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Ring of Fire. Citronnade. Love & Theft. Love & Theft. I'M FINE THANKS. Cummulus & Nimbus. Where things come from. Relocation. Planet Cube 23 - EP - 01. VAUGHAN HANNIGAN represents Julia Fullerton-Batten, Alessandra Petlin, Giles Revell, Martin Schoeller, Mark Zibert, Kyle Alexander, Braschler/Fischer, Gilles & Cecilie Studio, Floto+Warner and Erik Almas.

Potalaka on Behance. POTALAKA on Behance. MIKKO UMI. Giordano Poloni on Behance. ¿Cómo se ilustra un clásico? >> Storyboard. Ilustraciones de Caperucita Roja de Adolfo Serra.

¿Cómo se ilustra un clásico? >> Storyboard

Adolfo Serra tenía que ilustrar un cuento para el proyecto final de la escuela de arte. Y eligió Caperucita Roja. Por varias razones: 1) “Era un reto”. 2) “Un cuento clásico es la mejor tarjeta de presentación de tu trabajo”. 3) “Pensé: ‘Si soy capaz de aportar algo nuevo y enseñárselo a un editor, quizás consiga que se publique”. Y eso fue exactamente lo que que sucedió. En Narval Editores “se enamoraron” de sus dibujos y publicaron su visión personal del cuento. Serra relataba ayer la intrahistoria de su Caperucita Roja en la mesa redonda ¿Cómo se ilustra un clásico?

En la segunda planta de La Central de Callao en Madrid, los ilustradores Adolfo Serra, Javier Olivares, Javier Zabala, Kike de la Rubia y Elena Ferrándiz trataron de responder a la pregunta y hablaron sobre todo ese trabajo invisible que se esconde tras sus ilustraciones -si siguen leyendo, probablemente empiecen a mirarlas de otra forma-. Kill Bill Anime Uncut (Original japanisch)

Brand New School: Projects. The Animation of Man - 2012. Lezilus, Agence d'illustrateurs et de graphistes internationaux à Paris - Michel Lagarde, Nicolas Pitzalis. Jean Jullien. Are you ready?

Jean Jullien

Japan to stop whaling in Antartica: happy april fool's day? I did this hoarding for Byron's new restaurant in Shoreditch, London. thanks to Charlie Smith design ( & Respect to Sir Mix-A-Lot. Marta Altes / Fun ways with pencil shavings. Fun pencil shaving art by Marta Altes – love that expression by that flamenco dancer!

Marta Altes / Fun ways with pencil shavings

Marta studied graphic design in Barcelona but moved to London to pursue her interest in illustration; and now she has a few children’s books under her belt! Via Gabriela. Chalk on Blackboard Animations by Alex Chilvers. Sugar Rush Colour Illustrations of Natsuki Otani. Natsuki Otani, is a Tokyo-born illustrator currently working in England.

Sugar Rush Colour Illustrations of Natsuki Otani

We like the boldness in her colour choices, which create a rush of bright cheeriness on viewing them, and yet there is a more serious, thoughtful element to her work as well. Natsuki’s hope is that her illustrations can make people happy, even if for just a moment. I have a style that is best described in colour and realised in detailed design. Bold vibrant colour forms the basis of a working practice that seeks to unite dreams and reality. I try to give the viewer a feast of colour and complexity, my surreal macabre touches are the counterpoint to my sweet and childlike innocent subjects.

My working process is simple, I do a lot of research then roughs, work on my original ink/pencil drawings as much as I need, sometime I digitally colour onto the original as well, then give it a clean finish! © Natsuki Otani, 2012. Karen Davison. RONLEWHORN. Topics. New Contemporary Art Magazine. 50 Watts. The worlds finest illustration and art place. PULPHOPE. El blog de Pencil.

Pinwheel. The Illustrated Life! The Artfuls - A Place for illustrators. The Design View - A Creative Resource. Scamp: an irish illustration blog. Illustration. Ink on paper by Alex Konahin Alex Konahin is an illustrator from Riga, Latvia.


His drawings are made with dip pen using india ink or other materials. You can find some of his beautiful works here. » read more May Ann Licudine’s art May Ann Licudine (aka Mall) is an illustrator from the Philippines. Skateboarding is a Crime ‘Skateboarding is a Crime‘ is a set of 12 exhibition illustrations created by Gerhard Human in collaboration with Woodies Ramps, a skateboard ramp building company in Cape Town. » read more “Tales of Auto Elasticity” by Chris LaBrooy English artist Chris LaBrooy has created this new series of images based on his previously project “Auto Aerobics“. “Metamorfish”, a stunning series of drawings by Elisa Ancori Elisa Ancori is a very talented artist and illustrator from Barcelona. The art of Shane Shane is a young and very talented graphic designer and illustrator based in Paris, France. » read more.

Animation tutorial - dialog / dialogue. Goncalo Viana Illustration. "Mattias Adolfsson Illustration" Elizabeth Baddeley - Illustration. Nook. LATEST ISSUE - Raw Vision #77. Animation Backgrounds. Benigni. MC Fitti - Whatsapper. Happy Holidays! Royale Presents The Bell Ringer. Facebook. SUPER - Series 1 is now available! Buy two and...

SUPER - Series 1 is now available!

SUPER - Series 1 is now available! Buy two and...

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