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Story Maps. Chrome Music Lab. Inklewriter. About Bernajean Porter. for English (ESL/EFL) Teachers in Sweden. 100 Word Challenge - Creative writing for young people100 Word Challenge. Into the Book: Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies. Understand what you read. EDpuzzle. Reading War. Did you know that the player who scored England’s first international goal after World War One was a survivor of the trenches?

Reading War

Did you know that footballers who didn’t join the army were called cowards and mocked and abused? Did you know that men fought and died side by side with their friends in the footballers’ battalion – and even that they played football behind the front lines? Watch our videos, read the first chapter or follow the links in the menu bar to find out more.

The First World War used trench warfare. Watch our videos to find out more about trenches, see Tom Palmer visit the locations in the novel, and learn a song soldiers sang in the First World War to keep their spirits up. In World War One, it was common for men to fight alongside their friends and neighbours. Special backpack for sitting. Can you recall the feeling when your legs are tired but there is nowhere to sit?

Special backpack for sitting

What if you could simply sit down on your backpack? A father and his sons from the Czech Republic designed and patented a new backpack with an elegantly built-in stool that can help you relax wherever you are. With its modern design, it sits a person weighing up to 130 kg, features 22-litre storage and it is waterproof. The backpack is called BAGOBAGO. In the Czech Republic, there are already thousands of people using the backpack for waiting in lines, sitting at concerts and festivals, going on trips and being at work.

Help the family by sharing this article or the video with your friends. The BAGOBAGO website is available in several languages listed below: English - Russian - French - Spanish - Twine - An Open-source Program for Writing Choose Your Own Adventure Stories. Games to learn English - Learn English through games, On this site you can learn English grammar and vocabulary through games. Each grammar point is presented in a graphical way and then the grammar and vocabulary are practised in games. Geography Education posts. Bullies Picked On Him Everyday, Until He Started Doing One Simple Thing To Turn It Around -

ePals. Practice%20Brief-Struggling%20Readers. Day 12 of my Grammarly Christmas: my 10 golden tips for teaching grammar. And so we reach the end of my ‘12 Grammarly Days of Christmas.’

Day 12 of my Grammarly Christmas: my 10 golden tips for teaching grammar

To bring you up to speed if you haven’t been frequenting the blog recently, every day for twelve days I’ve been posting an infographic highlighting the rules that govern the ways we use a certain grammatical point, along with ideas to help those of us who get confused by said grammar point, and maybe even a few activities thrown in for good measure. Today is the final day of my Christmas marathon which means I’m rounding things up with a top ten of the things I regularly do when teaching grammar. After fifteen years of teaching, these are the strategies I still use on a regular basis!

As ever, this post is aimed at newly qualified teachers; nevertheless, please take a look regardless of how experienced you are! 1. I’d say that at least once a week over the past fifteen years I’ve consulted a grammar book. We all encounter questions about grammar that we can’t immediately answer… so don’t worry about it! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Welcome to English, step 3-4 (Fall 2014) Football Remembers Education Pack. It also acts as preparation for a mass participation event in December 2014.

Football Remembers Education Pack

Clubs from the Premier League, Football Association and Football League, as well as community clubs and schools, will all play matches to commemorate the Truce. The pack contains original accounts as well as activities for developing knowledge, skills and understanding across a number of curriculum areas. These can be used in individual lessons and assemblies or form part of larger cross curriculum projects over a number of subjects. How To Write Your Own Add-ons for Google Docs And Sheets. Språket i klassrummet, skolan, samhället och världen. Teen Beginners. Create and Listen to Online Radio Shows and Podcasts.

20 great books about bullying.


English with England - ett språkutvecklingsprojekt med IKT som verktyg. A smorgasboard of tools [digital storytelling, creating quizzes/polls in class, learning piano, career counseling, VR, & more] Plickers - Clickers, Simplified. Prize-Winning Animation Lets You Fly Through 17th Century London. Six students from De Montfort University have created a stellar 3D representation of 17th century London, as it existed before The Great Fire of 1666.

Prize-Winning Animation Lets You Fly Through 17th Century London

The three-minute video provides a realistic animation of Tudor London, and particularly a section called Pudding Lane where the fire started. As Londonist notes, "Although most of the buildings are conjectural, the students used a realistic street pattern [taken from historical maps] and even included the hanging signs of genuine inns and businesses" mentioned in diaries from the period. For their efforts, the De Montfort team was awarded first prize in the Off the Map contest, a competition run by The British Library and video game developers GameCity and Crytek. Commenting on the video, one judge from the esteemed British Library had this to say:

Choice of Games LLC. Write About. New Releases in Young Adult Fiction. UNHCR - Mot alla odds - Välj språk. TodaysMeet - Give everyone a voice.