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30 of The Best Alternatives to Helvetica. Helvetica is a tried and true typeface.

30 of The Best Alternatives to Helvetica

It’s a testament to Swiss design culture, with its clarity, flexibility and outright perfection. This famous typeface is loved for countless reasons, including its ability to take on any feeling, emotion or imagery, which it can do simply because it has no personality of its own. Helvetica deserves our utmost respect, but there’s a problem with Helvetica that needs calling out: too many designers are permanently stuck on it, and that’s a disservice to every other sans-serif typeface out there. And so, to help you begin exploring the endless alternatives that exist in the world of type, Typecache, an independent online compendium for Typography, has teamed up with TNW to create this list… 30 must-see Helvetica alternatives: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. De magnifiques représentations de données en 3D grâce à WebGL et HTML5. Les interfaces de visualisation de données en 3D sont courantes sur le web, j’ai déjà eu l’occasion de vous en parler sur ce blog.

De magnifiques représentations de données en 3D grâce à WebGL et HTML5

Par contre, avec l’avènement de l’accélération matérielle et de WebGL, ces représentations 3D peuvent maintenant être affichées dans le navigateur sans passer par un plugin comme Flash ou Java. Je vous propose de découvrir trois exemples récents. Commençons par le très spectaculaire CNN Ecosphere, une initiative lancée à l’occasion de la conférence des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques qui c’est déroulée en fin d’année dernière.

L’idée était de représenter les conversations sur Twitter autour de la conférence sous la forme d’arbres qui se développent de façon fractal autour de notre planète (plus il y a de conversations et plus les arbres poussent). Il est également possible de filtrer les branches par thématique et par pays. Deuxième exemple avec Yahoo! Dernier exemple avec PhiloGL, un framework de visualisation de données fondé sur WebGL. Vector animals free flat design Vector. Fast food icons vector set 690 22 2 days ago Gemstone vector download 488 47 2 days ago Cloud computing concept infographic 692 11 2 days ago Flat icon set for Web and Mobile App 824 17 2 days ago Pack Cups, Mugs and Glasses 442 73 2 days ago Rounded contact icons vector pack 114.377 57 7 months ago Computer network concept infographic 737 20 2 days ago Social media free vector 170.029 165 10 months ago Birthday card with baby elephant 761 85 2 days ago Happy birthday party icons 714 34 2 days ago Social network background with icons 68.273 116 6 months ago Social media and web rounded icons 67.809 31 6 months ago Template Wedding Invitation with birds 3.543 93 2 weeks ago Study and learning infographic 93.412 191 9 months ago Free vector infography template design 83.763 108 10 months ago Communication icons 14.290 13 3 months ago School Knowledge concept 4.164 17 4 weeks ago.

Vector animals free flat design Vector

100+ Excellent Examples of Flat Design Logo Inspiration. October 1, 2013 • By Joe Howard • In Inspiration Flat design has come a long way in the past 3 years in terms of both web design, UI design, and even logos.

100+ Excellent Examples of Flat Design Logo Inspiration

Recently we have seen a number of larger companies, such as Google and Bing adopt flat design principles into their logos. A well crafted logo should use simplicity, intelligence and beauty to communicate their brand. A logo is a difficult piece of work to perfect though, not only does it need to stand the test of time, but it needs to communicate a whole lot in a very small amount of space. A good logo communicates so much about a brand, and ultimately, all visual aids and communication draws from the principles of a logo.

In flat design logos, gradients, embossing and drop-shadows are all mostly stripped away, leaving only the bare essentials. To help inspire you for your next project, we have hand picked this selection of over 80 inspirational examples of flat design logos. Burger Angry File CodeWorks Giftie Foxy Stats Mesh App Seasons. Free textures for your next web project. 657 Icon packs for free - Vector icon packs - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Free Icons. Best Single Page Websites. Flat UI Colors. Paper Elements Sampler.