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Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme

Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme

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Methane Made with Solar Power Will Power Audi Vehicles Gas maker: SolarFuel operates this 250-kilowatt demonstration plant that produces methane from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Audi is building a plant that will use solar and wind power to make methane from water and carbon dioxide. The plant, which will use technology developed by Stuttgart, Germany-based SolarFuel, is scheduled to start operation later this year. Ten 100-year predictions that came true 11 January 2012Last updated at 00:09 By Tom Geoghegan BBC News Magazine John Watkins predicted Americans would be taller, tanks would exist and C, X and Q would no longer feature in our everyday alphabet In 1900, an American civil engineer called John Elfreth Watkins made a number of predictions about what the world would be like in 2000.

Nadav Assor Ophan is an installation incorporating a physically restrained, customized hexacopter as a mechanized cantor, flying and reciting all 28 verses of chapter 1 from the biblical book of Ezekiel. When Ophan is at rest, with no people present at the center of the space, the hexacopter softly hums, whispers, or even sings to itself (its favorite song is “Someone to Watch Over Me”). When a presence is detected in the space, the hexacopter’s rotors turn on and it takes flight, struggling against the cables that restrain it, singing and gesturing its way through all the biblical verses mentioned above, as sung in Hebrew in the Yemenite tradition by the Cantor Dan Jacobi. The Yemenite style of Cantorial singing-chanting (cantillation) is monotonous – that is, there is no melody, rather a droning recitation similar to other eastern musical traditions.

Make a Robot - Fun Projects for Kids, Robotics Kits, Science Fair, Build Robots Make Your Own Robot! Depending on the age and skill level of students you can try one of two different robot building projects. Build a robot from household items Let younger kids enjoy building a robot from everyday household items. It's lots of fun and is sure to keep their attention.

Gramazio & Kohler, Architects ETH SIA BSA Flight Assembled Architecture, 2011-2012FRAC Centre Orléans Flight Assembled Architecture is the first architectural installation assembled by flying robots, free from the touch of human hands. The installation is an expression of a rigorous architectural design by Gramazio & Kohler and a visionary robotic system by Raffaello D’Andrea. Flight Assembled Architecture consists of over 1.500 modules which are placed by a multitude of quadrotor helicopters, collaborating according to mathematical algorithms that translate digital design data to the behavior of the flying machines. In this way, the flying vehicles, together, extend themselves as “living” architectural machines and complete the composition from their dynamic formation of movement and building performance. Within the build, an architectural vision of a 600m high “vertical village” for 30’000 inhabitants unfolds as model in 1:100 scale.

Remarkable Images Of Volcanic Lightning, A Scientific Mystery As someone who had recurring nightmares about volcanos her whole life, it’s unfathomable that some people seek the thrill willingly. But a whole industry has sprung up around the concept, with tourists--mainly, photographers--paying to be taken to the precipice of one of the thousand or so active volcanoes on Earth. They are the “gates to Earth and eternity,” in one enthusiast’s words. Martin Rietze, a German photographer who works under the title "Alien Landscapes on Planet Earth," has traveled to dozens of them.

300 millions d'ans UFO dents de roues trouvait dans la ville russe de Vladivostok During a cold winter evening a resident of Vladivostok found a rail-shaped metal detail which was pressed in one of the pieces of coal that the man used to heat his home. Mesmerized by his discovery, the responsible citizen decided to seek help from the scientists of Primorye region. After the metal object was studied by the leading experts the man was shocked to learn about the assumed age of his discovery. The metal detail was supposedly 300 million years old and yet the scientists suggest that it was not created by nature but was rather manufactured by someone. The question of who might have made an aluminum gear in the dawn of time remains unanswered. Nowadays, finding a strange artifact in coal is a relatively frequent occurrence.

Video shows Dutch police training the birds of prey to take down drones in mid-air  From radio jamming to robots with nets, many ideas have been tested to down drones snooping where they shouldn't be. But the Dutch National Police is taking a less technological approach to enforcing drone laws. A video reveals it is training eagles to catch the menacing machines in mid-air, taking them down in one fell swoop. Scroll down for videos Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plan on Robots Wednesday December 8, 2004 Intermediate + The expression to ‘get one’s thinking cap on’ has just taken on a new and quite literal meaning. Scientists have invented a device that can allow human thoughts to control a computer’s actions. Four volunteers wore a special cap, containing 64 electrodes that were ultra-sensitive to brainwave activity and brain signals.

Pentagon invests $10M to make this scary robot silent and bulletproof A diagonal two beat gait, in quadrupeds, is called an amble. It's the most efficient gait for distance. That's what gaited horses and elephants use to cover huge spans of terrain. Infographic: Which Flu Strain Is Most Likely To Bring The Apocalypse? H1N1. H7N9. Bird flu.

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