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How to draw… robots. Pre-School Robot Builders. Kids love robots and it’s never too early to start exploring them in art.

Pre-School Robot Builders

You can focus on shape recognition, moveable parts, body parts, wires, gears, nuts and bolts. There is just so much rich information to explore with little ones. I believe that young children are natural builders. They are fascinated by working with blocks, cardboard boxes and other stackable materials. Printable Robot Coloring Page - Dabbles. Printable Robot Coloring Page For Kids.

Printable Robot Coloring Page - Dabbles

Printable robot coloring page – Over the past week or so I’ve been on holidays and I’ve had the good fortune to spend that time relaxing at the beach. For so long I’ve been waiting for some spare time to spend sketching and doodling. I started with nature sketches of all the treasures I found while beach scavenging. The drawings turned out beautifully and I really enjoyed the challenge. My daughter saw me working on my sketches and asked that I draw something for her but something that was “fun like the blank faces coloring page” – definitely my most popular post to date.

Download the robots coloring page here. Looking for more great kids stuff: Jellyfish Friendship Bracelets, 10-minute superhero costume, blank faces colour page, DIY I spy game, good karma cards, family movie night tickets, 3-minute bubble maker. Robots. Bookhoucraftprojects: Project#14 Kinetic drawing bug. Wednesday, 9 April 2008 by Irene Hoofs ..using a small motor you can create a kinetic bug that draws or create more than one to have a race with your friends What you will need:*1- 1.5 volt motor (found at most hobby shops)*1- battery holder with on/off switch or tape the battery to the motor and connect the wires from the motor to the battery*1- battery AA *scissors and pencil*small piece of coloured paper to decorate the bug*pliers*19 gauge wire (copper or any malleable wire)*plastic tubing (the gauge should be able to fit on the tip end of the motor – if it doesn’t fit snugly you can put a bit of the duct tape on the end)*roll of duct tape.

bookhoucraftprojects: Project#14 Kinetic drawing bug

Solar Cockroach Virbobot. What you need.

Solar Cockroach Virbobot

Soldering Iron + solder Hot glue gun (A helping hand is nice as well) Wire cutters or strong scissors 1.5V solar panel ($1) Small DC Vibrating Motor (AKA Pager motor) Two paper clips Scrap wire (I used the ends from a couple of resistors I had cut down. They can be anything.) Super Cute Option: Googley eyes I bought a pack of 10 solar panels off ebay for $10. I bought my motors from the online store Electric Goldmine for $1.10 each. DIY Robot Key Rings. DIY Robot Key Rings from recycling.

DIY Robot Key Rings

Why not? With small pieces of wood, screw, zinc.. the other things you do not use and some creative, cleverity then you’ll make for yourself the unique Handmade DIY Robot key rings. This Handmade Robot key chain is also simple and easy to make. Let’s get start! This DIY Robot key chain is made from wood, the thing you do not use and do not know its name, but more important, it’s very easy to make.

Magnetic Alien Robots. Transform tin cans into silly, changeable Alien Robots with a few odds and ends and some magnets.

Magnetic Alien Robots

I try to keep on the lookout for simple craft ideas I can do with my son, and recently found a few ideas in a book from the Dollar Tree called “Family Fun – Fun for Kids”. You can, of course, also find books at the library with craft ideas like this. Here is our version of some magnetic ‘Robots’ made out of tin cans. Here are the materials that we used: Printable Robot Masks. Transform into cool robots from the future with these awesome printable masks.

Printable Robot Masks

Each mask was collaged from nuts & bolts, springs and spanners …etc. from the tool box. Isn’t it fun?! We had a hilarious time collaging this goofy robot family! Creating funny faces and imagining how hopeless they’d be helping us around the house… Collaging with colored papers and found objects is super creative and you can get amazing results. You can borrow similar objects (the safe ones of course) with mom & dad’s help and create your own robot faces on the table and take pictures of them.

DIY Paper Climber. I found these cute climbing toys on Just Deanna, a fun crafty blog.

DIY Paper Climber

These cute little toys work much like the wooden climbers, but are SO easy for kids to create themselves. They are so simple to make and the kids had fun learning how to make them climb and then racing with them. This is a fun toy to make when talking about friction. Materials: sturdy paper.a straw cut into 2 lengths that are each about 2″ long.tape.string or yarn that is cut to about 6′.2 beads for the ends of the string The construction is really simple. Hook your little climbing toy over a door handle or a hook. We did have one of the strings break, I think from the friction. This is a really simple toy to make.

PAPERTOYS « LouLou & Tummie. Free cube templates for the DIY paper ROBOTS.