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Multicity. Automotive Industry and Social Media in China. Quick Practical, Tactical Tips for Presentations. In the past I’ve given some tips for handling meetings effectively, covering topics like: - How not to let your meeting go down a rat hole; - Dealing with the elephant in the room; - Dealing with skeletons in your closet; - How to make meetings discussions, not “pitches” - A tale of two pitches (I eventually invested in the first company that pitched) Today’s post is a subtle one about positioning yourself in a presentation.

Quick Practical, Tactical Tips for Presentations

This might be a VC meeting but also might just be a sales or biz dev meeting. It’s any meeting where you are in a small room and are being called on to present on some form of overhead slides 1. Sit closest to the projection screen – Many times a week I have entrepreneurs who do presentations for me and often I’m with some or all of my colleagues. If you look at Diagram A above you’ll see that the presenters are sitting at the opposite end of the table from where the screen is. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. So, there you have it. Google Offers To Re-Write Your Webpages On The Fly, Promising 25% To 60% Speed Improvements. Google has long been obsessed with speed.

Google Offers To Re-Write Your Webpages On The Fly, Promising 25% To 60% Speed Improvements

It’s paramount in pretty much everything they do. Which is why the launch of Google+ with some — gasp — attention paid to design is even more surprising. But a new service Google is launching this evening very much puts the focus back on speed — an obsessive amount of focus, one might say. Page Speed Service is the latest tool in Google’s arsenal to help speed up the web. Cisco : le pont de San Francisco - Secret logo - Journal du Net Management.

Les jeunes préfèrent Facebook et les SMS. Ils ne se créent un compte de messagerie électronique que pour pouvoir enregistrer leur profil sur Facebook et préfèrent échanger sur MSN, par SMS ou sur BBM, la messagerie de BlackBerry.

Les jeunes préfèrent Facebook et les SMS

Le comportement des adolescents annonce-t-il la mort de l'e-mail ? Une chose est sûre : les jeunes sont les premiers à délaisser un outil qui leur paraît hors du temps. « Les études montrent que seuls 11 % s'en servent », assure Marc-Henri Desportes vice-président innovation d'Atos. Google+ FL.

Recrutement et fidélisation

5 Ways Banks Are Using Social Media. Lon S. Cohen is a freelance writer and is @obilon on Twitter. He's also the Director of Communications at @ALSofGNY. Many banks have started using social websites to help them with everything from healing the financial industry to promoting their latest credit cards. By embracing the most popular tools available, the industry has also been embracing the best of what social media culture has to offer, and smaller, community banks seem to be leading the charge when it comes to social media innovation.

Windows Phone. MINI. Hyundai. The Million Dollar Homepage - Own a piece of internet history! Ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualized! Is a blog still important in 2011? Last week I was speaking with a ‘social media pro’ who informed me that I shouldn’t bother with blogs as its all Quora nowadays.

Is a blog still important in 2011?

At first hand it’s not such a silly statement – may people instinctively believe that the volume of blogging has fallen massively since 2007 at the expense of the shiny toys of Twitter, Quora, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. If all the conversations are happening in other channels why should we bother to blog at all? This view is short sighted. In fact, blogging for marketing purposes has increased: Find your tracks. Pourquoi Facebook c’est de la merde dans un contexte d’affaires.

Service client et file d'attente. Bêta] by 909c. Wow Effect ! Maps. Mentionmap - A Twitter Visualization. Facebook Statistics, Application Statistics, Page Statistics. Facebook Marketing Statistics, Demographics, Reports, and News – CheckFacebook. ComScore, Inc. 58610.jpg (Image PNG, 2368x1179 pixels) - Redimensionnée (49%) Actualités, veille, informations entreprises sociétés et marques. For DecorMyEyes, Bad Publicity Is a Good Thing.

Le Web 2009: Ryan Sarver of Twitter. TweetMeme - Search and Retweet the Hottest Stories on Twitter. En finir avec le « social media expert bashing » Le hub du Community Management - OhMyHub. Qui sont les “concierges” et les “jardiniers” numériques ? « LabTICEA. Community manager, un nouveau métier pour le Web 2.0. Social Media Research. Social Media Time Management: Selecting Tools. This post is the third in a multi-part series on Social Media Time Management, intended to supplement the content of the presentation I gave at BlogWorld Expo 2009.

Social Media Time Management: Selecting Tools

Click here to see the collection of posts in the series. When you’ve planned and are ready to actually start engaging in social media, selecting the right tools can go a long way to helping you manage your time. Remember, the tools you select should reflect what you’ve learned through your listening efforts, and help you accomplish the goals you’ve set. When it comes to social networks or types of social media, select two or three. When it comes to the tools themselves, avoid shiny object syndrome and pick the ones that get you to your goals, and no more. La boite à outils pour surveiller votre e-reputation sur les médias sociaux. Médias sociaux > Le Community Manager que vous recherchez se tro.

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DS3 Birthday Meeting. Help. An Integrated Social CRM Process. If there is a characteristic that makes the current conversation on Social CRM so interesting and challenging, it is probably its intrinsic nature inherently disrespectful of departments, business functions, inside-outside boundaries, separate processes.

An Integrated Social CRM Process

Even only to imagine an organization that is able to generate business value strategically and operationally putting the customer at the center probably requires smoother operations and more transparent, more integrated, more coordinated actions from all the constituent parts. As if you suddenly pass by a group of soloists in separate rooms to an entire orchestra that plays in equilibrium but around the notes of a new musician that nobody knows.

Why so giving yourself so much trouble? To transform the challenges of handling a social customer into an opportunity for greater productivity, responsiveness, trust, product quality, smaller costs, recognition of the brand.