a team member who was excited about her very first tweeting experience! She mentioned how writing twitter updates is much harder than it seems. Express a compelling thought in 140 characters?

1. The BlueBird Twitter, for example, has 3,826 followers. 2. There’s nothing wrong with asking your followers to re-tweet your content. 3. Don’t be afraid to cut down on your words and abbreviate. 4. The Complete Guide to Twitter Etiquette. Forget distinguishing the salad fork from the dinner fork. Today's lessons in etiquette are all about looking good on social media. And Twitter, as the microblogging platform of choice for more than 200 million users, is one of the most influential platforms. Twitter is all about sharing your thoughts and interests, and if you're lucky you will be rewarded with a host of followers who actually want to listen.

But if you're violating the unspoken rules that govern content, user interactions and posting frequency, you may be driving followers away. We've put together a comprehensive guide to Twitter etiquette (or Twetiquette), so you can look your best on social media. What else should the well-behaved Twitter user know? Content Image: Flickr, mkhmarketing Even if your Twitter account is private, the web has a sneaky way of spreading unsavory information to the public.

Consider the Golden Rule and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you. " Here are a few more tips to keep in mind: Telcos lead the way in responding to social media queries. 20% of Australians have made a complaint about a product or service on a companies Facebook site, according to research released by SocialPulse. SocialPulse, a social media data analytics agency, has released a comprehensive report detailing how customers use social media to make queries.

The report also details what customers expect from companies and how companies are responding to social media queries. As well as using social media to submit complaints the research shows 10% of Australians have taken to social media to gain assistance when trying to resolve an issue with a company. SocialPulse reports that while Australians are heavy users of social media, it is still a relatively recent phenomenon that many companies are trying to navigate and understand how to use efficiently and cost effectively.

SocialPulse analysed the social media use and response rate of the top ten retail and telecommunications firms, through both manual and automated methods. The History of Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC] Twitter Data Maps Show How Interconnected Our World Really Is. Posted by Fox Van Allen on May 14, 2013 in Computers and Software , News , Internet & Networking , Blog , Social Networking :: 0 comments Twitter moves so fast that if you blink, you’re bound to miss something. Each minute, an estimated 40,000 tweets are sent off blindly into world on the social network .

Have you ever wondered where these tiny messages are coming from, or where they’re going? Some scientists at the University of Illinois did, leading them to create some stunning maps that appeared in the peer-reviewed journal First Monday to show just how interconnected our world really is. To create the maps, researchers analyzed the 46.7 million tweets posted between October 23 and November 30, 2012, looking specifically at those with a tagged geographic location.

They also noted what languages were used, and to where Twitter replies were being sent. Two maps really stick out in particular. How to Use Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing. Do you use hashtags in your social media marketing? What if someone else is using the same hashtag about a totally different topic? Even worse, what if your competitor is using the same hashtag about the same topic? Before you just throw any word or phrase out there and decide to use it as your hashtag, there are a few things you’ll want to consider to maximize your hashtag’s exposure. What’s a Hashtag? A hashtag is a pound sign (#), but it’s also used on Twitter to categorize messages. According to Twitter, hashtag is defined as follows: Definition of hashtag from Twitter. Since the first person used a hashtag in August 2007, they have become one of the most commonly used symbols on Twitter. But in order to have a successful marketing campaign using a hashtag, you have to know how to pick the right hashtag.

Here are 4 tips for choosing a successful hashtag. #1: Choose Something Unique If you search for just #verizon, there are thousands of tweets that appear. Search results for #VZW. How to Run a Twitter Campaign the Right Way (#JayZSyncShow) You've probably heard about SXSW, currently in full swing in Austin, TX. But did you hear about Jay-Z's South by Southwest Amex Sync Show? It was an interactive, 90-minute event hosted Monday night that was broadcast live in Austin, live on YouTube, on the Vevo mobile and tablet platform, and now on-demand until March 19th on Xbox Live and the American Express Twitter account and YouTube channel. The event was free to attend in Austin for American Express cardholders, and fans who couldn't attend in person and wanted to interact were invited to tweet song requests to Jay-Z using the hashtag #JayZSyncShow. So what was all this hoopla for? And who cares? About the #JayZSyncShow Campaign It was a campaign to promote the new American Express and Twitter relationship that lets you "sync" (it's all coming together now, right?)

Okay, I still haven't answered the second question -- who cares? How to Run a Successful Twitter Campaign Don't talk about yourself directly. Your Simple Guide to Launching a Twitter Advertising Campaign. So you want to start using Twitter's Promoted Tweets, huh? You've weighed the pros and cons, and decided that experimenting with Twitter's PPC advertising feature is a good move for your business.

Alright then -- let's get you started with this simple guide containing everything you need to know to make the most of your Twitter PPC campaign. Whether you're just looking for more followers or you want to increase leads and customers, Twitter has some great paid options that can help you complement your organic Twitter marketing efforts. How Do Twitter's Advertising Options Work? Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets, and Promoted Trends are Twitter's advertising features, pay-per-click style. Through its various options, Twitter allows you to target the right people so your ads are appearing for Twitter users who are most likely to be interested in your content, products, or services.

That being said, setting up a campaign is easy, as long as you know what you are looking for. Congrats! Teachers unlock tweet smell of success. Primary school principal Henry Grossek. Photo: Luis Enrique Ascui WHILE our leaders nut out what innovations are needed to elevate Australia's schools into the top five on the international league table by 2025, something more collaborative is already happening - on Twitter. Educators in Australia and around the world are finding each other on the microblogging network to converse, exchange ideas and conduct research. Some argue this grassroots conversation will contribute significantly to improving what goes on in our classrooms. Others question how this is possible in 140 characters.

A common misconception is that Twitter aggregates only banal snippets - what my pet dog just ate, for example - while the utility of the site as a professional tool is overlooked. At first glance, the Australian community of education tweeters may seem a motley bunch, yet the blend of public, private, rural, urban, young and old plait themselves into a seamless conversation about education.