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CG artists homepage with fresh CG industry news

CG artists homepage with fresh CG industry news

45+ Useful and Handy Collection of 3D Studio MAX Tutorials Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. With 3D rendering, you can bring a different feel and look to your artwork. 3D rendering is especially useful when you need to visualize that how a particular design will look in reality. For this purpose, the mostly used software in the 3D world is 3D Studio Max which is a complete 3D modeling, animation, rendering and effects solution. 3D Studio Max has been used extensively all over the world to create stunning 3D visualization rendering, online games, cartoon films and several other video content. For today’s collection, we are presenting a useful and handy assortment of 45+ fresh 3D Studio Max tutorials for you. This list of tutorials covers all levels of 3D modeling and rendering. Thus, this post will be equally helpful for the beginners as well as for the professionals.

Creative community for visual effects artists Behind the scenes of Virgin Media "Amazing Journey" Behind the scenes of Virgin Media TV "Backlot" Behind the scenes of Virgin Media "Powerful Stuff" 33 Best Sites for Free STL Files & 3D Printer Models Looking for STL file downloads for your 3D printer? Here are the 34 best sites and search engines for free 3D printer files and 3D printer models. Don’t miss: This is a selection of the best 3D printing websites, content repositories, marketplaces and search engines for free 3D printer files to download. Each lets you browse a large choice of 3D printing designs — and provides free STL files and 3D printer models — to print at home.

100+ Maya 3D Tutorials For Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Users When it comes to high-end 3d computer graphics and 3d modeling software package, Autodesk Maya is always one of application to be considered. Maya plays an important role in the 3d visualization and animation industry and they are top choices for many designers on large or small-scale production. Pin it If you are looking to picking up Maya to design your 3d models, this article is for you. We’ve collected more than 100 useful Maya 3D tutorials, ranging from beginner level to intermediate and advanced users.

Welcome to The Computer Graphics Society Products – [x_text]THIS IS A BINDING LEGAL AGREEMENT (“AGREEMENT”) BY AND BETWEEN LICENSEE, PUCHARSER (IF ANY) AND REMOTE CONTROLLED CHAOS, LLC – DBA GAMETEXTURES.COM (“LICENSOR”). THIS AGREEMENT APPLIES TO LICENSES ISSUED VIA THE INTERNET AND IS APPLICABLE TO ONLINE DELIVERY OF LICENSED MATERIAL. BY ORDERING A LICENSE, LICENSEE AND, IF APPLICABLE, PURCHASER, IS CONFIRMING THAT IT HAS CAPACITY TO FORM A CONTRACT UNDER ITS LOCAL LAWS. Definitions CGWorkshops Finding the Right 3D Modeling Software For You Purpose: 3D modeling software can be geared more towards artistic/sculpting OR engineering. Often it can be tough to achieve a design goal if you are using the incorrect software. Cost: Ranges from Free to $5,000 +. Make sure you stay within your budget. For a beginner, most fo the free 3D modeling software is the best for learning.

Buy VectorayGen! The Real-Time Vector Field Creation Tool! We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve you. We understand the importance of our software in your Art Pipeline and we’re here to help you fulfill your mission. We are committed to: 1. Providing Exceptional Customer Service – Should any questions arise, we want to provide an answer immediately.

Mobile games vfx - Real Time VFX I’ve never heard of non-square textures using a square’s worth of GPU memory before for either DX or UE4. I know “NPOT” (non-power of 2) textures often use the next largest power of 2 dimension of GPU memory, especially if they are using mip maps, but not that they have to be square. I’m curious if you have a link to information on that somewhere. It’s absolutely not the case for OpenGL 2.0 or OpenGL ES 2.0 to the best of my knowledge; non square textures use less GPU memory, and as long as they’re not NPOT there’s no performance hit for using them. However this thread is on mobile, and for mobile things can get a little “fun”.

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